Pillows for Shoulder PainsSome people experience sleepless nights with a lot of shoulder pains, especially side sleepers. It is everyone’s wish to have a peaceful night full of sweet dreams after a busy day.

However, this turns to be a nightmare as a result of discomforts. Choosing the best pillow for shoulder pain is not an easy task because there are different shoulder pillows of different sizes, materials, and shapes.

Therefore, to reduce or avoid shoulder pains, you need to learn how to choose the best pillow for shoulder pain. This means that you will have to carry research on how you can get the best one. There is no need to do so because; this article takes compressive information on getting the best pillow for shoulder pain.

Benefits of pillow for shoulder pain

Are these pillows of great use? Yes, especially in reducing shoulder pain. Below are some of the benefits of pads for shoulder pain.

  • Pillows are responsible for reducing and preventing slouching and strain.
  • Relieves pressure; they are useful, especially for those people with surgical or ordinary injuries on their shoulders. You can use a pillow to create some comfort.
  • Pillows also reduce discomfort on the back while sleeping. The shoulder is a vital part of the body when sleeping. When you are comfortable with your shoulders, then the neck and back will be satisfied too.
  • Right pillows can eliminate general pains on the shoulder, leaving you with a calm night.

How to choose a pillow for shoulder pain

If you are planning to buy a suitable pillow for shoulder pain, then be ready to meet many of them on the market. Of course, all may be suitable for shoulder pain but unsuitable for you. Therefore, to get the right pillow, you need to consider various features before making a decision.

Type of the pillow

You need to be careful about the type of pillow you wish to buy. There are different types of shoulder pain pillow that you can choose on, i.e., memory foam pillow, split pillow, multi-leveled pillow, and cocoon pillow.

A memory foam pillow is the most suitable pillow for those people with shoulder discomforts. You can mold this type of pillow to fit your shoulder’s shape, head, and neck to massage them so that you have a comfortable night.

On the other hand, split pillows feature a split near the longitudinal axis. Therefore, when using it, your shoulder will be on a pad. This feature makes it ideal for side sleepers.

A multi-leveled pillow is also useful to reduce shoulder pain. It comes with various slope levels, including many crannies and nooks, allowing you to minimize shoulder pains.

Cocoon pillow is another type of pillow that is much suitable for both side sleepers and back sleepers. It has an incredible tri-level design with a raised section that is in charge of cradling your shoulder.

Therefore, you should at least choose from the above four types.

Sleeping position

Mostly, there are three sleeping positions, i.e., side, back, and stomach sleeping positions. Therefore you need to be careful before buying a pillow. Therefore, remember to go for pads that are suitable for your sleeping positions.

Many people attest that the best pillow should come with a comfortable design that can accommodate side sleeping. Side sleeping pillows are essential to minimize pain on the shoulder, back, head, and neck, ensuring you get a deep sleep.

Filling materials

The fill materials in the pillow play a crucial role in reducing discomfort and giving you a good night. The best materials to consider are; solid, shredded, and down memory foams and latex. What you should also be careful with these materials is their softness on your skin, breathable, and sturdiness for maximum support to your shoulder.

Therefore, go for materials that can allow smooth airflow to cool your body while sleeping. Memory foam is the best material as it can fit your head’s shape, shoulder, and neck.

Cover of the pillow

The cover of the pillow is another crucial feature that you should put in mind before buying a pad. Ensure that the pillowcase is breathable, hypoallergenic, soft, comfortable to wash, remove, and maintain.

Usually, some of the typical cover materials for pillows are cotton, polyester, and bamboo. Therefore, buy a pad with a comfortable case to ensure maximum support of your shoulder.

Size of the pillow

Besides the above features, size also matters. Different people have a variety of preferences when it comes to size. For example, some like longer or taller sized pillows, whereas others are comfortable with ordinary-sized pillows. If you experience chronic pains on your shoulder, then you should go for more extended pads.

The reason behind this is the ability of longer pillows to provide optimal support while sleeping. More so, this feature makes longer pillows ideal for combination sleepers. Therefore I can recommend you to buy a pad that gives you options.


Thickness is another essential feature that I thought you should know. A right pillow for shoulder pain should be thick. Its thickness will be responsible for minimizing pain and giving you adequate alignment and support during the night. Therefore, be careful when choosing.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best pillow for shoulder pain?

The best pillow depends on your choice, but I recommend you buy a pad with cradling materials like latex and memory foam for relieving shoulder pain.

Are memory foam pillows good for neck pain?

Yes, these pillows are the best in providing comfort and support during the night for side sleepers. They offer advanced relief from neck and shoulder pains.


The best pillow can guarantee you peaceful and painless sleep all the time. It may ultimately minimize shoulder pain, ensuring that you feel fresh and comfortable. I hope that this article provides essential information to aid you on how to choose the best pillow for shoulder pain. Therefore make your best choice by purchasing a pad with memory foam and latex materials.