orange rug, Best orange area rugOrange rugs liven up any room in the house. These look very good where there are neutral floor colors and furnishings as they provide excellent contrast and bring some vibrancy into a room.

An orange rug can also be used as an accent color in a room, or with a complementary color like royal blue for maximum effect.

There are different shades of the orange area rug and you might prefer something really bright and ‘in your face’ as the saying goes, or your tastes may be more conservative and you might prefer a more muted shade of orange rug.

Let’s look at orange rugs for the living room

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Best Orange Rug Reviews

1. YJ.GWL Soft Shaggy Area Rugs for Bedroom Fluffy Living Room Rugs 5.3 x 7.6 Orange

YJ.GWL Soft Shaggy Area Rugs for Bedroom Fluffy Living Room Rugs Anti-Skid Nursery Girls Carpets Kids Home Decor Rugs 5.3 x 7.6 Feet Orange

2. nuLOOM Mackenzie Vintage Area Rug, 3′ x 5′, Orange

nuLOOM Mackenzie Vintage Area Rug, 3' x 5', Orange

3. Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug, 5′ 0 x 8′ 0, Orange

Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug, 5' 0 x 8' 0, Orange

4. Well Woven Bright StarBright Orange Calipso Modern Geometric Trellis 20″ x 31″ Mat Accent Area Rug

Well Woven Bright StarBright Orange Calipso Modern Geometric Trellis 20

5. Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug, 8′ 0 x 10′ 0, Orange

Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug, 8' 0 x 10' 0, Orange

6. Janine Orange and Beige Updated Traditional Area Rug 5’3″ x 7’3

Janine Orange and Beige Updated Traditional Area Rug 5'3

7. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection NF801B Hand-Woven Orange and Natural Jute Round Area Rug (3′ in Diameter)

Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection NF801B Hand-Woven Orange and Natural Jute Round Area Rug (3' in Diameter)

8. Artistic Weavers Romaine Orange Area Rug, 3’11” x 5’7″

Artistic Weavers Romaine Orange Area Rug, 3'11

9. Silk Road Concepts Collection Moroccan Shag Rugs, 3’3″ x 4’7″, Orange

Silk Road Concepts Collection Moroccan Shag Rugs, 3'3

10. Terracotta Orange Luxury Shaggy Shag Area Rug Mat 5’3″ x 7’3″

Terracotta Orange Luxury Shaggy Shag Area Rug Mat 5'3

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Where to find orange rugs for sale

It is quite easy to find orange rugs for sale and you should easily find a good selection of shades from pale, pastel orange to something rich and vibrant. There is a big choice in textures too and you might prefer a flat, cord-like texture, or something with a long shaggy pile, as an orange shag rug will give a room a feeling of real plush opulence and luxury.

Or, maybe you are looking for something in the middle where texture is concerned. Orange chenille rugs can look stunning. What you need to do is to measure the room and know the smallest and largest size of the orange rug that will suit your room.

Buying an orange accent rug may sound simple but when you actually get into the store or look on the internet, you will find that although you thought you knew what you wanted and you do know the size you want, you are no longer sure of the actual style that you want to buy.

Different shades of orange

There are multi-colored braided orange rugs available with a dominant orange color or rugs with various patterns in different shades of orange. You will see swirls, geometric patterns, and orange colors that fade away, and you are bound to have far more choices than you expected. Then, of course, you are faced with square, oblong and round orange rugs, half-moons, and orange rug runners The job gets harder as you look.

The good part here is that an orange area rug is easy to find in most stores but the choice is huge. With some items, it is easy to find a good selection to browse through but with this particular household furnishing item, the problem is that you will have too many to choose from.

You could make it easier to find your perfect orange rugs by browsing websites on the internet and getting an idea of what you want to buy before you choose. Some people prefer to see the shade before they buy and to feel the texture, but you can still do this. Use the web to get an idea of what you want and then go to a rug, or flooring store and see if they have something similar.

Alternatively, buy online where there is free return shipping. If you are not happy with the rug you choose, you can just send it back. If your choice of new orange rug from the website is not quite right there is no problem.

Woven Orange Rugs

When it comes to purchasing a woven orange rug for your home there are several choices and manufacturers that are available for you to choose from. Oriental Weavers is the largest machine-woven orange area rug manufacturer in the world.

It is one of the leading exporters of orange area rugs worldwide and acknowledged as the market leader and trendsetter in the latest technology, design, and coloration. When we started looking at the colors we thought they would be limited and we were wrong.

We could select black and grey to go with a modern design, blue or pink for the baby’s nursery, brown, green, ivory, and beige if you wanted to go with neutral tones. They offer multi-color to go with the latest trends, orange, purple, red, yellow, and gold of these are the other colors you may fancy for your decor.

This is a huge selection. You also have the choices of patterns too. Originally we thought we may want to go with an oriental pattern but as we were looking through the choices offered by the different manufacturers.

Places To Use Orange Area Rugs

Orange is a color that adds life and warmth to your interior. After all, it is the color of sunshine. But it is also, a color, where a little goes a long way.

Wall to wall orange carpet is not a great idea, yet an orange rug, creating a focal point on your floor, coupled with a few other orange accessories can be wonderful.

There are a few places where orange rugs could add a very special touch. Here are a few examples

1. In a White Bathroom

If you have a typical white neutral bathroom, you need color to liven up the room and, if this is the case, an orange bath rug could be just the thing along with a few orange towels to add the color you need. Mix orange and white with touches of bright acid lemon or lime green for a bright sunny look without being overpowering.

2. In a Mediterranean Kitchen

You can use quite distinctive deep colors in a Mediterranean kitchen such as burnt orange on the walls and terracotta (which also has an orange tinge) on the floor. If you have more neutral flooring, however, add a feeling on the Mediterranean to the floor with one of the burnt orange rugs you will see around. If you are placing your rug in a food preparation area, make sure that it has a non-slip backing and is washable, so that it is safe and stays looking good.

3. In a Warm Neutral Living Room

If your living room is decorated with warm neutrals such as creams and beiges, it is crying out for a color to liven it up and orange area rugs are ideal in these circumstances. The orange color is bright yet it fits in with the warm tones of the scheme and goes with all light warm neutral shades as well as darker browns such as coffee and chocolate.

4. In a Seventies Retro Style Room

A shag rug is a perfect accessory for a seventies retro style room decorated in browns and oranges. You can get synthetic orange shag rugs or natural wool, sheepskin, or flokati rugs dyed orange.

Orange Area Rugs to Complement the Home’s Interior Decoration

The larger the area the greater is the need for Inexpensive orange area rugs. Rugs are used to adorn the beauty of homes and offices and increase them adequately. The greater depreciation in price starts to waver as soon as one begins to carpet the entire lawn or garden.

The good looking designs and shapes will attract the eye but more so they will also attract the pockets. If your orange rugs are as expensive as half the maintenance of the outdoor arenas then the deal is not worth making from the layman’s point of view.

The cheaper variety of orange rugs may not be made from the best quality of wool but you make the compromise for nylon or olefin or some kind of synthetic fiber. It is useless spending hundreds on something that will be subjected to the utmost torture of all kinds.

The modern types will show you the latest colors, patterns, and shapes too in oval, rectangular, and square. One can afford to have more than a single area orange rug in the room if it makes the look of the room even more handsome. The fact that they are Inexpensive orange area rugs will not hinder you from increasing their count in the homes.

Cheap Orange Area Rug

Cheap and inexpensive orange area rugs do not share the same meaning. Inexpensive orange area rugs that are purchased by virtue of discounts do not fall in the cheap category. Instead, they offer the same quality as their look-alikes.

The only problem that one might face with them is that they might be a little outdoor comparing to the latest market offers and sales. It is for the ones who tend to keep quality at a higher place than brand value. There will no one that will have to say about the design is old and down-market.

While choosing for Inexpensive area orange rugs make sure that they are water-resistant. The bamboo varieties of makers are very regarded in this area. If you are purchasing a braided one make sure that there are no loose ends to the carpets.

For the ones interested in the making of the orange area rugs the number of knots per square inch known as the line count can give a vague idea of the strength and durability of the material. The greater the number the better is the quality of the material that you are buying.

Cheap but quality area orange rugs can be found at factory outlets, local department stores, and newspaper ads. The internet is always available to shop. Look out for the attractive discounts online to get your next set of Inexpensive orange wool rugs.

Rug Types and Design

Rug designs these days range from classic Persian patterns from the 16th Century to 19th Century British Arts and Crafts works to many of the new contemporary modern pieces.

William Morris: Named for the famous English poet, designer, writer, and innovator in the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century, who lived from 1834-1896.

Kashan: This design has a central medallion, and often quarter-medallions. These medallions are sometimes of scrolls and flowers.

Herati: This name comes from the name of the pattern that repeats itself on this rug. It often uses rich reds, true blues, green, cream, and yellow on indigo fields. The borders are usually adorned with flowers, and occasionally, a “fish” or “crab” pattern is used.

Tabriz: The Jahver Tabrizs, which are the older pieces of this category, have a medallion and often use pastel colors. There are also usually cartouches in the borders with Arabic inscriptions. Some Tabrizs also follow the designs for prayer rugs.

Mahal: A loosely knotted piece, with either a repetitive flower pattern or a central medallion.

Sarouk: A Sarouk is a floral design, with a medallion and often with animal dyes.

Serapi: Similar to Herez, but more angular, Serapis contain two or three superimposed central medallions and floral borders.

Orange Rugs For Living Room