Duvets for Your Home, DuvetsA duvet is a bag filled with down, feathers, silk, wool, or other types of insulating material and designed to take the place of comforters, quilts, and blankets on a bed.

Duvets are used to keep a person warm while sleeping and usually a single duvet is enough, although several may be used in case of extremely cold weather.

The difference from a Comforter, Quilt and Bedspread

Duvets are like pillows and are filled with soft insulating material. Although some people use duvets without a cover, they are intended to be used with one because it is very hard to clean. In terms of appearance, duvets are flat and it is standalone, meaning it should be used only with sheets.

  • A comforter does not have a removable cover and it is usually thick and quilted. A comforter may be filled with different materials like silk, polyester batting or feathers, and are stitched so the content does not spill out. Unlike duvet sets, a comforter is often used for decorative purposes and placed on top of sheets.
  • A quilt on other hand is typically made up of three fiber layers and is stitched in various colors, designs, and patterns. Unlike luxury, duvet covers a quilt that is woven from different cloths and typically has a single fabric piece on top.
  • “Bedspread” is a general all-purpose term used for any type of bed cover, with comforters, quilts, and coverlets all falling under this category.

The reason for the confusion lies in regional variations and general usage as duvets are sometimes used to refer to a comforter, blanket or even bed throws.

Covers for Duvets

All duvet sets should be used with covers so the bag does not get stained or damaged (water, for example, can destroy the stuffing). Unlike the bag, the covers are washable just like pillowcases and sheets, and once cleaned up you can put it back on, zip it up and keep the bag clean.

Covers for luxury duvet covers are available in stores and online retailers, and they are sold in different sizes colors, and styles. It is now common to practice among manufacturers to create reversible covers and to use different patterns, giving you more design options. As for their material composition, you can choose from rayon, suede, microfiber cotton, and more. The composition, in fact, is almost as varied as those for bed throws.

Tog Rating

The tog rating on duvets refers to their thermal insulation, allowing you to choose the right bags for the season. If you want warmer duets then look for with a higher tog rating. While manufacturers have their own specifications, most duvets for summer have a tog rating of 3.0 – 4.5, while those for autumn and spring are between 7.0 – 10.5 tog. Duvets for winter are the heaviest at 12.0 – 13.5 tog.

Some sets are sold with multiple duvets so you don’t have to buy another one when the new season rolls in. Most of these sets come with summer and spring/autumn duvet although some have winter bags bundled in too.