Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of outdoor motion detector lights not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for their security. Finally, there is no need to stay worried about your home’s and loved ones’ security once you sleep at night because these lights can keep your property well-lit. In fact, these outdoor light fixtures can light up a shady area of your yard and sidewalk. So, when you come home at any time of the night, you will find it easier to find your way, thanks to these outside wall lights.

Outdoor Motion Detector Lights Features

The best thing about motion detector lights is that they are quite hassle-free to install. However, the level of difficulty involved in the installation process depends on the brand and model, so it is important check package instructions for information on how to install the unit properly.

Primarily, a motion detector lighting fixture comes with electronic eyes that are small enough to detect motions across the field of view. These “eyes” can easily determine any heat waves that freely radiate from any moving objects whether these are cars, animals or humans. Once motion is detected, lights turn on automatically. Then, the light stays on between 1 and 20 minutes, although the length of time depends on the number of minutes you preset on the timer.

As long as movement is sensed, the light stays on. This unit also comes with a photocell, and it is responsible for deactivating light at daylight. Furthermore, motion detector lights are equipped with a semi-circular view at a maximum scope of 240 degrees, and the distance range may go up to 70 feet.

Keep in mind that it is possible for certain motions to trick the detector and just turn the lights on even when it is not necessary. This can be quite a nuissance to this device, but it may be prevented by setting the distance range to a limited field of view.

You will be able to operate and adjust the light manually as you flip the switch off for one second, and flip it back on. This way, you can maintain the light on during nighttime even with the absence of motion. Once you flip the switch the second time, it is set into automatic.

Benefits of Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

The key benefits of this type of light fixture is for security or crime prevention. Most crimes occur at night when it is pitch black dark everywhere. However, if there is a motion sensor light installed in your home and outdoor area, it will be less prone to crimes and dangers.

In addition, it is easier for you to park your car or walk into your yard when the place is lit well. This is th case when you come home at night when it is dark, since the light simply turns on when you approach the door or driveway. You will also like the fact that when there are lights outdoors, this can help deter pests or stray animals. There is no need for you to leave the lights on the whole night, and you only require the convenience of seeing through the dark with the help of a motion sensor light.

To gain maximum benefits from this type of outdoor light, you might want to position it in the driveway or back doors, as well as your front door. By doing so, you can be sure that these areas will be adequately lit once you arrive at home late at night.

Another great place to install these lights is on your patio door, and you may also consider having a motion sensor light at any dark areas of your garden or yard. While ample lighting may not always guarantee excellent security, this can help minimize chances of burglary and other dangers than when you have no lights installed outdoors.

Lastly, be sure to mount these lights at least 6 to 10 feet above ground, and choose a spot where most movement tends to occur. Observe areas around your home and how they appear at night, and that should give you a better idea in terms of the right positioning of your motion detector lights.