French Country Area RugsFinding a way to make your living area unique is a tough proposition. There are dozens of possibilities for what the change in a room – furniture pieces, paint, carpeting, artwork, lighting, and the list goes on.

The search for the perfect complement to a room can become frustrating, and even more worrisome, expensive. Trying to find a suite of furniture, investing in that perfect paint color, or finding expensive artwork…it is simply too much for most.

So why not search for a way to make the room shine that is quick, easy, and efficient. What if there was a single piece that could tie a room together without requiring days of work? Thankfully, it is possible to find such a piece. With French country area rugs, any room can be instantly brightened.

french country area rugs are a subset of the traditional area rug, combining the utility of the latter with more of an old-world charm. French country rugs are often mistaken for the more traditional (and often more expensive) oriental floor rugs, with a variety of patterns and shapes available. Of course, the classic rug would combine both subdued colors with classic patterns, allowing eyes to be drawn to the rug while highlighting the existing patterns of the room. With this said, the sheer variety of French-style rugs means that it is impossible to describe anyone pattern as “typical”. While most patterns tend to be more subdued, as is typical in the vein of formal decorative rugs, the styles available are truly countless.

A French rug need not be the typical rectangular shape favored by most traditional rugs – in fact, quite a number of the country style rugs are available in a rounded shape. Furthermore, patterning tends to be limited only by the creator’s imagination, with everything from single color pieces to bright, cheery motifs with every possible permutation between. Formality can generally be assured with these rugs, but if one is looking to find a casual centerpiece, one can certainly find a French country area rug to suit their room. Even if a centerpiece is not the goal, there are varieties of French rugs that can be used simply to offset or tie together the color patterns already existing in a room. The options can be somewhat overwhelming, but variety is one of the best parts of this particular style of decoration.

Area rugs are a wonderful way to tie together a room. The French country style is versatile enough to work with any sort of space, any sort of decor, and any sort of color scheme. In many ways, this sort of decoration can really be a designer’s best friend. When trying to put together a living space, make sure to consider all aspects of the room. Even an accent piece like an area rug can transform the very character of a room. It is this attention to detail, which can separate a drab room from a wonderful and vibrant living space.