Futon Covers,Best Futon CoversThat futon sofa bed has sat in your recreation room for years, taken many beatings, soda pop stains, accidental pen thrusts. The ten-year old’s sleepover party meant jumping, rolling, dirty shoes, the works. It’s a quality futon, however, and has remained incredibly comfortable. It just doesn’t look so nice.

Whether you’ve stains and rips to cover, or merely want a new look on that futon sofa or chair, futon covers make a superficial replacement and remodeling a breeze. The futon cover, like a couch slipcover, only fit to your futon, can be bought in an array of colors, patterns, and materials to suit your living area perfectly.

Buying durable yet beautiful futon slipcovers will save you much hassle in the future. Leather, heavy-duty cotton, and denim are all good choices for long-lasting covers. Lighter or more delicate fabrics should be bought only if you can invest the proper care. Removing a beautiful futon mattress cover from the guest bedroom when no one is using it will save you plenty of wear and tear.

Futon mattress covers in the kid’s bedroom may be a more permanent endeavor. Perhaps those are the beds to use cheap futon covers for; you’ll feel comfortable buying new ones every so often.

A huge factor to remember when searching for those perfect futon slipcovers is the size of your futon. Need a review?
The twin cover is for a mattress 39 inches wide and 75 inches long, for a mattress up to 8 inches high.
The full futon cover measures 54 inches by 75 inches, for an 8-inch mattress.
The queen futon cover is 60 inches by 80 inches, also for a maximum of 8 inches of mattress.

Your beautiful covers come in more fabrics than you can imagine. We already mentioned leather and heavy cotton-like denim. Add to the list polyester, chenille, suede, textured microfibers, and velvet. Fabrics that are sun and weatherproof make your futon outdoor suitable.

Even against rain and stain. Patterns in stripes, florals, plaids, Southwestern or Mexican motifs, elegant swirls, or contemporary geometrical designs are all available. Many companies will offer to send you fabric swatches when you have a specific match to make.

Look for covers with hidden zippers and companies that offer warranties. Check if that futon cover is machine washable or not. Package deals for pillow covers and matching ottomans are also a big plus!