Best Queen bed sheets, Queen bed sheets

Among those of us with the luxury of larger bedrooms, that queen size bed feels like an absolute necessity. Once you’re accustomed to the spaciousness and freedom to spread out as you like, or roll over in either direction a number of times, it’s hard to go back to anything smaller. As attached as we get to our beds, we get attached to our queen bed sheets set as well. Comfort, style, familiarity…it takes a while for those queen sheet sets to wear down enough that we’re ready to give them up. But there does come a time, now and again, for a new queen sheet set.

Since bigger beds are becoming more and more common, queen size sheets are easy to find. Any style, any pattern, plenty of fabric choices as well. For warmth and cozy softness, go for the casual comfort of queen flannel sheets. For real sophistication in quality cotton that only gets softer with time, you’ll thrill in Egyptian cotton queen sheets. There are styles and qualities in between, of course, with no end to the variety.

You would think that “queen” is a universal size. So when you buy a queen fitted sheet for a super spacious queen mattress, you might be surprised. Olympic queen sheets are the right choice. For an oversized queen mattress, you need an extra 6 inches in the sheet width. That’s a big difference.

These Olympic Queens are not the common buy, however, so you’ll probably know if you own one. Or are buying one. Any queen flat sheet will suffice for regular and oversized queen mattresses, but if you want it to fall nicely over the edge of the bed, you may as well get complete sets of Olympic queen size bed sheets.

Whether you have an Olympic queen or not, the idea of complete sets is attractive. Save yourself a bundle of time and money by buying a bed in bag sets. Quality designers will take care of all the mixing and matching themselves, putting together a trendy, all-inclusive bedding set…for one great price. If you buy a couple of beds in a bag, you’ll be even better off. Every time you do a laundry load, you can redo your bedroom with a new pattern of sheets. It’s the simple remodeling job around.

So don’t let the fun stop at the queen mattress. Enjoy the queen bed sheet sets just as much. Or more!