extendable dining tables, best extendable dining table reviews, extendible dining table, expandable dining tableAs an important piece of decor, the extendable dining table should not be purchased without considerable thought and research.

Your dining room is a key center for social activity within your home. The furniture you buy will probably be with you for years to come, outlasting multiple decorating schemes if not residences themselves.

Knowledge of several important facts will help you purchase an extendable dining table that meets your needs and will last you long.

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Best Extendable Dining Table Reviews

1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Tamilo Dining Room Table – Gray/Brown

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tamilo Dining Room Table - Gray/BrownCheck Price On Amazon

2. Global Furniture Dining Table, Clear Glass

Global Furniture Dining Table, Clear GlassCheck Price On Amazon

3. Walker Edison Furniture Dining Table, 60″-77″, Black

Walker Edison Furniture Dining...Check Price On Amazon

4. International Concepts 36-Inch Round Extension Dining Table with 12-Inch Leaf, Unfinished

International Concepts 36-Inch Round Extension Dining Table with 12-Inch Leaf, UnfinishedCheck Price On Amazon

5. East West Furniture NFT-MAH-T Butterfly Leaf Norfolk Dining Table

East West Furniture NFT-MAH-T Butterfly Leaf Norfolk Dining TableCheck Price On Amazon

6. Stakmore Traditional Expanding Table, Fruitwood Frame

Stakmore Traditional Expanding Table, Fruitwood FrameCheck Price On Amazon

7. Outdoor Expandable Rectangle Table Patio Dining Table with Wood-Like Surface Top for Deck

Outdoor Expandable Rectangle Table Patio Dining Table with Wood-Like Surface Top for DeckCheck Price On Amazon

8. Signature Design by Ashley Haddigan Dining Room Extension Table, Dark Brown

Signature Design by Ashley Haddigan Dining Room Extension Table, Dark BrownCheck Price On Amazon

9. Stakmore Traditional Expanding Table Finish, Oak

Stakmore Traditional Expanding Table Finish, OakCheck Price On Amazon

10. Signature Design by Ashley Realyn Dining Room Extension Table, Chipped White

Signature Design by Ashley Realyn Dining Room Extension Table, Chipped WhiteCheck Price On Amazon

11. Signature Design by Ashley Realyn Dining Room Extension Table, Chipped White

Signature Design by Ashley Realyn Dining Room Extension Table, Chipped WhiteCheck Price On Amazon

12. Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Extendable Dining Table

Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Extendable Dining TableCheck Price On Amazon

13. Geniqua Extensible Table 6-8P 63″ to 80″ Wooden Oak White Stylish and Economical

Geniqua Extensible Table 6-8P 63Check Price On Amazon

14. TableChamp Dining Room Table Rio 47 x 30 Oak Antique Solid Wood Pine Dark Brown Oiled Extension Extendable

TableChamp Dining Room Table Rio 47 x 30 Oak Antique Solid Wood Pine Dark Brown Oiled Extension ExtendableCheck Price On Amazon

15. Amazon Brand – Rivet Mid-Century Modern Pine Extendable Dining Table, 39″–77″W

Amazon Brand – Rivet...Check Price On Amazon

16. Crosley Furniture Shelby Expandable Dining Table, Distressed White

Crosley Furniture Shelby Expandable Dining Table, Distressed WhiteCheck Price On Amazon

17. INSPIRER STUDIO Roman Extendible Dining Table Pedestal Table

INSPIRER STUDIO Roman Extendible Dining Table Pedestal TableCheck Price On Amazon

18. Giantex 5 Pcs Dining Table Set, Folding and Extendable Tabletop

Giantex 5 Pcs Dining Table Set, Folding and Extendable TabletopCheck Price On Amazon

19. Signature Design by Ashley Collenburg Counter Height Dining Room Extension Table

Signature Design by Ashley Collenburg Counter Height Dining Room Extension TableCheck Price On Amazon

20. Tiptiper Folding Dining Table, Versatile Dinner Table with 6 Wheels and 2 Storage Racks

Tiptiper Folding Dining Table, Versatile Dinner Table with 6 Wheels and 2 Storage RacksCheck Price On Amazon

21. Sunset Trading Andrews Dining Table, 2 Sizes, Antique White & Distressed Chestnut

Sunset Trading Andrews Dining Table, 2 Sizes, Antique White & Distressed ChestnutCheck Price On Amazon

Types Of Extendable Dining Tables

Modern Extendable Dining Table

As such an extendable dining table is getting more and more popular, people tend to look for a modern extendable dining table nowadays.

I don’t know how modern it can be or what exactly are they referring to when they say modern extendable dining table.

These people are probably looking for an extendable dining table with some unique and special designs that you could not easily find.

Or maybe it’s simply the type of extendable dining table that gives a “modern” look.

  1. Well, different people have different ways of seeing how modern an extendable dining table would be.

For me, I think I’ll go into some different shapes and different materials of the extendable dining table mentioned below.

Round Extendable Dining Table

Round extendable dining tables are usually the already extended shape of an extendable dining table.

As the fold-able part for extending the table has to be a joint which is supposed to be straight cut edges.

So round extendable dining table usually is square or rectangle shape when they are folded or not extended.

At least to my knowledge and possible imaginations, I couldn’t think of how could an extendable dining table be round AFTER it’s folded up.

Oval Extendable Dining Table

Basically, an oval extendable dining table has not much difference from round ones. The only slight difference is probably the dimension and possible extending parts.

The round could be extended from the square on either 2 or 4 sites, an oval extendable dining table probably only allows 2 sides because of its length.

oval extendable dining tables are not very commonly seen. If you’re looking for such tables, you could have a hard time finding them.

Glass Extendable Dining Table

Glass extendable dining table has an uncommon way of extending itself.

Instead of the traditional folding method, the glass extendable dining table uses sliding instead. This is because the folding way on such a glass extendable dining table will break it easily when moved too swiftly.

Glass extendable dining table can look very nice in terms of appearance just like any other glass dining table but keep in mind that it is fragile.

Having a glass extendable dining table isn’t really a practical idea in my opinion.

Oak Extendable Dining Table

Oak extendable dining table is one of the most common types of wooden dining tables round.

Most of the wooden extendable dining tables or a normal dining table are made of oak. Oak is simply one of the popular materials for wooden furniture.

It is one good material for furniture and would be great for extendable dining tables because it’s long-lasting and strong. Learn more on folding dining tables.

To those people who are specifically finding oak extendable dining tables, although common and popular, still, confirm by asking the salesperson the material of the extendable dining table.

Extendable Dining Table VS Traditional Dining Table

If you are a practical individual, you will definitely choose an extendable dining table over a traditional dining table.

Not only an extendable dining table save space, but it will also save you some money as it might cost lesser or even could be fixed yourself.

An extendable dining table usually works as a smaller table before being extended, then allows you to extend the area if needed.

As there are different types of extendable dining tables, you can definitely find the one that suits you best.

A traditional dining table becomes simply not practical today because it’s really wasting your home space throughout the day when not using it.

Having an extendable dining table that you could use as a smaller table and extend it when you need it is definitely a better choice.

If you want to save more space, you could get that extendable dining table that can really fold up and be kept in the corners of your house.

The Obvious Convenience of the Extendable Dining Table

The extendable dining table is perhaps the most elegant solution to a problem that has bedeviled home diners since time immemorial: unexpected guests during meal times.

Admittedly, this statement may be considered an exaggeration. Everyone who has been inconvenienced by this rude phenomenon knows that it’s not that much of an exaggeration.

The forcibly smaller shares of the food can be solved by having some food delivered, but getting extra space at the dining room table can’t be solved by calling your local pizzeria.

Why Not Just Get A Large Dining Table?

Having extra unanticipated guests often involves diners being bunched up too closely together, and bumping elbows with your neighbors is often one effective way of losing your appetite. Traditionally, there were two ways of solving this problem.

The first and most obvious was to transfer to another room or area where everyone can be more easily accommodated.

Often this means having to eat at makeshift tables or holding a plate with one hand while eating with the other. Changing locations and eating in such circumstances is often off-putting, but often it’s the best option among worse alternatives.

The other solution is a kind of pre-emptive strike: buying a large dining table. Although on the face of it, it does solve the problem nicely, a more careful consideration exposes the problems of this approach.

For one, it’s not every day that you would have unexpected guests (or expected guests for that matter). Having a large table that seats 24 people simply looks forlorn when there are only three of you eating regularly at the dining table.

That doesn’t seem like a cost-effective way of dealing with the problem.

The other problem, naturally, is space. A large dining table occupies an inordinately large amount of room space and having one in the dining room permanently cramps the area.

The Extendable Convenience

With an extendable dining table, the problem regarding the huge empty spaces around the table can be solved, because you can shrink this kind of table to its original small size.

The same thing can be said about the problem of space; by returning the table to its original size, you can easily gain backspace once your guests leave your home.

The nice thing about this kind of table is that you can also extend it for your own non-dining purposes.

If you’re having a small meeting or working on a crafts project, you can spread it out on the extended table and then return it back to its smaller size when you’re done.

Additional Considerations

Extendable tables are just like other types of dining tables—you can choose among many different types.

No matter what your style of interior design may be for your dining room (whether it’s traditional Victorian or Star Trek-inspired) you’ll have no problem getting a unit that fits and complements the overall room and house style.

Just don’t forget about the extra chairs, by the way. You can store them in various corners or use them in other rooms until you need them.

With the extendable dining table, you can preserve your appetite when unexpected guests arrive, and you may even preserve your sanity.


It is very important, however, that you also take into consideration the maintenance the table requires.

You are expecting that in ten years, this piece of furniture will still look as good as when you first got it.

At any rate, with the various sources of information nowadays, a smart shopper should be able to find durable yet cheap dining room tables.

Appreciating the Versatility of Dining Tables

For you to be able to imagine what you can do with your dining table in between meals, it is always important for you to picture your daily routine outside the mealtimes.

What do you normally do and what you do need to accomplish it?

If you think about it, there are a lot of different things that you can do at the dining table.

Uses of a dining table

Here are a few ideas to get you started so that you can begin to experience the full extent of your dining table.

  • Do homework with your kids.

One of the best ways to use your dining table, especially if you have young kids who are just starting school, would be to do their homework with them before dinnertime at the dining table.

This allows you to interact with your kids and also be able to supervise their work and aid them along the way should they need extra assistance. Compared to leaving them to do so in their rooms, you will be able to closely monitor their academic progress and enjoy a hands-on role in helping them get high marks in class.

  • After-dinner games night with the family.

Another great way to use your dining table after mealtimes are to conduct a weekly Games Night with your family ‘round the dining table. What better way is there to keep your family together than to stay put at the dining table while the dishes are being cleared and the games are being prepared?

This type of event, when done regularly, provides great opportunities for families to have fun, unwind and bond in each other’s presence (something that is rare for families that are only together during mealtimes).

  • Budgeting and financing sessions with your husband.

If it’s that time of the month when you start mapping out your expenses and income, the dining table might be a good place to do it. You can even customize your dining table to have clear glass so that you can write or scribble notes on it with a whiteboard marker.

After your session, you can then wipe it clean and use it for dining purposes. Of course, it is important to sterilize and properly clean the table as it will be used for mealtimes.

At the end of the day, the list goes on, and on, and on. You can probably think of a thousand other things that you can do with your dining tables. The most important thing is that if you are planning to stretch the versatility of your dining table, make sure you have enough resources and materials to do so. If not, well, now would be a good time to start planning it and saving up for it.

Dining Table Pads

Your beautiful dining room table needs protection from damage from excessive heat, liquids spills and dents, and scratches, Here you can find information about custom table pads and cut-to-fit table padding.

Custom dining table pads are individually manufactured to exactly fit your dining room table. They are usually about 1/2 inch thick and they come in pieces that usually fold in half.

There is one piece for each 1/2 of your table and if you have extension table leaves there will be a table pad piece for each extension leaf. Custom table pads contain substantial insulating material that provides protection from heat sources in contrast to cut-to-fit table padding.

Custom pads are a permanent solution to protect your table that should last as long as your dining table.

Cut-to-fit Table Padding is a cheaper product sold folded in packages. Their main advantage is that they are cheap and readily available. They are usually about 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick and provide very minimal heat protection.

They come in a large size that you cut-to-fit with scissors. A pad cut to fit your table without extension leaves will not fit your table when you add leaves. Since they are folded, you may have problems getting them to lie flat on your table.

Interesting Tabletops for Dining Room Sets

Glass topped tables can look very elegant.

The glass must be at least three-quarters of an inch thick, if not an inch. Either a good wood or metal can be used for the rest of the furniture. These glass dining tables are the best in the market.

A delicately designed wrought iron table base with matching chairs can look utterly stunning with a clear glass tabletop.

A little decorative etching running around the edges of the glass can lend a pleasing touch to the entire ensemble. A beveled glass or mirror-finished tabletop can look fabulous with a pedestal base.

Marble makes another great tabletop for a formal dining room set.

Apart from the beautiful colors and striations, marble lends itself to inlay work and a filigree design running around on a marble dining table looks beautiful. Marble matches very well with wrought iron since it is a weighty stone.

The iron is strong enough to support the marble tabletop, and a rim of wrought iron running all around the edge will hold the marble neatly in place.

Gracefully executed ornamental patterns on the wrought iron table base and chairs offset the heaviness of the marble slab.

Onyx is another stone that makes an unusual tabletop.

A hard stone that can be polished until it gleams; it comes in the most amazing array of colors and needs no other embellishment.

You can select the colors to match your decor…or perhaps, select the colors in your décor to highlight this beautiful centerpiece.

Again, a wrought iron dining table base and chairs, perhaps painted in matte black will be the perfect complement to this tabletop.

– The design of the etching or beveling on a glass dining table top can be reflected in the glass of a china cabinet, thus completing a formal dining room set.

Marble and onyx tabletops can be matched with side tables in a dining room set, rather than a sideboard.

Dining Table Measurements

Before you purchase a dining table, first measure your dining room and figure out how big your table should be.

Remember, there should be room to go around the table and pull out chairs. Round dining tables work best in small rooms, while for bigger rooms a rectangular table will do fine.

Generally speaking, try to leave several feet of space between the table and the wall or other pieces of furniture.

Also, you will want to consider how many people will be usually at your table – a small group at a large table can seem emotionally impersonal.

Some tables are adjustable, giving you the option of extending the table when necessary, thus extending the table’s versatility.

Look and Feel of Your Dining Table

Next, consider the overall look you’re going for with your dining room. Your dining table should match the general architectural theme of your house or apartment, in addition to the style of your other rooms’ furniture.

Additionally, the materials your table is made of and the style of the shape can have an influence on the mood of the room.

Another consideration is what you plan to use your table for. Will it is solely for dining, or will children be using it as a workstation? Keep in mind that the more activities you plan on using it for, the more durable your table should be.

Materials of the Dining Tables

When considering what materials will compose your new table, keep in mind how much care you are willing to put into it.

Some types of wood are sturdy, and require only occasional polishing, while softer woods get scratched easier, and merit the use of a tablecloth.

Tables composed of glass might not stain or get scratched, but can accumulate fingerprints and handprints – for such prints, any window cleaner can be used to restore the glass table to its original pristine condition.

Dining Table Compliments

No guide to dining tables is complete without a mention of their complements: dining chairs. Chairs can either match your table or more a more interesting look you can mix and match styles.

If you wish for matching chairs, keep an eye out for specials that allow you to buy additional chairs with your table for a special rate.

If you are mixing and matching make sure to measure first to ensure that the chairs you want to fit nicely under your new table, arms, and all.

Shopping for a table is time-consuming, but something this important merits considerable thought and planning before purchase.

Take these points into consideration, and soon you will find the dining table that is right for you.

You might be curious about the different types of terms when it comes to dining tables. Or, you might just want to learn more about furniture. Either way, here are some common furniture terms that everyone should know.

How to Shop for Cheap Dining Room Furniture

When you’re looking for the best deal on dining room furniture, you’re probably willing to consider any retailer, outlet store, or online option. While it’s pretty easy to find cheap dining room furniture, you don’t want to find cheaply-made dining room furniture.

Bargain hunting is the name of the game–especially if you have budget constraints. For the savvy shopper, cheap dining room furniture will equate to a great deal of quality dining room furniture.

You’re on the Internet for a reason. You know that some of the best shopping deals found in the world are here online. When shopping for cheap dining room furniture, it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for. At this point, a local furniture retailer will become a valuable asset for both comparison shopping purposes, and learning a little bit about dining room furniture styles, trends, and price points.

Buying Cheap Dining Room Furniture Online

Once you have a good idea of the dining room styles appropriate to your living space, you can begin the online shopping process to find the best deals.

One way to score inexpensive dining room furniture online is to purchase wood furniture in the raw. Most often, this is a wood dining room furniture that has been crafted by quality professionals and has been left unfinished for the consumer.

If you have a knack for staining woods, painting or sometimes assembling cut pieces, you can save a bundle. You can also customize the look and color of your dining room furniture set when considering this option.

Search for Specifics

When it is cheap dining room furniture that you want, get specific in your search process. If you want a dining room table and chairs, you’ll find more options than you would ever want to peruse.

However, if you search for “casual dining room furniture,” or “traditional dining room furniture,” your options will become more focused, presenting the deals available for your desired style.

If you’re looking for dining room rugs, hutches, and/or buffets, go after them specifically at overstock warehouses and online.

Go for the Lesser Known Brands

Don’t be afraid of cheap prices on lesser-known furniture brands. Many manufacturers are trying hard to compete in the industry by offering comparable quality at a fraction of the price.

While shopping for cheap dining room furniture, you can forget some of the big names and go straight for their competitors.

If you’re not into “buying the brand,” then you can score a great deal on a handsome dining room set for a fraction of the name-brand cost.

Scoring the Name Brand Dining Room Sets for Cheap

If you’re hoping for a specific brand or style, there are some great deals to be found on the bigger name-brands. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

Many companies discontinue styles and models annually, and during that time, they look to push the remaining items at great prices.

If you’re shopping at a local retailer, you can also keep your eyes open for big sales on the remaining floor models.

Glossary of Dining Table Terms

Apron: The rim underneath a table-top that supports the weight. Aprons may have decorative carvings for aesthetic reasons.

Banding: Narrow strips of veneer used decoratively on table-tops, bandings are usually made of metal or wood with stone or wood tops.

Bun Feet: Decoratively carved foot, shaped like a ball. Occasionally has a flattened side or bottom.

Chamfer: Found sometimes on the edge of a table, a chamfer consists of a beveled edge, cut at an angle to break up sharp edges.

Dining Table: A table at which meals are served. Dining tables come in many different shapes and styles, the most common shapes being round or rectangular. They are often accompanied by matching chairs and other accessories.

Drop-Leaf Table: It Has hinges that extend one or more leaves, thereby lengthening the table, or fold down, for storage.

Foldable Dining Tables: Similar to wall-mounted dining tables, foldable dining tables are useful for small dining rooms, as the leaves collapse down to turn the table into a desk or console.

Gallery: A table’s top edge or border, made out of metal or wood.

Inlay: One type of wood laid into another to create a three-dimensional effect in the wood, usually in tabletops.

Leaf: An extension for dining tables, usually folds out from underneath the table’s underside.

Marquetry: A decorative woodworking technique involving the inlaying of veneers of ivory, metal, or wood into decorative designs on a wood surface.

Parquet Top: A tabletop, made by using inlay or joinery with geometric or other patterns, often made from different colored woods.

Patina: The natural finish or sheen on a wood surface, the result of polishing and age.

Pedestal Table: A dining table supported by one central leg. Pedestal tables can often become wobbly but offer more legroom.

Plastic Dining Table: Often cheaper than their wood or glass counterparts, plastic tables are durable and easy to maintain, but are easily damaged by intense heat and don’t age well.

Scalloped: An edge found on dining tables marked with semicircles, meant for decoration.

Side Chair: Armless dining chair often placed at the sides of a dining table.

Table Pad: Also known as a desk pad, a table pad is a removable protective cover for dining tables designed to prevent marks, dings, scratches, and damage from hot pans or other serving items.

Taper: Used to describe a table leg, namely that it tapers, or thins, as it reaches the base or foot.

Veneer: A thin layer of high-quality wood that is bonded to a heavier, lower quality wood.

Wall-Mounted Dining Tables: These are tables that are, well, mounted on the wall. Great for tight places where there isn’t sufficient room for a full table.

Wood Table: One of the popular types of table, wood tables come in Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Pine, Teak, and Walnut. Wood tables

Are Dining Tables Worth It?

Although the idea of buying an inexpensive dining table may not appeal to everyone, you have to admit that there are quite a few exquisite options to choose from.

Also, why shouldn’t you try to save money, when you can get both the luxury and comfort you need for a fair price?

Whether searching for small dining room tables for slightly more limited spaces or some of the best dining tables for larger homes, you have a lot to look forward to, and all you need is to know what you want.