Grout CleanersWith the advent of tiled bathrooms and floors, grout cleaning has become an essential part of household chores.

It has also become a big industry since people demand effective tile and grout cleaning products today more than ever.

Many manufacturers have developed cleaners that are safe, cheap, and effective. They are just sitting on the supermarket shelves waiting to be discovered by you.

Is having the right grout cleaner the only thing required for successful tile and grout cleaning? Not so, but it is only the first step to achieving sparkly clean tiles and grouts. I would like to share some secrets about effective tile and grout cleaning.

Secret # 1 – Always rinse the area to be cleaned with plain water. Although some labels specify this but more often the person will just proceed to applying the cleaner without this first and important step. Why? The tiles or grouts may contain chemical residue from soaps or shampoos. The cleaner will react to this instead focus its cleaning power to the dirt and grime. The unnecessary reaction between the cleaner and these chemical residues lessens greatly the cleaner’s effectiveness against dirt or stain.

Secret # 2 – You must follow formulation specified in the label for effective results when you clean tile grout. The directions written on the label are products of intensive research. They have already tried it that way in the laboratory and if you want to achieve similar results, you must follow their steps.

Secret # 3 – Unless specified in the label, soak your tile or grout overnight. Give more time for the cleaner to work deeply into the stains in the grout. Then using the right tools, proceed to the entire steps in cleaning tiles and grouts.

Secret # 4 – Use nylon brush instead of mops or sponges. The bristles can reach into places where mops and sponges cannot.

Secret # 5 – Dilute a weak solution of your cleaner and put it in a spray bottle. After the soaking time has expired, scrub the tile or grout while spraying the spot you are cleaning with the solution. This will give more strength to the applied cleaner. Just wear gloves to avoid damage to your hands.

Secret # 5 – Be sure to mop or wipe the area dry after cleaning or after every use. Maintenance is the key. Fungi and bacteria grow very well in damp places so keeping your tiles and grouts dry will help minimize them.

Secret # 6 – Use door mats in highly traffic areas so that your floor tiles and grouts are protected from the dust carried inside by shoes or slippers. You may also provide slippers inside your bathroom and making it a rule that shoes or slippers worn outside are not allowed inside.

Secret # 7 – Lastly, the secret to effective tile and grout cleaning is a cheerful heart. This beats all the best cleaners and tools available. Have one and you will realize that grout cleaning is half done even before you have started.