Shower curtains, Best shower curtainsThe aim of this post is to help you find shower curtains that perfectly match your bathroom decor.

You will be amazed at how installing bathroom shower curtains can do so much for so little. You can really impress your visitors whether you go for a designer look, or for more budget-friendly, cheap shower curtains.

Money is not a big issue when it comes to bathroom decorating if you know what to look for.

If you think about it, the bathroom is probably the most used room in your house. It’s generally the first place to go to when you get up in the morning and the last place you visit before going to sleep. When visitors come over, it is in all likelihood, one of the rooms most scrutinized by them all.

You know the old saying, I am sure, that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” so why not get your bathroom into tiptop shape. A little decorating can go a very long way, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do a nice job.

Best Shower Curtains











Fabrics used for Shower Curtains

We will be discussing things such as color schemes, bathroom decorating ideas, as well as the different types of shower curtains available on the market such as:

  • Fabric Shower Curtains
  • Vinyl Shower Curtains
  • Peva Shower Curtains
  • Hemp Shower Curtains

We will also talk about all of the accessories that are needed to make your bathroom not only functional but unique also. Tips on how to relax in a spa-like setting will also be discussed along with the psychology of color and other interesting articles

Vinyl Shower Curtains

I am sure that many of you are aware of the controversy that has come up regarding the use of vinyl shower curtains in the home. This is definitely not on any of the lists of Eco-Friendly Products.

The problem is centered on PVC, also known as “Polyvinyl chloride”. The awful smell that comes out when you first open the package containing the PVC Vinyl, is very strong. This is due to the compounds that are used in the manufacturing of this particular product, particularly phthalates.

Phthalates seem to be the worst culprits and are used in more products than you could probably realize. This chemical is responsible for making plastics softer so that they become more flexible. This is the main chemical that is bringing concern about the vinyl shower curtains. It is believed that it is one of the strongest Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in Vinyl.

Some people think that it’s much ado about nothing, thinking that the excitement is over-exaggerated. Considering that phthalates are directly pumped into our bloodstream via the medical UV bags, and are found in so many products, having a vinyl shower curtain is not going to make a big difference.

Considering the alternatives, with regards to shower curtains, they would rather purchase something they know works. Others, of course, feel differently. They feel that the fewer phthalates in the home, the better it is for us. Really, it is a decision that only you can make.

Because vinyl shower curtains are the best when it comes to repelling water and keeping it in the tub, many manufacturers are now offering vinyl alternatives such as PEVA and EVA.

PEVA Shower Curtains

PEVA: polyethylene vinyl acetate (PVA). PEVA shower curtains do not contain the chlorinated molecules like PVC’s, found in the older vinyl shower curtains, and therefore this makes it a much safer choice when it comes to choosing a plastic shower curtain. Because PEVA is non-chlorinated this is the perfect option and considered environmentally friendly.

EVA Shower Curtains

A lot of people want to know what the difference is between EVA Shower Curtains and PEVA Shower Curtains. EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate. Neither of these plastics contains the toxic PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) found in the old vinyl shower curtains.

Although these plastic shower curtains are made from petroleum they have a very low toxicity level. Both of these are considered vinyl shower curtains although some prefer to call them plastic, so as not to get confused with the old PVC shower curtains.

The Pros of Vinyl Shower Curtains

  • Vinyl Shower Curtains are Generally Thick, and Durable
  • The Material is Soft and Pleasant to Touch
  • They are Long Lasting
  • They Come in A Variety of Colors and Patterns Including Clear and Opaque
  • Their Color Doesn’t Fade
  • They are NOT Prone to Mold or Mildew
  • They are Easy to Clean
  • They are Very Low Maintenance
  • They are Inexpensive Shower Curtains
  • They Can Be Used As a Shower Curtain or a Shower Curtain Liner
  • Their Strength Stops Water In The Shower From Leaking Out Onto the Floor
  • Because They Repel Water, They Protect Your Outer Curtain if You Are Using One
  • Because of Their Durability and Strong Colors and Patterns, They Are Perfect For a Kid’s Shower Curtain (or for those who are young at heart)
  • The Moisture From the Bath/Shower Will Not Affect the Vinyl
  • Vinyl Shower Curtains Come in a Large Variety of Sizes. More Than Any Other Shower Curtain (You can also cut them with a good pair of scissors if you need them shorter or narrower…Think RV Stalls.)
  • Purchase Vinyl Shower Curtains That Have Reinforced Rivets, or Grommets Along with the Top. These Will Help Your Shower Curtain To Last Longer
  • They Contain Less VOC’s Than PVC Shower Curtains And Therefore Have Less Harmful Off-Gassing
  • Plastic Shower Curtains Make Great Shower Curtain Liners Because They Form a Great Barrier For the Water to Bounce Off of.
  • They Have No Known Association With Any Health Problems
  • Vinyl Shower Curtains Are Available in Different Thickness, Known as Gauges. The Thicker Gauges Will Not Blow in the Tub as readily as the Thinner Ones.

The Cons of Vinyl Shower Curtains

  • If You Do Not Purchase Them With Reinforced Grommets They May Tear Easily
  • Because They Are Made With Petrochemicals Some Consider Them Only Semi-Green

Shower Curtain Liners

Many people still prefer to try and find fabric shower curtain liners rather than use vinyl, but as you have seen, they do not do the job properly and you may end up spending money you wish you hadn’t.

Throughout our discussion of Shower Curtain Materials, we have often mentioned the need for a shower curtain liner. Now that we have come near the end of our discussion, I am sure you now understand our reasoning for suggesting shower curtain liners.

We realize that there are people on the Internet that say that they don’t have a problem not using a vinyl shower curtain liner, but if you look more closely, you will find many who have found out the hard way just how difficult it is to shower with a fabric shower curtain liner. It really depends upon which shower head you are using.

Shower Curtain Effect (Shower Curtain Blow Ins)

Another problem with fabric shower curtain liners is that they tend to blow into the tub much more readily than vinyl shower curtain liners. If you have ever experienced this blow in effect, you will know how frustrating it can be, especially if you have soap in your eyes when it happens.

We realize this can happen with vinyl shower curtain liners also, but if you purchase the thicker gauge liners it will help. The weight will help to keep the liner down instead of blowing around.

Many Shower Curtain Liners can be purchased with magnets on the bottom, which will help the liner cling more readily to the tub rather than your body.

We have heard that if you leave a small opening at the back of the shower, this will allow more air to circulate which may lessen the effect of blow in. Just be careful that it is not open too much to let water out onto the floor.

Other people have suggested using weights to anchor the shower curtain liner around the tub. They usually use things like shampoo or body soaps to hold things down. This might be something you could try.

Another trick is to open the window and turn on the fan to allow ventilation into the room while you shower. This should help immensely.

Should I Keep My Shower Curtain Open or Closed?

This is a question that is asked often, and the answer is simple. A Shower Curtain is usually purchased as a decorative accent to the bathroom. Although it serves as a necessary barrier for the water, it also has this decorative element to it.

Add to this, the fact that the shower curtain may get a little wet when using the shower and you will have the answer.

If you leave the shower curtain open when it is wet, the moisture will tend to stay longer within the folds that are made by closing it. This will cause more moisture in the bathroom as well as attract mildew to form.

By leaving your shower curtain closed after the shower you allow the curtain to dry more quickly and have the added benefit of looking at your lovely bathroom the way you designed it to be.

Shower Curtain Sizes

The average shower curtain is usually 70 x 70 inches, although 72 inches x 72 inches is also quite common. Sadly, there is not a one-size-fits-all standard when it comes to shower curtains so you will need to do a little bit of work to find the right one for you. We make that easier.

What Size of Shower Curtain Do You Need?

In order to determine the correct size, you will need to take two measurements.

  1. Take out your measuring tape and measure horizontally across the sides of the tub from wall to wall.
  2. Next measure the distance from the top of your shower curtain rod to the length where you would like your shower curtain to hang.

People can have varied preferences on the length of their shower curtains. Some people may want them from ceiling to floor, but some people want them going from the top of the shower curtain rod or rail to a few inches below the ledge of the bathtub.

Generally, people want them going from shower curtain rods or shower rails to a few inches above the floor. In either case, make sure that your shower curtain is at least 2-3 inches below the ledge of the bathtub. If this is not possible with a standard 72 x72 inch shower curtain, then you will definitely need to purchase an extra long shower curtain.

Most Bathtubs are 60″ wide but you need the extra 12″ (making it 72″) to give it some fullness and to help to keep the water from escaping through the sides. There are some people who sell 60-inch shower curtains, especially if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

keep in mind that they are no good for a regular bath because they are missing the extra on each side. These would be fine if you have a smaller shower area, but to make sure there are no problems, measure first.

Shower Curtain Tips

Keep in mind that your shower curtain liner sizes should be determined in the same way as we suggested for your shower curtain. If you end up needing an extra long shower curtain then it stands to reason that you will also be needing an extra long shower curtain liner to go with it. Usually, you can find shower curtain liners sold in the same lengths as shower curtains.

If you end up with measurements that are in between sizes, you might try using longer shower curtain hooks or rings to bring the height down a little or play with the placement of your shower curtain rod. They are especially easy to re-position if you are using tension shower curtain rods.

Extra Wide Shower Curtain

Perhaps you have noticed while taking your shower curtain measurements that the problem is not that you need a long shower

Oversized shower curtains are not as hard to find as you may think. Throughout our website, you will see many links to help you buy an extra wide shower curtain or any other shower curtain size for your particular needs.

curtain but rather an extra wide shower curtain. Extra-wide shower curtains will definitely be necessary if you have a large area to cover such as a clawfoot tub. In that case, you will need to purchase a
wide shower curtain that is 108 inches wide to properly fit as a clubfoot tub shower curtain.

Some people find that oversized shower curtains are too heavy and burdensome. What they opt to do is to buy two regular sized ones and overlap them by two to three eyelet holes and you may find that easier to deal with. You will have a seam showing if you use this method to decide what is best for your situation.

Stall Shower Curtain

For a stall shower curtain, you will probably need something a little different. Although a long shower curtain may work, it may be too wide. Shower stall curtains usually come in narrower widths to make them fit better.

A stall size shower curtain can be measured in almost the same way as measuring for an extra long shower curtain. You will need to measure from sidewall to sidewall but this time you will need to measure from the shower stall curtain rod to the bottom of the floor. If your shower stall curtain does not reach the floor, then you will have water getting through and causing a slippery mess. This is why the shower curtain length is so important.

Stall Shower Curtain Problems?

If you can only find stall size shower curtains that are too long there is still hope. Suppose you need a stall shower curtain 54″ x 72″, but you can’t find one. What if all you can find is a stall shower curtain that measures 54″ x 78″?

The solution to this problem is to find a stall shower curtain that doesn’t have too much detail at the bottom. Then, you may be able to just cut off the 6″ that you don’t need from the bottom of the curtain, and voila! You have just made yourself a custom

Small Shower Curtain

If you are looking for a small shower curtain they can usually be found for RV’s and other small spaces. A short shower curtain is usually sold at 64 inches long, and are generally what people want when looking for a small shower curtain, or a short shower curtain. If you do not find any small shower curtains that you like, then perhaps a short shower curtain liner can be a good substitute for you. To measure for an RV Shower Curtain, take the measurements from the top of the RV shower curtain rod to the floor.

Rv Shower Curtain

  • This RV Shower Curtain measures 47×64 inches – Not as long or as wide as a regular home shower curtain
  • This RV Shower Curtain is made of 100% nylon with a light polyurethane backing to be mildew resistant
  • It’s Machine Washable
  • It’s Made in the USA!
  • You can purchase this RV shower curtain by clicking on the picture

Other RV Shower Curtain Solutions

If you are wanting an RV shower curtain in a color other than white, it can be hard to find. But, If you go for a PVC or PEVA shower curtain that is 47 inches wide but the length is too long, like 72 inches or 78 inches, you can simply cut the excess off of the bottom using scissors, and voila, you get your custom made 47-inch x 64 inch RV Shower Curtain.

If you prefer to purchase a fabric shower curtain, you will need to cut the bottom and allow for a 2-3 inch hem. Of course, this is more work, but maybe worth it to have a nice shower curtain.

How Much To Cut for PEVA and Other Plastic Shower Curtains:

If you choose a 72-inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 8 inches from the bottom to make it 64 Inches.

If you choose a 78-inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 14 inches from the bottom to make it 64 Inches.

How Much To Cut for Fabric or Polyester Shower Curtains:

If you choose a 72-inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 5 inches from the bottom to allow for a 2-3″ hem.

If you choose a 78-inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 11 inches from the bottom to allow for a 2-3″ hem.

Shower Curtain Rods and Rails

When it comes to purchasing a bathroom shower curtain rod, (also known as a shower curtain rail ), there are many types and sizes from which to choose. In reality, there is not really a standard measurement for all shower rods, which makes finding the right fit a little more difficult for some people.

You can find some longer shower curtain rods if you know where to look. Most people will do fine with a 72-inch shower curtain rod, but it is always necessary to measure your bath/shower from one wall to the other to determine the correct size that you will need for your particular bathroom.

Fortunately, many shower curtain rod manufacturers have made more choices for customers, like you, that need a little more variety for their shower curtain rods and shower rails.

Assorted Shower Curtain Rods and Shower Rails

In choosing the right shower curtain rod, one of these listed below will probably be just the ticket you need. If not, then there is always the possibility of getting someone who makes custom shower curtain rods to make one especially for you or to use this fully customizable one. Hopefully, you won’t need to do that, as it is more expensive.

Below is the list of the most sought after shower curtain rods. We will take a look at each type individually.

  • Curved Shower Curtain Rod
  • Tension Shower Curtain Rod
  • Corner Shower Curtain Rod / L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod
  • Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtain Rods
  • Oval Shower Curtain Rod
  • Circular Shower Curtain Rod / Rounded Shower Curtain Rod
  • Double Shower Curtain Rod

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The Size of Your BathroomWhen it comes to buying a curved shower curtain rod, there are a few things that you should consider.

  • Who is Using the Shower

Many people love having a curved shower curtain rod, but it may not always be practical. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger size bathroom, then a shower curtain rod curved to the outside of the shower will definitely give you extra room to move.

This is especially handy if you are always being wrapped up in your shower curtain due to the “shower curtain blow in effect”. This happens when the cold air from outside of the shower meets with the hot air inside of the shower and causes the shower curtain to come closer to your body and stick to you.

It’s not a pleasant experience fighting off a shower curtain when you are all wet. A curved shower curtain rod helps to keep the curtain a little further away from your body, allowing you more room to move as seen in the example below:

These curved shower curtain rods are great if you are having to shower in a small area, such as an RV. Many campers purchase them for this very reason. Problems may arise if you have a very small bathroom that has the toilet bowl right next to the shower.

Because the curved shower curtain rod curves outward, it will give you a little less space in front of the toilet. If you are one of the unfortunate people whose toilet is really close to the bathtub, and you practically step into the toilet when getting out of the shower, this may not be your best choice for a shower curtain rod.

Another thing to keep in mind is the person who will be using the shower. Most people really do prefer a curved shower curtain rod due to that extra space that they get but, if they are elderly, then it may cause a problem.

Some elderly people have a problem with depth perception, and having the shower curtain further away from them may cause them to try to grab onto the shower rod for support when water or soap is in their eyes. The shower curtain rod, of course, will be further than they anticipate and this may cause a fall.

Many seniors today enjoy the benefits of having a shower chair to sit on when they shower. This will help ensure their safety while giving them that extra room to shower in because the shower curtain rod is curved. It is always advisable to have a shower rail installed along the shower wall for extra stability when seniors are in the bath or shower.

Tension Shower Curtain Rods

There are many people who like to use a tension shower curtain rod. The main reason is that this type of shower curtain rod is adjustable and easy to install. This is especially handy for people living in apartments. If you move often, it is easy to bring your tension shower curtain rods with you, knowing there is a good chance you can use them at the new destination.

Shower curtain tensions rods come in a variety of styles and finishes and can match any decor quite easily. These are quick to assemble once you know how; simply follow the instructions that come with the product. The main thing is to make certain that you have these tension shower curtain rods on good and tight, especially if you have a heavy shower curtain.

These types of rods can be found in a good array of sizes. The one shown above come in four distinct sizes:

  • 26-42″
  • 43-75″
  • 50-87″
  • 78-108″

Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtain Rods

Ceiling mounted shower curtain rods are also used for Clawfoot Tubs. These are generally purchased as oval shower curtain rods, but some people may purchase circular shower curtain rods for this type of clawfoot bath.

Circular Shower Curtain Rods / Round Shower Curtain Rods

These circular shower curtain rods are round and are ceiling mounted shower curtain rods. Some people do use these for clawfoot tubs but many others use them to enclose a specific area for privacy during showering.

Double Shower Curtain Rods

Double Shower Curtain Rods come in a variety of finishes and are mostly used by those people who prefer to have their shower curtains and shower curtain liners on separate rods.

These rods are necessary if you are wanting to install Double Swag Shower Curtains such as these:

A Double shower curtain rod is necessary so that the swags on the outside are untouched as you pull your shower curtain liner across from the inside. The liner is on the second rod to make this process easier.

Choosing Bathroom Curtains And Personal Design Style

Simply put, your personal design style consists of colors, patterns, textures, and other elements that you enjoy most. For instance, some people prefer a contemporary home, meaning they are minimalists who appreciate things with clean lines.

On the other hand, some people go with Shabby Chic, which includes airy, light colors, and distressed furniture. The bottom line is that when choosing bathroom window curtains, you want to make the decision using your personal design style. Curtains can help anchor a room, add a pop of color, make a room look larger, and more. Therefore, choosing the right curtains is actually a very important decision.

As you will see, you have a personal design style. The information provided below could be used as a guide when buying or making new curtains. That way, the entire has a look based on a design style of which you feel most comfortable.

• Traditional – In this case, the curtains would have subtle patterns, symmetry, and clean lines

• Casual – This personal design style is very relaxing, comfortable, and even tranquil. The curtains should be a neutral color and made without many frills.

• Contemporary – The curtains you would choose for this personal design style would also have clean lines but with more flair. Often, colors and patterns are bold and curtain styles dramatic. Even if you chose casual colors for the bathroom window curtains, they would be embellished or enhanced with unique hardware.
• Country – The casual style includes vintage, antique, and charm.

• Eclectic – In this case, your personal design style would dictate bathroom window curtains that coordinate but not something that matches 100%. The goal would be to choose curtains with character.

• Shabby Chic – Sometimes referred to as the “Cottage Style”, your new bathroom curtains would be pastel or light-colored, airy, and flowing to create a cozy feel to the room.

Each person likes something unique. None of the personal design styles mentioned above are right or wrong, good or bad, simply choices based on personal likes. To coordinate with the bathroom curtains, you would need to choose the appropriate colored wall paint, the right fixtures, flooring, lighting, and even accessories.

All of these items combined produce a gorgeous bathroom, one that you and all your guests love. Remember, today’s bathrooms are more than they were years ago so while curtains may not seem important, they are, especially when they are chosen in coordination with your personal design style.

How to Install a Shower Curtain

You can change the look of your bathroom very easily and quickly in a very inexpensive way. This is by installing a shower curtain. The advantage of a shower curtain is that you can change the style whenever you want without investing much. Varieties of curtains are available and you can choose whatever fits the décor of your bathroom. The installation procedure largely depends on the type of shower curtain you are installing.

Buy the curtain material according to your need. You can either choose a functional one or you can add a form to it. For functional use, you have plastic and vinyl shower curtains that are waterproof. If you want to add a form to your bathroom, you can choose cotton, linen curtains, or silk shower curtains. Some prefer to use both forms as well as function, in that case, you can choose the form in line with your bathroom décor and choose the liner to protect the form.

Shower liners are exposed to water and soap all the time; therefore you should choose them so that it can last longer. Cheap ones do not last long and you have to change them often. If you have a good quality liner, you will be able to maintain it quite easily. Some liners come with fungicide treats which last a very long time.

After you have chosen the shower curtain, you now have to consider buying the rods to hand them. Shower rods come in plastic or metal. Though the plastic ones are waterproof, they generally are not as sturdy as the metal ones. If you choose the metal rod make sure it is coated in order to prevent rust. If you want to add width to your shower area use the crescent shower rods. Curved shower rods are also available in case your shower doesn’t have walls around.

To hand the curtain from the rod you need shower curtain rings. Rings come in plastic and metal form and you can get them in any style you want, the choice is unlimited. However, you have to choose rings according to the fabric you chose. If the fabric is heavy choose rings that will be able to withstand the drag of the heavy curtains. Just ensure that the size of the eyelets will match with that of the ring.

If you choose to install both shower curtain and shower liner then you can hang them either in one rod or use two rods to hang them separately. When you use them on one rod ensure that you thread a ring through both the liner and the curtain together so that they move together. And if you use the liner and curtain separately then you will need separate rings for the liner and separate for the curtain so that they move independently of each other.

Therefore installing a shower curtain is no complicated job, you can do it easily