Red Cushions, Best Red CushionsIf you’re looking for a bright and bold color to add some pizazz to a room, red is your man, and there is no better way to use red as an accent color than with some bright red cushions.

Depending on what kind of cushions, how big they are, and how many you use, you can accomplish a wide variety of effects using these small but notable items.

First, let’s consider the kitchen. Adding some red chair cushions to your kitchen table chairs can really brighten up the room. This can be a focal point on its own, or part of a greater decorating scheme. For example, if you have some red kitchen appliances, like a red microwave or coffee maker, this addition can really unify the room, adding to the theme.

In the living room, you can accomplish a lot with just one red chair cushion tossed in the corner of the couch. This is a room that you’ll be both entertaining and relaxing in, and usually red is too strong a color to play a predominant role in the room. But just adding one red cushion can really add some playfulness to the atmosphere, and if you have decorated with area rugs that also use red in a minimalistic fashion, you’ll be able to still have that same carry-through color scheme, but without it being overwhelming at all.

Another great way to use this color is outside. Red patio cushions can create a truly smashing effect, and you can go for a look that is either classy and sophisticated, or youthful and fun. Consider cushions that are mostly red, but have a thin white, black, or green stripe running through them, for a more classic design. Or, you may want to go all out with the bright, bold, and warm with yellow and orange accents. These will look great with both outdoor teak furniture or any wrought iron patio chairs you might have.

One thing to keep in mind if you are using red outdoor cushions is that you don’t want the color to fade. Getting a better quality cushion, or one that is made specially to protect against fading is a wise choice, even if that means that you will have to skip the patio cushions clearance sale and opt for a more expensive choice.

After all, there is no point in saving money now if you will just have to replace your cushions later on due to fading. But if you have an enclosed patio or otherwise shaded garden area, then you may be able to get away with buying lower quality and less expensive red outdoor rocking chair cushions as they will be less exposed to the sun, and less likely to fade.

How to Buy Cushion Covers

cushion covers

Shopping for cushion covers requires more than a bit of research, as there are so many variants now that it gets a little tricky for buyers.

Numerous factors will come into play including the size, materials, and color, so since this might take a while, give yourself time to decide what to buy.

Cushion Covers Buying Guide

First of all, you need to pick the right size for your pillow. Since a cushion will be used as much for decoration as anything else, make sure that it is the right fit, but this is easier to do now since online retailers usually have a measurement guide for their products. Once you‘ve picked out the size you can decide on the material, color, and design.

As you might expect, cushion and bedding sets are made from different materials ranging from cotton, polyester, velvet, jute, or poly/cotton blends.

If you’re looking for the highest quality, then go for 100% cotton or silk but if that’s too expensive you can settle for a polyester/cotton blend, which is still good but not as costly.

As for color and design, that’s entirely a matter of personal preference and should be based on your room design or motif.