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French Door Curtains – What You Need To Know Before Buying Them

French door curtains are usually made of lightweight, see-through materials. They are thin and styled for elegance and are made to accentuate the European touch that French doors bring to your home.

The commonest color is white and the most popular style is sheer curtains. While these curtains allow light to pass through, there are not so transparent as not to give you some privacy.

Regarding materials for curtains to adorn your French door panels, just like with patio door curtains, you can choose from any voile, lace, net, or batiste. Voile is made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers.

It is light, fine, and transparent and gives a dainty look to the windows over which they are hung. Batiste is similarly made out of cotton or mixed fibers. It is also lightweight but sheer and very soft.

lace curtains

Lace adds a certain flourish to the finish of your French door panels. They are adorned at the hems and are also lightweight although not as light as voile. They are not plain. In most cases, lace curtains are styled with varied geometric patterns or a floral motif to complement decors. They are made of linen, cotton, or some other synthetic materials.

Nets as curtains make some of the most stylized designs for French doors. A Swiss influence is commonplace with a net where a fine dotted pattern is superimposed to make for a contrasting and elegant appearance. A snowflake effect can be created with such motifs rapidly elevating your curtains from mere nets to astonishing works of art. Check out Air Curtains.

Ready-made curtains for French door panels, like the Asian style curtains come in standard dimensions. Just take care to choose the one closest to the measurement of your windows.

Since they are mostly made of lightweight materials, you do not need sturdy rods to hang them. You should, however, put them up close to the glass of the window to make them even more striking. For a decorative touch, get a tie back in a contrasting color to hold the curtains in the middle.

Measurements matter

Before going out to buying these curtains, care to take measurements of your French door panels. If you prefer to fix the curtains inside the window sash, measure accordingly. However, if you want the curtain on the frame outside of the sash, then include that in your measurement. The width of the material you need should be two or three times the width of the windows of the French door.

Don’t forget to include the area of the pocket for the rod in this measurement but not the area above it. For length, just measure from the window sash to the floor.

If you decide to make your own curtains, make sure you give an allowance of two inches on all sides when getting the needed materials. Prepare for some sewing too and don’t start until you are sure you have a little more of the fabric than is needed to complete the curtains.

For rods, go with tension rods if you want a no-nail affair as these hang within the sash of the windows. Otherwise, you can use brass or painted metal rods that should be narrow and mounted on brackets.

French patio doors are only made beautiful when you put up befitting curtains to screen them. Otherwise, they are just a stark gap in your wall. Great French door panels complement everything else and shutter the living space from the harsh light outside.

Sliding Patio Door Curtains – Best Curtains For Your Sliding Patio Door

Before I continue with what sliding patio door curtains are and the types you can get, let me stop for a moment and discuss the various patio door types, since it has a bearing on what type of curtains you will add to your door.

There are several types of patio doors available today and the sliding doors are just one of them. You can also find hinged patio doors and those that have a transom window.

So what is the difference between these patio doors and what are the benefits of having a sliding door, and finally what type of curtains you can add to your sliding patio doors? These are the questions I will try to address in the article below.

Patio door types

Hinged patio doors

Hinged patio doors are very similar to the normal doors we know from the entrance to the house or between different rooms. They can be either pulled in or pushed out. However while the regular doors are made of various types of wood, the hinged patio doors are made of glass.

One advantage of these verses the sliding doors is the fact that they can be installed one piece alone, which means that they take less room than a sliding door.

Of course, you can also install two doors together which will give you the look and feel of a French door. Or you can install a hinged door and a stationary panel so you have one door for entrance and exit and the other door can not be walked through. Which way you go with this type, is really up to you.

Transom window patio doors

Transom window patio doors are similar to the hinged patio doors except that you have 2 or more glass panels topped with one big decorative window. So you won’t have one big glass as your door, you will have an extra window or set of windows at the top.

One way of decorating this type with patio door window coverings is by using blinds that cover the doors, leaving the upper windows open so more light enters the room. Particularly if the upper windows are decorative (crackled, or other types), it will really look great from inside and outside.

Finally, the sliding patio doors are the very common types that can be found in many homes. If you’re not sure what these are, just think of the shower doors and their sliding to the side when you open or close them.

The principle is exactly the same. You can for example one side of the windows open while the other side is like a big window. This will give you more space on the patio as you don’t have to leave extra space for the door to open inwards or outwards.

So what type of sliding patio door curtains are available to decorate these doors with?

The trick here is to find window treatments that are both functional and decorative. To be honest, if I have to choose between the various patio door window treatments such as curtains, vertical blinds, or cellular shades, I find the curtains to be the simplest option and the easiest to implement. Not only that but you can really find interesting fabrics that will match the decor of your room really well.

You can find tab top versions that slide over a rod. These give you easy access in and out of the room to the patio. If you want to keep the extra cold or warm out, you can use lined curtains, since they have some good insulation properties.

This is why they are also called thermal patio door curtains or insulated patio door curtains. Some of the insulated types that can be easily used with sliding patio doors are valances, pinch pleat curtains, and solid pattern curtains.

As usually sliding patio doors have one moving panel and one fixed frame, you can have either an entire curtain or two curtains that separate the panels. You don’t want the curtain to get stuck between the panels when opening or closing the door so you have to be careful with the material you are buying. T

his is sadly one of the drawbacks of using this type of window treatments for sliding patio doors: the fact that the curtains can get easily trapped between the panels and can catch on the door handles, thus the curtain material can be easily destroyed.

One way you can avoid this is by installing them a couple of inches away from the door and add to them something that will hold them towards the sides when you have the door opening so they don’t fly out right away.

Sliding Glass Door Curtains

While sliding glass doors may fill your home with warmth and light, there comes a time when you need to take control of your living space through the use of sliding glass door curtains.

Window coverings serve two purposes, a practical means of privacy and shade, and also an aesthetic purpose intended to complement the decor of the room, as well as augment the significance of your sliding glass door.

Sliding door curtains come in a wide array of shades and patterns, both bold and neutral, allowing you great liberties of choice and endless opportunities to further personalize your environment.

Creative souls may opt to create and hem their own curtains themselves. For the rest of us, here’s a quick guide to selecting the perfect set of sliding glass door curtains.

A Matter of Style and Taste

When selecting your sliding glass door curtains, you are subject mainly to your own discretion. Find the right style for your home by assessing the current theme of the room and try to reflect or heighten that theme through your curtain choice.

For example, if your living space showcases a good deal of scope and grandeur—lofty ceilings, large furniture, and vertical trappings—accentuate this regal theme with thick mahogany rings running along a majestic wooden dowel with heavy drapes covering your sliding glass door.

Curtains of such stature would obviously look out of place in a much more modest setting, so find a style that best reflects your environment. As a general rule, whether you plan to cover a window or a sliding glass door, curtains with vertical patterns are preferred over those with horizontal ones. This is because they further draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of a more spacious area.

Two-Way Visibility

While some homeowners opt for blinds to cover their sliding glass doors, curtains beg to be noticed. Blinds are, by design, completely uniform, generic, and almost sterile—perhaps more suitable for an office than a home. A bold curtain, in contrast, has the potential to be a radiant source of color and personality on both sides of the sliding glass door.

Curtains can be enjoyed equally by both those inside the home, as well as that outside, such as neighbors passing by, especially if you have a patio. Because of this two-way visibility, be sure your patio door curtains selection matches not only the environment of the room but also suit your home as a whole.

More uses

The sliding glass door curtains you sport will serve as banners to your neighborhood, revealing part of your personality to those who walk by, so carefully consider what sort of message your sliding glass door curtains send.

If the variety of curtain offerings is too overwhelming, professional consultations are always available to better inform your choice. Remember, however, that while your curtains should be aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your personal decor, do not forget that they serve a much more practical purpose as well.

Consider the transparency of the curtain material; if you still want to enjoy a dim glow while the curtains are drawn, select a more sheer material, rather than a thick, wholly one. Pragmatism can be just as important as aesthetics.