Best Floating Candles, Floating CandlesThere is, without a doubt, a charming but relaxing feeling that only the radiant light of floating candles can give.

Some of them have been used for therapeutic purposes but for the most part these candles, often referred to as tea lights, are used for aesthetic means and the way they can change the mood of any environment into something romantic, ambient, and calming.

So what makes them so effective? Truth be told, it can all boil down to two main elements.

10 Best Floating Candles


Two Major Elements That Make Floating Candles Work

By themselves, floating candles don’t really do that much in terms of ambiance and romance. The flames give a little heat and some romantic tones but without help they die off unnoticed. That is why you need two elements to help you: a good candle holder and a good container for water.

Candle Holders

The candle holder is very important because it is not just to keep your candle afloat but it is also used to disperse the light. That is why a lot of candle holders are made of glass since glass can evenly spread out the candle light and make it glow. Some are stained while others have patterns that can make the dancing light glimmer on the water.

You can let the candles float even without a candle holder but it means you’ll need to be really careful. A slight dip and they could tip over, get wet, and die out. This especially applies to tea lights since they are much less likely to hold themselves upright.

Water Containers

The general rule of thumb is to go for a cylindrical water container that can hold at least two or three candles on top. This is a very fashionable style that goes well with Old French and Victorian décor. If you don’t have a cylindrical container then you can go for any large bowl. Remember that the larger the bowl, the better. A larger bowl allows you to put in more candles and this creates a better, mind-soothing effect caused by the dancing flickers of fire.

Of course you can forego the containers and just place your candles and tea lights in your swimming pool and bath tub. This creates a very romantic setting, especially if you use rose candles or aromatic candles. The effect, to say the least, is astounding. You’ll immediately notice how the flames reflect off the surface of the water and how the light can dance off in the bottom of the pool. To make the most out of it, take a few bowls, fill them three ways up with water, and place three candles each. Take these and place them at each corner of the pool.

You might also want to look at the type of floating candle you are buying. Thicker, bigger ones with a wider base are better for the pool while the smaller types are best for bowls and plates. Still, their size, material, and brightness will all be for naught unless you look for the right candle holder and the right water container. The beauty of floating candles is in their flames so perfecting these two elements to get the most out of their fire is the surest way to mix water and fire for a beautiful, romantic evening.

The Romance In Candle Wall Sconces

When you’re on the search for romantic room lighting, beyond mere table candles, consider candle wall sconces. Permanently affixed to the wall, sconces are readily available for that intimate, warm lighting at any occasion. They offer a subtle Victorian air, but one that would suit many styles of home décor.

Turning out the overhead lights to ignite some delicate candles alters the atmosphere of even the most sterile mod look. A single candle wall sconce may be used to light a specific area. Perhaps above a mantle, in the bathroom, or in a hallway.

Wrought iron candle wall sconces are the most antique style. Typical wrought iron forms come in vine-like carvings, with dark swoops and curves. Even the modern flat wrought iron plates for wide pillar candles have a more serious tone to them. Wrought iron does require décor to support it. An old house, or Victorian style home, or equally sophisticated furniture at the minimum.

These sconces are pieces of art in themselves. They might take the place of other wall art in some rooms, or be scattered amongst hanging art pieces. Other antique candle wall sconces are generally designed in metal and have a distinctly elaborate quality. They all follow the same interior design rules as wrought iron.

Brass candle wall sconces have more of a shine, creating a younger tone. Still quite sophisticated, however. Brass should look appropriate in your color scheme; with its own beautiful sheen, you would not want to put brass out of place in a room of stark and sterile colors.

For the room of modern design, consider glass candle wall sconces. Both frosted and clear glass candle holder wall sconces combine the warmth of candlelight with the bright newness of glass. In rooms with high color contrast, chrome, or silver, the glass will be perfectly at home. The candlelight also reflects beautifully in the glass.

The effect may even be reminiscent of chandelier lighting, only not as dramatic. Since glass has to be cut, glass sconces generally have more geometric lines. In comparison to the curves of metal vine work, glass is invariably more sterile. It also takes a little more cleaning maintenance to look its best.

Mirrored candle wall sconces multiply the effect of simple glass. Mirrored designs will suit antique, traditional, and modern decors. The mirror effect is charming under any circumstances. It also provides more illumination, if you’re worried about not being able to see sufficiently. Mirrors may often be in combination with iron or chrome, as well, to further diversify the application of mirrors’ beauty.

As will all lighting, sconces are beyond pure function. Decorative candle wall sconces provide light beautifully…when you only need minimal lighting. And when romance is the mood. For enchanting, intimate lighting, candle sconces are the top choice.