King Canopy Beds, Best King Canopy Beds

The bedroom is your oasis. The one room of the house that you can easily bar entrance to anyone and everyone that you wish. The room brimming with intimacy, privacy, personal space. So why not make it feel like the haven it is?

With a king canopy bed, you’ll thrill in the luxurious romance of your own bedroom. It’s like entering another world. The king-size mattress offers spacious luxury. The posts and canopy curtains add sophisticated intimacy. Whether you sleep alone, or with a partner, climbing onto this bed will be a nightly experience.

Do you like wood? No problem. A wooden king size canopy bed is a beautiful choice. The elegance of wood sends you right back into the palatial homes of Europe. With carved posts, your canopy bed is almost complete. Canopy bed curtains ought to complement the sturdiness of wood. This is a bed where you can go all out with heavy drapery. Velvet, velour, soft canvas, or even opaque on sheer curtains will transform a wooden bed frame into an oasis of privacy.

An Empress king canopy bed is the typical wooden canopy with a deeper level of royalty. Empress collections are built with a frame and cross beams above the regular four posts. These designs exude the stateliness of old manor homes.

Metal bed frames? Just as possible. Metal, however, is austere in comparison to wood’s softer appeal. To transform metal frames into the intimate pleasure of king canopy beds, use delicate curtains. Sheer fabrics of any color will work well. If you don’t like the transparency, even layering sheer curtains will achieve a soft chiffon effect while maintaining privacy.

If you already have a bed frame you can’t get rid of, you can easily transform it into that beautiful king canopy bedroom set with a simple overhead installation. Hanging a ring or square wire frame above the bed or from your headboard, and let the canopy curtains fall elegantly from there. It’s a different look, but still beautiful. Like a king canopy tent. You can also hang curtains from four points in the ceiling above your mattress, for a more traditional canopy without buying a new frame.

No matter what your bedroom décor looks like now, you can introduce the luxury of king size canopy beds. Even for your day beds. You’ll never regret the style, class, intimacy, and true beauty of this bed design. Guaranteed.

How to Choose the right bed

How to Choose the right bed

Choosing the right bed can be a complicated affair. Aside from considerations of comfort, size, and mattress preferences, there are stylistic and design issues to account for. The bed will most likely be the largest single item in any room.

It functions not only as a place for sleep and rest but also as the centerpiece of bedroom décor. Interior design concepts have fostered a demand for multiple styles and models of bed construction in both frame and mattress.

Every architectural and interior design era has an accompanying bedroom style and the beds themselves have undergone a series of changes to reflect popular concepts. A platform bed is a great option if you are looking to add some style to your bedroom.

From four-poster frames to elaborate brass head and footboards, functional futon arrangements to space-saving bunk beds for children, options for bed size, shape, and use are limitless. There are many choices in classic or antique styling. A standard frame and box spring provides a good starting point for creating an overall feel to a bedroom. For a modern look that feels updated and provides great versatility for room design, consider a platform bed.

modern platform beds

The modern platform bed differs from traditional bed set-ups in that it typically uses a solid wood or metal platform bed frame as the foundation for the mattress. There is usually no box spring involved.

By design, the bed is to appear flat and simplistic. Incorporated into interior fashion, the platform bed is superior for creating space and freeing a room of visual clutter. Conceived as being ideal for lofts and apartments where space is at a premium they do indeed accomplish this task.

The clean lines and orderly feel achieved from their basic construction allows smaller room accents to stand out. Throw in a hip retro chair to make the room totally far out. Can you dig it?

Not that the beds themselves cannot be works of art. The Japanese platform bed style is commonly seen accompanied by Asian themed decors such as vases and tatami mats. The overall effect can be stunning for all its simplistic beauty. Ornate wall hangings and small photo prints complete the look. The bed design creates a feeling of openness throughout the room. It visually enlarges space and allows for ease of movement about the room.

Simplicity is the concept but many models incorporate ornamentation into the framework and add a degree of artistic interest. A king platform bed or a queen platform bed can include a short head and footboard with padded material or carvings. This creates a more luxurious feel without largely increasing the actual bed size and thereby losing the inherent value of the low profile design. Having a subtly enhanced frame helps this type of bed fit into interior concepts otherwise reserved for bulkier styles.

Twin platform beds

A twin platform bed is ideal in a child’s bedroom. The small, low-lying frame creates more space for play and incorporates well with all the fun trappings of a youth-inspired room design. With flat, usually wooden construction the application of any color paint or stain is easy and adds great accentuation to the room. This is true of wherever you place these beds but especially so in a child’s room because the broad lines of the frame really showcase bright, fun colors.

By way of comparison, a single bed is often hard to get creative with. In a lot of examples, this size is reserved for guest rooms or areas of little daily use. A full platform bed will inspire interior design ideas to get full enjoyment from any room. This is the perfect bed and size for smaller rooms, single sleepers, or bedrooms that accommodate a lot of additional activities besides sleep.

Platform beds gain space without sacrificing the comfort you would expect from larger beds. Sleepers preferring firmer mattresses with a lot of support will find this ideal without a box spring. Of course, a complete mattress set will allow those with softer preferences to enjoy this style, too. Mattress size is consistent with other beds.

Originally intended to retain as low a profile as possible today’s makers also have available models that are raised higher off the floor. This is ideal for sleepers who may have issues getting in and out of low beds. In addition, many organizational concepts have been included in the higher sitting designs. Some frames contain hideaway storage drawers for linens and bedclothes.

Others have shelving built into head and footboards for candles, music players, books, lamps, and other items you may want close by at bedtime. Some frames extend fully to the floor and have an enclosed look and feel. Others may rest on legs or side rails and expose the area between the floor and platform. This space can be used for additional hideaway storage or left vacant to add extra openness to the room’s feel.

Platform beds make it easy to bring character to any bedroom. While not uncommon, they look and feel unique. It is impossible to overstate the value of the clean lines and simplistic organization gained by selecting one of these for your home.

There are numerous manufacturers and brands to choose from. Each provides its own variations in design and functionality. Some representations of the style can be found at most furniture and bed retailers as well as online catalogs.