handrailsAny room should look beautiful. In fact, all areas of your home should ideally look as good as possible. One of the best ways to make any home in a new direction and add lots of style at the same time is with the use of railings. These ideas are easy to install, offer a safe way to climb stairs, and let you show off the beauty of your home’s stairs.


Red Oak


Oak is a durable wood that looks well in any home. Handrails made from oak are an ideal choice if you have a home with lots of other wood details. Red oak is one form of oak with lots of deeply pleasing tones. It’s strong and brings in that much needed mellow tone that can help the entire staircase look serve as a focal point.


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel handrails are a good idea for those in search of a modern look that is also safe and easy to install. This is where people can use something in their homes that has lots of personalities. Stainless steel can offer a shiny quality to it that allows it to catch the light. This is a strong surface that will last over time. It’s also a contemporary take on a classic look.




Brass is one of those metals that people find useful in any home. Brass has a heft that lends itself well to details that really stand out. Brass is an easy-care option for any handrail you have in mind. This is one way to take a room in your home and make it a place to show off your love of detail and your appreciation for some of the finer things in life. Make sure you attach it to the wall. That way, it will be easy to head down the stairs and have something you can hold on to that looks wonderful at the same time.




Glass is a good idea in places that might be otherwise dark and lack light. A set of glass handrails are one way to make that otherwise gloomy space come alive with light. Glass is not only a delight to have on hand. Glass is much stronger than people imagine. This unexpected material is right for a home in the modern era. It adds lots of welcome airiness that helps any space look and feel good.


Knotted Rope


The rope has long been used for many things. At sea, rope serves to make it easy to steer the ship and keep it on track. If you’re looking for something that has a rustic feel to it, the rope is a great option. Make use of thick ropes that can be paired with wood for the feeling of living next door to the shore no matter where you are right now. Rope can also be painted any color you like. It’s easy to dye to create something that goes with everything in your home. Take the time to get this one up and you’ll have a look that pleases the eye.


Recycled Wood


Recycling is one of those things everyone should do. Designers know this well. With that in mind, they’ve been showing off wood that might have otherwise gone into the trash. Homeowners can take advantage of it by using recycled wood for a handrail. Many types of recycled wood are widely available, making it easy to find one you like best. From dark wood to those with a lighter tone, this is a versatile and easy choice for your home.


Galvanized Pipes


Older pipes are another option for the modern homeowner. This is one way to bring an industrial feel yet also something that is pretty at the same time. Galvanizing makes the pipes strong and makes it possible to install them in your home without worrying about any leaks. This is a good option for indoor handrail. It’s also a good option for any handrails you’re going to install in any outdoor part of your home. Use it with wood for a sophisticated look that says you’re someone who loves modern home design plans

By: Jim Pullman

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