Faux Wood BlindsBlinds and shutters, when built appropriately, are a fantastic way to aesthetically bring privacy, sunlight, and shade to your home. The most elegant and attractive blinds are always made from wood, of course.

But the wood is expensive. It also means that trees are being cut down. A great alternative is faux blinds. Not nearly as pricey, faux window blinds will save your wallet some serious stress yet still provide you the privacy, style, and sunlight or shade that you desire.

Faux wood blinds are built from man-made and wood particle composites. With improved design and technology, faux wooden blinds have even cheaper while improving in looks and quality. In fact, wood faux blinds have an advantage over natural wood. Faux wood will not warp in extreme temperature swings, nor in areas of high moisture. This makes faux blinds ideal for some climates and for all kitchens and bathrooms.

Of course, you want to know what they look like, however. Saving money shouldn’t mean that you have to skimp on style. Since faux blinds are man-made, you are actually able to find an even broader variety of color shades than most natural wood selections. Technology has assured that quality faux wood will look incredible. From oak to maple to cherry, or faux woods painted white or cream, the truth remains. Only close inspection would tell the difference.

Plantation blinds, blinds that don’t pull together or upwards with a pulley, but rather open completely in panels or fold together on hinges, are a very high class, old-style, form of wooden shutters. Faux plantation blinds are a fraction of the natural wood price. They will transform your home into the true elegance of the American South. Even custom faux blinds, for those windows of difficult shape and size (circular, arched, or bay style) are available for very reasonable costs.

Bamboo is another popular choice in contemporary style homes. Bamboo brings a lighter, natural warmth than other woods, yet in its quality designs can be fairly pricey. Faux bamboo blinds function beautifully both indoors and out, bringing a faintly Oriental touch to your living areas that will be enjoyed in every room. Colors of bamboo range from greenish into yellow and golden browns, charming accompaniments for every décor.

A last and important benefit to recognize is that cleaning faux blinds can be much easier than cleaning natural wood. Faux blinds usually handle detergents better than wood, as well as being able to stand wetness and moisture. Always consult with your salesperson about the suggested way to clean your blinds. And enjoy!