kids Curtains, Best kids CurtainsLetting a child decorate his or her room can foster self-esteem, individuality, and creativity. It can also be a great activity to do together and spend some quality parent-child time. One easy place to get started is with kid’s curtains.

There are a wide variety of curtains for kids’ rooms, and the choice that the two of you make should be influenced by your child’s interests and tastes. Frilly pink curtains that billow out and are edged with lace are perfect for a budding ballerina, while heavier beige cotton with horseshoes and fringes are an ideal match for a wannabe cowboy.

One popular choice for kids’ bedroom curtains is those that follow a movie theme. Disney is always a favorite among young children, and you can find curtains that are specific to one favorite film, or others that feature a variety of classic Disney characters, such as the Disney Princesses. The downside to choosing to use movie-themed kids window curtains is that your child may very well decide in a year that the look is “babyish”, and you will have to start redecorating in order to keep the peace.

If your child has a bathroom that is adjacent to his or her bedroom, kids shower curtains can really liven the place up, and even increase your child’s interest in bathtime and personal hygiene. You can find shower curtains for kids that follow a theme or match the look of the bedroom, but another great option is to make your own. Buy a clear shower curtain and some fabric paint and sequins and your child can have a blast making their own one-of-a-kind shower curtain.

If you would rather buy curtains than make them, there are many reputable brands on the market that make curtains with children in mind. Kidsline curtains are one popular choice. You can also find full sets that consist of both the kids room curtains as well as a matching kids fabric shower curtain.

Whether you decide to make the curtains yourself or buy them in a store or online, simply giving your child the opportunity to make the decorating decisions is a wonderful gift. Your child will have a room that is special and unique, and a constant reminder that you value your child’s interests and tastes.