Low Profile Ceiling Fans Low Profile Ceiling Fans were created for rooms of particular houses with a low ceiling. The range between the blades of the fans and the ceiling is 6 and 10 inches.

These fans are a bit different than the typical fans which are wider having a length of 12 and 14 inches.

The low fans are therefore used for an average of 7.5 which covers the feet and a height of 8. It’s highly recommended that the distance between the blade and ceiling should be noted keenly since their sizes differ. The low profile ceiling fans have other names like ceiling huger fan and flush mount fan.

Pro’s and Cons of Low Profile Fans

The Advantage you can enjoy by having some of the low profile ceiling fans is that during hot seasons when the temperatures are too high, they can be used as a perfect way to reduce our body heat.

The other thing is that they don’t consume much of the power compared to other fans which use much electricity; this is a convenient way since you will not need to spend a fortune on this, so pay less while you enjoy its service.

They also come with motors from which you can pick the one tending to be powerful, to be able to fasten the air which spreads out, this is a solution since the low profile ceiling fans tend to limit the airflow due to their distance from the ceiling.

The Disadvantages of using the low profile ceiling fans are that, due to their small distance between the blades and ceiling, they don’t produce the best airflow, in other terms the air coming out of it is limited, there is a remote which helps you run both the fan and light in the house, these remotes are difficult to use due to the existence of timers with programmers and fans speed which are automatic.

Performance and Cost Wise

For the general performance to be of high quality or offer an excellent job, the low profile ceiling fans should be well developed and have the best designs which match the considering the distance between the blades and the ceiling which should be proportional. The prices of the low ceiling fans range depending on the features they have from about $46 to $410.

When decide to buy these low profile ceiling fans, in particular, there are things you have to put in mind before doing so, the style of the fan, how long the blade will last, the range between the ceiling and the blades, you ought to measure fast.

Consider how it operates in terms of its air circulation putting in mind to pick the ones with the best motor to speed up the air movement. And how it will consume power, look for their CFM (cubic feet per minute) specification that will help you know the rating of watts being consumed. Then if you wish to pick the fans with lights, look at the manual given to see whether the low profile ceiling fans length have a kit with lights.

5 Best Modern Ceiling Fans

There are so many ceiling fans available nowadays that it is hard to make the choice and modern ceiling fans with their contemporary designs have added value to the décor of the house.

The designs of these modern ceiling fans have undergone a big change from the traditional designs that were available earlier.

The modern ceiling fans have geometric designs and finish and they will be aesthetically appealing to the eye. There are a number of factors due to which more and more people are opting for modern ceiling fans.

Why should you choose modern ceiling fans?

There are a total of 27 contemporary designs of the modern ceiling fans and you can make your choice based on the size of your room, the size of the ceiling, and the overall décor of the house.
There should be enough space between the blades of the ceiling fan and the ceiling so that air is distributed evenly across the room. Cloud, Halo, Nimbus, and Pharos are some of the popular brands of modern ceiling fans where the fan blades are near the top of the body and it would be advisable to use a long down rod to hang them from the ceiling for better air circulation.
Some of the most popular models of modern ceiling fans include Altus, Altus Hugger, Aurora, Ball, Cirus, Cloud, DC Slim, Eclipse, Flute, Gusto, Halo, Industry, Lapa, Lumima, Nimbus, Pensi, Pharos, Plum, Stella, Stratos, UFO and Velo. Each one of these models has different styles and features that make them unique.
Except for the industry model none of the other models use pull chains to operate the fans. You can use the control that is provided with your chosen model to increase or decrease the speed of your fan or operate the light individually. Most of the controls of modern ceiling fans can be used to operate only a single fan or light at the same time.
The 009A and 009B are the only two controls that can be used to operate multiple fans simultaneously.
You would be able to buy the modern ceiling fans dealers or make the purchase using the online medium.
The modern ceiling fans are energy-efficient and you would be able to see a complete energy information chart on their website that lists in detail the energy consumption of each model.
All the modern ceiling fans are rated as suitable for damp locations. However, none of the models would be suitable for wet locations.
The modern ceiling fans are easy to install and each model comes accompanied with an installation guide.
Before choosing the appropriate model you would need to measure the dimensions of your room and the height of the room’s ceiling so that you are able to make the right choice.
The finish of the modern ceiling fans is aluminum brushed and galvanized and this helps prevent any peeling.

The modern ceiling fans have gained a lot of popularity due to their new and contemporary designs.

Modern Ceiling Fans with Lights

Modern ceiling fans with lights are great because they add functionality and convenience while annulling the need to add lighting fixtures in your home. They are also perfect in kitchens not only because they keep you cool while making meals but also dry wet floors after cleaning and they save space as well.

Modern ceiling fans offer clean, fresh lines that will circulate cool air in your home more economically than you can ever imagine. Using modern ceiling fans with lights, you can light your home and at the same time keep it cool in great style thereby saving you more money.

One special thing about modern ceiling fans with lights is that their direction can be reversed to produce warm air. This can make heating your room much more effective during the winter season. These contemporary ceiling fans can reduce your heating bill up to ten percent and lower your air conditioning costs by about forty percent.

Modern ceiling fans are available in a wide range of designs, styles, and colors, and they come with perfect finishing that will accent the entire look of your home.

When shopping for modern ceiling fans with lights, you can search the internet to find the ones that are suitable for your budget. Also, you can visit the local home improvement store in your area to browse through a vast collection of ceiling fans to get the idyllic modern ceiling fan for home needs.

The Pros and Cons of modern ceiling fans with lights

Modern ceiling fans with lights are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, design, and finishes that can fit into your home decorating needs
They can be installed anywhere in the house right from the bedroom through the living room and to the kitchen or any other part of the house
They are much more efficient both in the summer and in the winter because during the summer, they are able to circulate cooler airs while in the winter their blades can be reversed to blow warmer air down the house
They are suitable for any home décor
Their lighting fixtures are well effective
They are energy efficient and reduce the bill on both air conditioning and heating system
Modern ceiling fans with lights are not easily installed especially for the do-it-yourselfers
They are a bit expensive to buy
Their replacement parts are not easily seen

Most users choose modern ceiling fans with lights because of their capability to fit in any part of the house.