Shoe Storage Bench

Why Shoe Storage Matters

My house is the perfect example of why we all need good shoe storage options. I have two children and have been a great shopper at garage sales. We have several pairs of shoes for each child, many that won’t be worn for several years.

The two adults in the house also have several pairs of shoes, everything from dress shoes to lawn mowing shoes. They all need to be kept in places where they can be found quickly and easily and not mess up any other pair of shoes in the area.

Our entryway has several pairs of shoes stacked on top of each other. We need to get a good outdoor friendly entryway shoe storage bench that can handle some of the muddier shoes that go through there. It doesn’t have to look fancy, just organized, and be able to handle dirt, grass, grime, and mud.

Our front coat closet has no good organization to it. There are shoes, furniture cushions, and heavy coats all in a pile on the bottom. We need to get rid of coats we don’t wear, but the shoes on a nice bench, and put the cushions back on the furniture.

Our closets also have shoes. For the children, there are large cardboard boxes that have every pair of shoes they have no matter what the size. These need to be sorted and organized according to size, with the smallest ones going to other kids (anything we’ve outgrown). Shoes that are torn or damaged should be repaired or thrown away.

Basically, we need to get a handle on all the shoes we have. A proper organization is important. So whether you want your shoes in the hallway, entryway, closet, or just out in the open there are very nice storage options available to you.

Wooden Shoe Racks

Organizing the things in your home is easy with the right tools and furniture. They can also add quite a bit to the overall look and feel of the place. A wooden shoe rack is one of the best things that you can buy for both purposes.

They look fantastic, whether you have them set up in the entryway or in your closet, and they make the best place for shoes to be placed when they are not on someone’s feet. They will make any area in your home look that much more organized.

Fortunately, you can get a wooden shoe rack in just about any style that you want. Whether you are interested in a very simple 3 metal shelf type with wooden sides for less than $30.

You cal also go with a fancier cherry wood style that belongs in the closet and looks more like a cubby for just over $100, you will be pleased with your options. The stackable types are very nice as well because they allow you to keep adding on more shoes and are often constructed of very durable materials like nice dark mahogany.

Shoe Racks in a cabinet

Another fantastic type of wooden shoe rack would be one that is attached to the bottom of a cabinet. These are very popular because they blend in so well with the home and are a very green way to go about organizing things. They are also relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider the fact that you are getting so much extra space to place your shoes. You can place these in either a bedroom or a closet and they’ll suit you perfectly. You can always go for the over the door type hanging racks as well. These are very popular with students.

The reason that students like the wooden shoe racks that go on doors are because they have limited space, to begin with. They often do not want to give up the space that they have to make a spot for their shoes. That’s fine because there are plenty of options and they’re usually really cheap. Both Lohas and Beechwood make some pretty cheap styles, whether you are after a 2 tier or 4 tier style, and even though they use fancy materials like bamboo you will not have to pay more than $70 for them.

So whether you end up going with a wooden shoe rack from American Furnishings or Pottery Barn, you will be making an excellent choice as far as an organizer is concerned. Don’t limit yourself to only one type either. You can get a pine rack to hang on the wall just as easily as one with metal would hang on the door. You’re really only limited by what you have space for, as in most cases you won’t have to spend more than $100. So go out and get one for yourself today, as you’ll get a lot of use out of it.