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Outdoor rugs provide the foundation for your outdoor space. When designing your outdoor decor, one of the best ways to bring in life and style is through beautifully designed and quality indoor outdoor rugs.

There is no question our rugs are exactly what you need to define your space with affordable style. From the creative, bold, and modern designs of Sawgrass Mills to the more traditional yet modern and familiar designs of Colonial Mills.

Each rug is guaranteed to add depth and color to your patio or porch and is guaranteed to last. All-weather indoor-outdoor rugs are ordinarily made of weather-resistant polypropylene also known as olefine. They are softness and most durable terrace rugs and area rugs you’ll ever own.

Best Outdoor Rug Reviews 2021

1. Fab Habitat Reversible Rugs

Fab Habitat Reversible Rugs | Indoor or Outdoor Use | Stain Resistant, Easy to Clean Weather Resistant Floor Mats | Cancun - Turquoise & Moss Green

All Fab Habitat outdoor rugs

2. Guide Gear Reversible Outdoor Rug, Border Pattern, Cream/Green

Guide Gear Reversible Outdoor Rug, Border Pattern, Cream/Green,

3. Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue Multicolor Area Rug

Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue Multicolor 5'3

4. SMART DESIGN MAT Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Rugs

SMART DESIGN MAT SMM005 Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Rugs

5. SMM005 Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

SMM005 Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Best Round Outdoor Rug

6. Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue Multicolor 7’10” x ROUND Area Rug (8’xROUND)

Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue Multicolor 7'10

7. DII Chindi Collection Rag Rug, Handmade, Colors May Vary, 36″ Round, Multi

DII Chindi Collection Rag Rug, Handmade, Colors May Vary, 36

8. nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Area Rug, 6′ Round, Natural

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Area Rug, 6' Round, Natural

9. LEEVAN Modern Flannel Memory Foam Round Area Rug Microfiber Non-Slip Machine Washable Circular Rugs

LEEVAN Modern Flannel Memory Foam Round Area Rug Microfiber Non-Slip Machine Washable Circular Rugs Living Room Bedroom Study Yoga Soft Carpet Floor Mat Accent Home Decor 4-Feet Diameter - Grey Mandal

10. Nourison Celestial Modern Abstract Area Rug, 5’3″ x ROUND (5′ Round), Sealife Multicolor Grey

Nourison Celestial Modern Abstract Area Rug, 5'3

Round Outdoor Rugs

Round Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor living space is really just an extension of your home; when you create an outdoor living room you are essentially adding a room onto your home.

You may use this room for entertaining friends and family, or you may just use it as your personal retreat. Either way, your outdoor space should be a comfortable, relaxing place.

There are many furniture and accessory choices available that will allow you to decorate this space in any style you choose. Consider little touches like round outdoor area rugs or colorful throw pillows to make it seem more like an indoor room. Read more on throw rugs.

Why use Round Outdoor Rugs

Round rugs are unique. They give a warm and creative feeling that is hard to achieve with the classic rectangle that most area rugs come in. By placing one in your garden or patio sitting area, you’ll make your outdoor environment so much more inviting.

You’ll also want to think about color. Red rugs are a classic choice and can work beautifully with wrought iron patio furniture. Purple area rugs, while unusual, can look especially striking in a green area, and if you have blue, purple, orange, or yellow flowers in your garden, this can be a choice that you’ll be thrilled within the long run. Take a look at these green rugs for more information

You can further go about decorating your outdoor space by choosing furniture that best suits your needs; think of the amount of space you have and whether that space is protected from the elements. Outdoor furniture is usually made of weather-resistant materials, however, if the area is not covered, you may want to think of storing cushions when they are not in use, so they are not left in the rain.

Outdoor Arrangement

Arranging the outdoor furniture is another consideration; think about traffic flow and arrange the furniture in a way that will allow easy maneuverability and conversation. If you have enough space, set them up around your round outdoor area rug for a lovely arrangement.

If you already have outdoor furniture, you can update the look with new slipcovers, cushions, or just some colorful throw pillows. For inexpensive options, shop at a patio cushions clearance sale.

Lighting and accessories are an important part of an outdoor room; lighting will allow you to use the outdoor space after the sun goes down and accessories can make it more comfortable and cozier. Consider what the area is going to be used for when choosing to light; if space is just for relaxing in the evenings candles or holiday lights can create a tranquil atmosphere. If you are using the space for outdoor dining or playing family games, you may need more light than candles provide. There are many choices for outdoor lighting from wall sconces to weather-resistant table and floor lamps. Accessories can make a big difference in an outdoor room, an outdoor rug can make the floor warmer and add color to the décor; warm throws can allow you to snuggle up when cooler weather comes and still enjoy the outdoors.

There are many things you can do to make your outdoor living space comfortable and useful. Simply rearranging the furniture and adding some accessories may make all the difference in the world. If you are starting from scratch, some prior planning and research will make your decisions easier; and allow you to have an outdoor area you will enjoy for years to come.

What Are Outdoor Rugs Made Of?

While any outdoor rug can easily be made into an indoor rug simply by placing it inside, the same is not necessarily true for any indoor rug! Rugs that go outside need to resist water and mildew is easily cleaned and stain-resistant in the first place and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It’s not going to work to make a rug out of the same materials you T-shirt is made of and expect it to be outside in the rain, snow, and heat and still look like a rug. In other words, you need to have something better than just cotton!

Tips on Selecting and Buying Outdoor Rugs

You should make a wise choice whenever you shop even for a seemingly small item like an outdoor rug. That way, you are assured that you get your money’s worth. It is not enough that you get just any outdoor rug. Buy a rug that will best suit your needs. To do this, you will need guidelines or standards when you set out to look for outdoor rugs to buy. The guidelines are as follows:

1) Beauty

You should always take into account the decorative value of the rug that you would like to buy. The rug will be seen by many people and because of this, you should not take its aesthetic quality for granted even if people step on it day in and day out. Below are some criteria for beauty:

a) Color

The initial characteristic that catches the eye of passersby is the color of the outdoor rug. It is the most prominent feature of the rug’s appearance. Keep in mind that outdoor rugs are treaded on constantly. As such, the rugs can easily get soiled.

The color of the rug should be those that can mask the dirt. The best colors for this purpose are natural colors, like green, orange, and brown. These colors look good even as the rug wears with time.

b) Pattern

The rug has to have a certain pattern, and should not just be a chaotic insensible combination of colors. The pattern should stand out to make the rug eye-catching.

c) Texture

It is likewise important to look at the texture of the rug. The feel of the rug’s surface gives you a hint of the workmanship that has been invested in the making of the rug.

d) Size

When you buy a rug, you should make an estimate of the size. While small rugs may look cute and adorable, they cannot provide sufficient coverage when people tread on them. On the other hand, rugs of bigger sizes can accommodate more feet and possess elaborate designs. However, because of their size, the design might distract from the other ornaments in the room.

2) Durability

Another important consideration when buying a rug is its durability. You should be able to tell if a rug is durable. Of all the household items, outdoor rugs are one of the most used and abused. Outdoor rugs absorb stress from feet that continuously tread on them every single day. Because of this, you should examine the craftsmanship that went into the making of the rug, as well as the materials that are used to make the rug. That way, you will have an idea as to the resilience of the rug.

3) Affordability

Make sure that the rug that you intend to buy is within your budget. It is pointless to search for rugs that you cannot afford. Look for an outdoor rug which you know you can buy. Remember to get the most out of your money. While you definitely want a rug that will last you a long time, remember that what you intend to buy is a rug, something that need not cost you a fortune.

When looking for an outdoor rug to buy, you must compare one item with another. Make an informed choice and do not just buy out of whim. By doing so, you are able to pick out the rug that is worth your money.

Picture Perfect With Outdoor Rugs

An exciting new trend in home fashion is to abandon the closed walls of living and salon areas for the fresh beauty of the outdoors…and make the outdoors as homey and inviting as indoors. Comfortable patio furniture, small bar tables, deck lights… what’s missing? Outdoor rugs complete the picture.

Indoor-outdoor area rugs that bear heavy wear and outdoor weather yet are still soft, attractive, and easy to care for will create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining on that patio, deck, or poolside.

Outdoor Rug Styles

There are a number of outdoor rug styles, each with hundreds of designs to choose from. Here are some popular ones:

Handmade Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Handmade rugs are the most expensive style, but well worth what you pay for. The depth, detail, and vivid color variety are unmatched by their machine-made counterparts. Soft, long-lasting, and truly exquisite, a handmade indoor-outdoor rug will sweep anyone off their feet.

Machine Made Outdoor Patio Rugs

Machine-made rugs are significantly less expensive, lighter weight, yet have comparable durability to the handmade rugs. Usually. Colors tend to be slightly more muted, and designs are more block patterned. They are machine printed designs, you know.

Outdoor Bamboo Rugs

A true feeling of the simple outdoors, with full lines of bright colors to liven your outdoor relaxation space. Bamboo doesn’t stand the same wear and tear, so be warned: these are not to be left outdoors full time! Also, make sure you buy bamboo rugs with a nonslip rug pad attached.

All-Weather Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor “mats,” can be made from recycled plastic, with amazing Persian rug styles, floral designs, Southwestern motifs, geometric patterns…they clean up with a garden hose and live up to all weather.

The outdoor sisal rug is a new line to consider as well. Sisal used to be only for the indoors; it would absorb moisture, fade, and wear easily under the sun. Manufacturers have taken the durability and resilience of natural sisal into the outdoors, however, for long-lasting beauty.

Outdoor Braided Rugs

Stain-resistant and reversible, braided rugs also wash super easily, are soft, and incredibly durable versions of the solid color outdoor rugs. Different braiding techniques and directions give varying textures, all great-looking on that patio deck.

When buying your fashionable outdoor rug, remember to look for durability and softness. If you can purchase with warranties, that is by far the best option. Get more information on blue rugs.

Color palettes taken from the outdoor elements are beautiful and safe bets; browns, greens, blues, and floral colors you find in your own backyard area will bring your outdoor room truly into the outdoors.Buy the best green rugs for your outdoor decor.

Materials Used In Outdoor Rugs

Let’s take a look at some of the more common materials used in outdoor rugs that makes them suitable to be outside in various weather conditions.


Bamboo is a fantastic material used in rugs, both indoor rugs, and outdoor rugs, as well being used in a nearly endless list of other furniture items, as it makes for great raw building material.

It’s cultivated, harvested, and cured a specific way that tightens the fibers inside at every step of the way to make a highly durable, strong rug. For more about bamboo, see Anji Bamboo Outdoor Rugs.

DuraCord Fabric

DuraCord Fabric is a trademarked fabric that makes up many types of outdoor furniture. It is a synthetic fiber that is as soft of softer than polyester. It doesn’t collect mildew and it allows for vibrant colors via a specific method of acrylic solution dying.

A perk of DuraCord rugs is that they are easy to clean (see Cleaning Outdoor Rugs) and the colors do not fade from the bleach cleaning solution. Additionally, they will not absorb water. Can you imagine how helpful that is when designing a rug to stay outside?


Plastic is a versatile material and at first, it might sound odd to think of a rug being based on plastic, but tiny plastic bits can be used to make a very strong rug that is able to withstand the outdoors.

Many plastic outdoor rugs are the type that you’re able to roll up and easily store. Think of the chain type of rug where each piece spans the length of the rug and is connected via small ropes.

Another interesting aspect of using plastic for rugs is that this means you can make entire rugs out of recycled materials. Plastic is one of the most easily recycled materials on the planet, and rug companies have capitalized on this fact to offer products that can be considered both “green”, strong, and durable, as well as easy to clean with just water and some cleaning solution.


The term “rubber outdoor rugs” doesn’t carry with it much elegance or suave decor does it? Nevertheless, rubber mats and outdoor rugs are one of the most common – and cheap! – outdoor rugs out there on the market. Rubber is especially popular for doormats as they clean easily and can stand the wear and tear of having lets of feet wiped on them.


Does this mean all outdoor rugs are made of plastic, rubber, bamboo, or DuraCord rope and fabrics? Absolutely not. These are just some strong materials that are in some rugs and because of their qualities – such as being water-resistant – make them suitable as the basis of an outdoor rug.

Out of all the types listed here, I’d have to say my favorites are the bamboo rugs and the DuraCord rugs – picking one of these types, you can’t go wrong!

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