Best Ergonomic Chairs, Ergonomic ChairsAdvances in technology are being made almost around the clock. Our lives are getting simpler in many ways and more complex in others. One side effect of technology is that most people spend a tremendous amount of time sitting.

Chores take less time, allowing for more leisure. Papers are faxed instead of delivered, letters are emailed instead of taken to the post office or even home mailbox. The number of hours a given individual spends at the computer is growing all the time. More sitting hours can take a damaging toll on the spine, however. Human engineering professionals have therefore introduced ergonomic chairs. Ergonomics is the design of things made to lessen fatigue and discomfort. But it’s not just a convenience. It’s a health imperative.

There are a number of things to look for in the best ergonomic chair. In short, you want it to be personalized. Since most of us cannot invest in a custom-built chair, ergonomic office chairs should be as adjustable in as many ways as possible. Between the lumbar support, upper back, armrests, and seat height, you want to be able to customize the chair to fit your spine and comfort perfectly. Proper padding is important. The swivel feature will further increase ease of work, as well.

Yet human engineers have gone even further. Aside from a standard ergonomic office chair, you can find alternatives to assist with specific back pains. Take the ergonomic kneeling chair, for example. This is a backless chair with a forward slant that urges the sitter into a more balanced and supportive position for his or her spine. It takes some getting used to, but ultimately brings more comfort and greater spine health. The saddle chair is another, more upright design that can be used as an ergonomic desk chair, with similar benefits to the kneeling design. If you can use an exercise ball at work, it will do wonders for improving posture, spinal support, and “active sitting,” making you the supporter of your back. It forces you to be mobile while sitting, as well, which means improved circulation. Not only that, but your ergonomic computer chair will be the talk of the office.

Any of the above chairs may work for you. Whether at home or in the office, proper posture and sitting positions are important for your overall health. Choose the best one of these ergonomic desk chairs. It may take some getting used to, but ultimately, you’ll revel in the difference. Stronger back. Less pain. Longer life.