Epoxy resinIf you are looking for a product to seal your concrete floor you can’t get anything better than epoxy.

There are many reasons that an epoxy floor coating is superior but the two most important are the wearability and the safety factor that comes from applying a non-slip additive to the floor surface. You can buy many different floor paints, including latex, enamel, and stains, but you will never be able to surpass the functionality of a high-quality epoxy product.

Epoxy is actually a solid coating that is created when two liquids are mixed together. The main ingredient is the resin which is a petroleum-based product that stays liquid until the second ingredient, the hardener, is added. The hardener creates a chemical reaction in the resin which causes it to set up or cure.

It really takes very little hardener, about an ounce or two, to cause a large portion of resin to morph into an extremely hard surface. This is the same idea behind fiberglass. A hardener is mixed with the resin and then when the mixture cures it is very hard. The only difference is fiberglass actually has a web of spun glass embedded in it for lateral strength. On your floor, the underlying concrete gives support for the epoxy on the surface.

The epoxy cures very hard and is not permeable which means it is great as a garage floor sealant. Even if petroleum products such as engine oil, transmission oil, or grease are spilled on it they will not soak in and you can just clean them up with a detergent and water.

The other great aspect of epoxy is its ability to accept non-slip additives such as paint chips or grit. Once the coating is rolled out, the additives are cast on top just like as if you were feeding chickens. As the floor cures, the additives stay on the surface and the result is great traction for walking even if the floor is wet or has an oil sheen. This is very important as concrete can get very slick and many accidents are caused every year by this problem.