Glass Coffee Table, best glass coffee table, glass top coffee tablesWhat is the best glass coffee table for 2021?

We’ve analyzed over 40 coffee tables to give you the best results.

We looked at designs, we looked at personalization, We even looked at the glass material used.

There are many types of coffee tables are available in the market. The glass coffee table is undoubtedly one of the most popular types around.

Here are some things you should know about.

In general, glass coffee tables are not made entirely from glass. They have a glass tabletop with a supporting metal, wooden, or hard plastic support structure. The top is commonly made from thick tempered glass, which is one of the toughest glass types around so it is not prone to breaking.

In the event that it does break, the remains will be in cube form and not sharp shards as in weak or thin glass types.

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Best Glass Coffee Table Reviews

1. OK Lighting Animal 24″ H Glass Top Color Sculpture End Table – Dolphin

OK Lighting Animal 24Check Price On Amazon

2. Monarch Specialties ,Nesting Table, Tempered Glass, Glossy White

Monarch Specialties ,Nesting Table, Tempered Glass, Glossy WhiteCheck Price On Amazon

3. Design Toscano Stacked Book Volumes Vintage Decor End Table with Glass Top, 20 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color

Design Toscano Stacked Book Volumes Vintage Decor End Table with Glass Top, 20 Inch, Polyresin, Full ColorCheck Price On Amazon

4. Norwood Coffee Table with Tempered Glass Top Chrome and Clear

Norwood Coffee Table with Tempered Glass Top Chrome and ClearCheck Price On Amazon

5. Modway Signet Modern Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Round Coffee Table In Silver

Modway Signet Modern Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Round Coffee Table In SilverCheck Price On Amazon

6. Studio Designs Home Camber Round Side Table End Table Glass Coffee Table In Pewter With Clear Glass

Studio Designs Home Camber Round Side Table End Table Glass Coffee Table In Pewter With Clear GlassCheck Price On Amazon

7. Unique Wood Ship Wheel Nautical Theme Decorative Coffee Table by NauticalMart

Unique Wood Ship Wheel Nautical Theme Decorative Coffee Table by NauticalMartCheck Price On Amazon

8. Design Toscano Maharajah Elephant Indian Decor Glass Topped Side Table, 22 Inch, Polyresin, Black and Gold

Design Toscano Maharajah Elephant Indian Decor Glass Topped Side Table, 22 Inch, Polyresin, Black and GoldCheck Price On Amazon

9. Design Toscano Good Fortune Elephant African Decor Glass Topped Side Table

Design Toscano Good Fortune Elephant African Decor Glass Topped Side TableCheck Price On Amazon

10. SPI Cast Iron Octopus Table Server/Candleholder

SPI Cast Iron Octopus Table Server/CandleholderCheck Price On Amazon

11. Signature Design by Ashley – Norcastle Traditional Round End Table, Dark Brown

Signature Design by Ashley - Norcastle Traditional Round End Table, Dark BrownCheck Price On Amazon

12. Henn&Hart Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Side Table

Henn&Hart Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Side TableCheck Price On Amazon

13. Convenience Concepts SoHo End Table, Faux White Marble

Convenience Concepts SoHo End Table, Faux White MarbleCheck Price On Amazon

14. Signature Design by Ashley – Madanere Contemporary 3-Piece Table Set

Signature Design by Ashley - Madanere Contemporary 3-Piece Table SetCheck Price On Amazon

15. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Classic Glass 3 Tier End Table, Glass

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Classic Glass 3 Tier End Table, GlassCheck Price On Amazon

16. Howard Elliott Mirrored Cube Table

Howard Elliott Mirrored Cube TableCheck Price On Amazon

17. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Classic Glass 3 Tier Step End Table, Glass

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Classic Glass 3 Tier Step End Table, GlassCheck Price On Amazon

18. Design Toscano Renenutet Egyptian Cobra Snake Goddess Side End Table

Design Toscano Renenutet Egyptian Cobra Snake Goddess Side End TableCheck Price On Amazon

19. Fab Glass and Mirror L x 18″ W, Red Tear Drop Side Table with Round Glass Top

Fab Glass and Mirror L x 18Check Price On Amazon

20. InnerSpace Luxury Products Indoor/Outdoor Large Barrel Table with Leaves

InnerSpace Luxury Products Indoor/Outdoor Large Barrel Table with LeavesCheck Price On Amazon

21. Design Toscano The Greek Muses Glass Topped Side Table, 20 Inch, Antique Stone

Design Toscano The Greek Muses Glass Topped Side Table, 20 Inch, Antique StoneCheck Price On Amazon

22. Design Toscano Mystical Winged Unicorn Sculptural Glass-Topped Table

Design Toscano Mystical Winged Unicorn Sculptural Glass-Topped TableCheck Price On Amazon

23. Mango Steam Metro Glass End Table – Clear Top

Mango Steam Metro Glass End Table - Clear TopCheck Price On Amazon

Why choose a glass coffee table?

There are numerous advantages to having a glass table. Both easy to clean and maintain and highly scratch-resistant, even more so than wood.

Glass coffee tables are the best match for many more modern-style living rooms. They are charming and elegant in their own way. Some things to look for in a glass coffee table are:

Rounded Corners

Sharp, right-angled corners on a coffee table can result in minor injuries even if the glass remains unbroken.

So it is generally a good idea to look for rounded corners on your prospective coffee table.

Also look to make sure the edges are well rounded, without any sharp edges, as such edges can cut unwary consumers.

Safety glass

Also known as tempered glass, is a unique glass made in the same manner as the side and door windows in a car.

Safety glass is much more durable, making it less likely to break, and in the rare cases that it does.

It will fracture into hundreds of small, rounded pieces instead of large sharp fragments that can be severely detrimental to health.

These features make tempered glass much safer than regular glass.

To determine if the coffee table you are examining utilizes safety glass, ask a store representative, or look for a mark identifying it at the tempered glass.

Ideally, the glass should be a 12mm grade tempered safety glass with rounded corners and edges.

Metal Frame

Something you should look for in a glass coffee table is a solid, sturdy metal frame.

This will reduce the chance of accidental breakage; additionally, stylized frames can help accentuate decorative aspects of glass furniture.

Make sure the frame style matches your existing living room décor.


It is vital to choose the right size of the glass coffee table.

Generally, when in doubt go for smaller furniture pieces, as small tables are less likely to be bumped into, reducing the chance of damage or breakage.

For most living rooms, try to leave several feet of space between the table and surrounding furniture and walls.

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End Tables

Many glass coffee tables come as a set with end tables, small pieces usually used for such mundane tasks as holding drinks and remotes.

Consider looking at full sets before buying a lone coffee table, as buying furniture in sets is usually more cost-effective than purchasing pieces one by one.

But as decorative pieces, they are not to be taken lightly, as they, too, have an impact on your living room’s overall air.

Most of the same rules apply to glass end tables as to their larger counterparts.

Shopping for a coffee table can be time-consuming and taxing, glass tables doubly so, but such a critical furniture piece for your living room merits substantial planning and forethought before purchase.

With safety glass and rounded edges and corners, a glass coffee table can be every bit as safe as it’s wood or metal equivalents.

Take the above points into consideration, and soon you will locate the coffee table that is best for you.

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Glass Coffee Table – Design and Styles to Fit Your Home

Glass coffee tables can be the focal point of any formal living room, living room, or den. The designs continue to get more ambitious and amazing as the artists continue to push the limits of interior design.

Whether you are going for more of a contemporary look or selecting your table to be a modern centerpiece, you cannot make a mistake. Learn how to build an aquarium Coffee Table.

Today’s selection of glass coffee tables is astounding, to say the least, and below we have outlined a few of the up-and-coming favorites.

Black Glass Coffee Table

Black glass coffee tables are unique and stylish. They represent a more modern feel with simple elegance. Not all black glass top tables are created equal so choose carefully when making your final selection.

They come in many forms and many styles and the ultimate decision will come down to matching your current interior.

If you are purchasing new furniture then it will be an easy addition but if you are trying to refresh your look with an updated piece then it can be more challenging.

It is accepted that most traditional coffee tables use a wooden base and modern styles use a metal or artistic pedestal.

As long as you are happy with the way fits into your interior design then that is all that matters in the end.

Round Glass Coffee Table

Now, this is a stunning addition to any home. These round glass tops make any interior “pop” with excitement and style.

Usually saved for the modern style of furniture there are some unique traditional bases available that would be a welcome addition to any home.

While the term “round” can be objective, there are many options available. The round can mean circular, oval, or even a freestyle modern “round”.

It is really up to you and your personal tastes in home décor. A nice addition to your round glass coffee table purchase would be a nice set of matching end tables. It really is up to you!

Square Glass Coffee Table

Zip, zoom, bang! Wow with their rigid lines and structure square glass coffee tables are a standout and statement in your home!

Don’t let those straight lines fool you, these are becoming very popular in the design world, and for good reason.

As the centerpiece of your room, it is important that you select something that will make a statement about who you are and what you want the world to know about you.

It is my opinion that nothing can do that better than with a square coffee table.

I’ve seen many designers take some leeway in their definition of the square but their designs are still amazing.

Modern Glass Coffee Table

With any movement in design and fashion, you will eventually come to the term “modern”.

What does that mean?

Well, it really depends on your personal taste and style. In the coffee table industry, it means free-flowing designs.

Sometimes artistic bases and often rigid feeling pedestals.

These tables are definitely a statement and something you want to consider carefully because choosing incorrectly could be costly.

It is difficult to place a modern glass coffee table into your existing home unless it has already been deemed a modern design.

If you are simply purchasing a new set of furniture then your style will be clearly demonstrated by the entire set.

I have seen many modern designs with a complete disregard for synergy and completeness but these styles are difficult to pull off alone.

If this is your desire then we suggest finding a qualified interior designer to help with your choice. Don’t be afraid to take this leap though because the benefit is an amazing statement of your in-home style and design.

Oval Glass Coffee Table

Simple, elegant, and a long-standing favorite in all interior design circles is the oval wood coffee table.

You really cannot go wrong with this wonderful piece of furniture.

These tables can be placed in just about any room that is suited for a coffee table whether formal or casual.

A specific thing to notice is the pedestal that will support the glass. It will be visible so make sure you choose the correct design elements that fit into your home décor.

Oval glass tables make a wonderful addition to any home.

No matter what you choose to be sure to purchase your table with a high-quality glass top because we wouldn’t want to have any accidents or breakage.

Please don’t let your glass coffee table become the catch-all for the living room.

Make sure your family understands that this is a statement about your home and if clutter persists then maybe you need to get another glass coffee table. If your glass is broken you might want to read: How to Replace Broken Coffee Table Glass

Cleaning Your Glass Coffee Table

After some time, those glass coffee tables are set to be a little less wonderful than they are nowadays. It happens. Time does its mystery on them and soon they are not as shining as they used to be.

Consideration of Glass Coffee Tables

The principal thing you have to do is know how to take fitting consideration of your coffee tables. There are just a couple of true dangers and the vast majority of them identify with scratching or breaking.

unlike wood foot stools, glass footstools will permit you to get a considerable measure of things on them without doing harm. Any drink will wipe right up. but with that said, you have to comprehend what can do harm.

Hard Objects

When you are set to put hard questions on your glass coffee table, you may as well take steps to secure the table. Simply setting a light on the table won’t be an issue, however, most individuals are never content with where a light sits.

They will move it over and over again around the tabletop and the sum of that development can expedite scratches on the table. Rather you may as well put felt or some other fabric restraint between the hard base of the light and your glass tables.


When you are cleaning your glass coffee tables be cautious of what you are utilizing to clean them. Numerous cleaners are rough and will really cause harm to your tables. Furthermore, when you are utilizing a gentle and non-grating cleaner make a point not to utilize a rough cleaning thing within your efforts to clean the surface.

Provided that you are considering what to clean it with you could make one yourself. Include a couple of tablespoons of alkali to a quart of water to clean the table. At that point utilize a fabric towel or paper towels to go away the cleaning result.

The main thing to remember is that when you are utilizing these cleaning results that you may as well make a point to abstain from getting it on the wood if your glass coffee tables have some wood skeleton. A few chemicals in glass cleaning results can harm the wood.


Determine it is evident the tables are made of glass. In the event that you have an excessive amount of things blanket the tabletop, individuals may not understand there is glass underneath and maybe rougher than they ought to be with your tabletop.

Creator Jennifer Akre is a holder of a wide mixture of online distinguishing offering shops incorporating that offer both things and data on how you can effectively outfit.

Bent Glass coffee table

It is impossible to imagine the interior of any comfortable home without a coffee table. It previously served as a miniature piece of furniture on which newspapers, magazines, TV remote were put. In the modern sense, coffee tables are decorated with statues, boxes, and souvenirs.

A bent glass coffee table with abstract curves, angles, and curls elegantly fits into the modern interiors of apartments, houses, and offices. These tables will definitely suit people who love order and functionality. It is very handy when a table has many shelves. It makes easy access to all the stored things in it.

Ideal guest coffee table

The glass coffee table’s original shape is comfortable on the soft carpet. You can always sit down and have coffee with your friends, watch a photo album, or read a magazine around it. When guests arrive, a bent glass coffee table is served, bringing guests a cake, cookies, candy, and coffee.

Often a coffee table is operated for comfortable working with a laptop. It affects not only the functionality of the furniture but also a variety of modern models. Fantastic design solutions and contemporary style, plenty of materials and colors, bright and contrasting combinations – all this you will find in a bent glass coffee table.

Glass coffee tables will give comfort for a long time. This furniture is pleasing to the eye. A flirty coffee table usually consists of a triangular tabletop and the base of three legs. The apparent dynamics give the illusion of a rotating glass table peculiar charm.

The original coffee table of bent glass fills the space with a playful mood and creates a friendly atmosphere. Compact design is another advantage of a glass coffee table. Sophisticated and stylish coffee tables perfectly complement the interior of your living or waiting room.

Tables made of glass or with a glass top create the illusion of a light prism. Of course, dust and stains are very visible on this table, but nevertheless, it is worth it.

The unique glass coffee table consists of three plates of different types of glass – transparent, frosted, and smoked colors. Intersecting with each other, they create a perfect optical illusion.

By purchasing a bent glass coffee table, you will be able to decorate the interior of your home and make it unique, satisfying the most stylish design requirements. It would as well be a fantastic gift to your friends and loved ones! This work of art will delight your eyes and give you comfort for many years!

Liven Up Your Living Room With A Mirrored Coffee Table

If you have never owned a coffee table before or if you just need to revitalize your living room, a mirrored coffee table can benefit you more than you may realize while adding some extra appeal to the room.

You may think at first that a mirrored coffee table would not fit in with your décor, but the endless array of styles and motifs is pleasantly surprising. There are mirrored furniture pieces to fit every environment, taste, and price range.

Mirrored coffee tables can be found at any major furniture store. You can also find them at specialty home décor stores, department stores, discount stores, and anywhere else that sells home furniture. There are numerous online stores that sell mirrored furniture.

The advantage of purchasing from one of these stores is that they often do not have physical store locations.

This cuts down on their overhead expenses and allows them to offer quality furniture to consumers at discounted prices. Therefore, you can get the perfect table no matter what your personal style is without breaking the bank.

Contemporary and Traditional Styles

Trends in home decorating and design are always shifting. For those who tend to like more contemporary and modern styles, a mirrored round coffee table housed in steel or glass can provide that sleek, trendy appeal.

You can also find all kinds of funky and uniquely distinctive pieces. For example, mirrored box tables have a cool, unexpected look and make a great focal point for the room.

Perhaps you associate the thought of mirrored furniture with this more modern style of decorating. There are actually tons of antique mirrored coffee table pieces brimming with traditional appeal. There are also mirrored tables that feature extraordinary wooden trimming for a unique blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

A round mirrored coffee table with a beautiful, durable cherry or walnut casing is sure to catch the eye of friends and family and bring you years of functionality enjoyment.

With any mirrored furniture, the brilliant shine it adds to the room is breathtaking. It helps to brighten the area by reflecting light in the room, making both natural and artificial light appear brighter and bringing attention to the decorative piece.

It also creates an interesting illusion by reflecting anything that rests on its surface. A coffee table can successfully pull together a living room like no other piece of furniture and a mirrored coffee table can do it with unparalleled charm.

What to look for when you are buying glass coffee tables

There are two types of glass used in making these tables – tempered glass and annealed glass.

Tempered glass is much stronger.

It is produced by heating it to just below the melting point and is then blasted with cold air to cool it very quickly.

This toughens it and makes it scratch-proof, and also changes its properties. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small rounded pieces that have no edge.

Annealed glass is slow-cooled, and produces a very tough glass. It breaks into sharp pieces when shattered.

Given that glass coffee tables will be in family homes, choose a tempered glass table as it is safer in the event of an accident (sometimes the type of glass is labeled, but often it is not – press the salesman to find out for you before you purchase).

If you can, choose a table with a slight tint to the glass so that it is visible at all times.

Tables with rounded edges rather than square edges are safer, especially if you have a house full of children running around bumping into all the furniture.

Uses for the coffee table

Think about what you will be using the table for before you buy it. Will it have to hold your remote control and all your magazines as well as coffee cups?

Then choose a heavy table with a second layer underneath where you can store things. The general rule of thumb is that the more you intend to put on the table, the heavier its construction should be.

The other important thing is the height of the table. Take into account the height of your sofas – your coffee table should be either the same height or slightly lower.

If it is higher than the sofas, the proportions of the room will look wrong.

Chosen carefully, glass coffee tables can add a touch of sophistication and modernity to the look of your living room.