Japanese platform bed

If you are currently shopping for a new bedroom setup, you know how tiring it can be. Every store seems to have the same dated styles. It seems like all you are doing is replacing your current bedroom set with a newer version of your current bedroom set. If you cannot tell the difference between the old and the new, what is the point? Why are you even wasting your time? However, you do not have to live with an old style that is no style. Take a journey to Asia. Take a look at a Japanese platform bed.

Japanese platform beds use elements of traditional Asian architecture and design to fashion an exotic and unique appearance. These beds are as stunning as they are unusual.

A wonderful platform bed feature is the fact that no box spring is needed. The mattress sits directly on a wood slatted bed frame. If you have ever tried to man-handle a box spring around a corner or carry one up a flight of stairs, you will be thrilled with the fact that you do not need to ever worry about that again.

Do not be concerned about finding the appropriate bed size either. A Japanese platform bed frame comes in all the normal ranges. Twin, full, queen, king, and even California king are all available.

Japanese Style Platform Bed

Just like any other bed, you can find an infinite number of styles and variations with a platform bed. If you have a smaller space to work with, a great option for you to consider is a platform storage bed. These beds come with built in drawers that slide out from under the bed, and slide right back in flush with the frame. If you do not already have a chest of drawers and are buying on a budget, this is a wonderful way to get a new bed and some drawers in one easy package and a lot cheaper than buying separates.

A platform storage bed is also nifty space saver if you have kids. The sliding drawers are a terrific place to keep toys, books or anything they want. If two of your children are sharing a bedroom, these storage beds are a necessity. There usually is not enough room for two dressers and who wants to hear the fighting over drawer ownership. With their separate platform beds, they have their private storage locker. As a parent, if you can eliminate just one thing your kids may fight about, it is worth doing.

When thinking about your Japanese platform bed plans, don’t forget the headboard. Headboards can really be a beautiful addition to a bed and absolutely will add style and class to your bedroom. A well designed and crafted headboard is a thing of beauty, and the Asian influenced styling of a matching Japanese bed platform headboard can be arresting. It is the combination of simplicity and intricacy that dovetails so perfectly with eastern philosophy and completes the bed. A headboard is not absolutely necessary, but it is a nice touch.

Many people become so enamored of the Asian style that they decide to design the rest of their bedroom around their bed. One of the most popular additions is a shoji screen. The shoji screen was originally used in Japan as an actual support structure. Today they are used a decorative free standing screen. A soft shoji light placed behind the rice paper screen will fill the room with a warm relaxing glow and bring out the wood grain of your platform bed. These screens are also easily movable and can be changed to fit your needs and mood. You can create a new look for your bedroom any time you wish.

Nothing soothes the soul and restores the spirit like the sound of running water. The Asian Culture has long looked to water for peace and healing. Many Westerners have also discovered the sense of tranquility and well being that comes from flowing water and go to sleep every night with the sound of a fountain softly playing in their ears. A fountain can be a lovely addition to your bedroom and add an incredible ambiance. Many of there indoor fountains are self-contained and require no plumbing. Some can actually be mounted on the wall.

Asian art is a wonderful way to complete your room. A very popular style is Japanese calligraphy. Generally, these prints feature classic Japanese wisdom expressed in traditional calligraphy characters. Chinese calligraphy is also a beautiful addition to any room and presents enlightened visions of some of the greatest philosophers to ever grace the world.

Japanese platform bed could be the central point for your bedroom. It is the one place where you should be able to shed all the days stress and experience the true relaxation that comes from being in your own private place. Take care with your bedroom. Design it well, and design it for peace.