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Why use a leather sofa?

Furnishing your home with beautiful, long-lasting pieces is a priority on everyone’s mind. There isn’t a homeowner out there who wouldn’t like to know that he or she is buying the absolute best and absolute beauty when investing in lifetime furniture pieces. Which is why leather sofas are so popular. It is beautiful, it is comfortable, it is one of the most sought after materials in home decorating.

One attribute of leather is that it is weather adaptable. Your leather sofa bed will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Whether you sleep on it yourself or offer it to guests, you won’t have to worry about their comfort no matter what the season. Simply let them enjoy it.

Since it is made from real cowhide, every leather piece offers full support and luxury when you sit in it. Every portion of your leather sectional sofa will mold to the natural curves of your body and still retain its shape when you get up. The strong material resists tears and punctures longer than other fabrics, too.

Color of the sofa

Even if your black leather sofa sits in a room filled with natural sunlight, you can rest assured that with proper care, colors won’t fade, either. While leather does harden and crack under direct sunlight, neither this nor fading should be a concern in a typically light-filled room. Black, brown, cream, even that snazzy red leather sofa should retain their lush color to the end of its life.

No two hides are the same, either. That means your leather sofa set is entirely unique. The specific character in your living room will be matched by no one else’s. You can feel proud of the beauty and value of every piece you buy.

Not only that, but each hide will differ according to the grains and finishes used to complete the product. Some are more velvet-like, others might bare natural weather-beaten textures. That “simple” cream leather sofa need not be like anyone else’s. It really is an art. It really can reflect your individuality, personality, and style choice.

Maintaining a leather sofa

When kept clean and properly cared for, leather can last a lifetime in exquisite beauty. The main points to remember are no direct sunlight, no unapproved cleaning detergents, and dry the surfaces immediately. Most spills will wipe off beautifully, so don’t worry. It’s only a matter of understanding the care of your furniture needs. That white leather sofa can stay white if you pay attention to what your leather needs.

But the bottom line about these beauties is that they are just that– a perfect example of beauty and class. Picture a warm brown leather sofa graced by two elegant mahogany side tables. Or accompanied by a matching leather lounge chair. You simply can’t get more classy than that.

Sofa Buying Basics – Things to Consider When Buying A Sofa

Before you go out and look for a sofa, it’s a good idea to read up on the sofa buying basics. There are a few things you should know before making a big purchase on a sofa. You’ll want to base your decision on a couple of factors — How will the sofa be used and what sofa style will fit best in your room?

Since there are so many colors, sizes, shapes, styles, and brands, you should have no problem finding the right one to fit your needs. Since a good quality budget can last years, it’s good to learn about what makes quality and how much you’re willing to spend.

How do I plan to use this sofa?

Figuring out how you plan to use the sofa is a great place to start. Will it be used primarily in front of the television, or will it be propped in a fancy showroom for looks? Will you be using it for reading, or just for relaxation and sleep?

You’ll also want to determine who will be using the sofa. A tall person may need a sofa with deep seating to accommodate their height. A person with bad knees would want to sit on a sofa with shallower seating.

What shape do you need?

The shape will help serve the purpose of the sofa. Those with very soft cushions and loose pillows are great for deep relaxation. Sectional sofas are good for conversational settings because they can be easily rearranged and fit many configurations. Also, take a look at camelback sofas. These have a curved shape and shallow seating for more formal and traditional settings.

What size should you get?

Use your room size to determine the correct sofa size you should get. A sofa that is too large can be overpowering and get in the way. They can hinder the movement of foot traffic and may end up becoming a hassle. A sofa that is too small could mean that you don’t have enough seating for your guests. Use your best judgment or get recommendations from friends.

Which fabrics should I consider?

For areas with little to no use, you can get away with using high-maintenance fabrics such as silk. Places that will receive heavier usage should have sofas made from microfibers. Microfibers look nice and are easy to clean.

Leather is a great material to choose from because it lasts long. Nowadays, leather comes in many textures and colors, so choosing one that fits your design should not be a problem. A quick tip: Choose textured fabrics if you want to hide wear and tear.

What colors should I choose?

A common solution is to pick neutral colors that are very easy to match with existing home decor. This includes colors such as browns, blacks, and pastels. If you’re feeling more adventurous, pick more vibrant colors and detail them with patterned pillows and throw blankets.

How do I know it’s good quality?

While a sofa may look very nice on the outside, real quality work comes from how it’s built on the inside. A common characteristic of good quality sofas is their weight. Heavier sofas usually mean it’s built with better quality materials.

It also means it’s stronger and sturdier. The legs on a quality sofa should also be part of the frame rather than screwed on. When it comes to cushions, they should retain the original shape when you sit down. An obvious tip is that you shouldn’t be able to feel the frame when you sit.

What’s a typical sofa budget?

When shopping for a sofa, you can expect to pay anywhere between $600 to $3000. Those on a smaller budget can find good deals at clearance centers or yard sales. Check online at sites such as craigslist. You can even find great value at store sale events.

What are the types of leather chairs?

– Leather dining chairs. Some people are surprised to see leather in a fine dining room, but really, it is the most practical of choices. Instead of fabric that can get greasy, a leather chair resists dirt.

– Leather arm chair. These are perfect for the living room, bedroom, or family living area off the kitchen. Depending on how you accessorize, the room can look very masculine or more middle of the road. That is, a collection of teapots will cause the room to look more eclectic, but dark leather walls will serve to make the room feel more manly.

– Leather club chair. If your downstairs recreation area has a card table or poker table, these would be perfect.

– Leather lounge chairs. Spectacular in the casual areas of the home, these leather chairs are a perfect choice. If you have a fireplace in the kitchen, these would do well on either side of the firebox in that kitchen and cooking area.

– Leather recliner chair. If you love being captain of your recliner with beverages and the remote, here is the chair for you. Being made out of leather, it will last for many a year.

When you purchase your leather chairs, consider how many you will need.

Once you know the type and quantity of leather chairs and have decided on the leather color, also evaluate what additional leather accessories you may need for the room. For example, a leather chair is the perfect companion for the leather hassock or ottoman. These can also be used as coffee tables in larger sizes, or by placing two next to each other.

Ordering everything at once will allow for the leather to match better, because it may have come from the same dye batch. This is one advantage to ordering custom or more upscale leather furniture pieces.