corner shower bench, best corner shower benchI know you have an interest in useful and elegant furniture for the bathroom. A corner shower bench is a great idea.

Not only useful but will also add elegance to your private cleansing haven.

It is one of the most durable and sturdiest pieces of furniture for your bathroom.

It can easily withstand any kind of condition inside your bathroom, be it mildew, dampness, heat, or mold.

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All this is possible with Teak. It is one of the best wood that contains natural teak oil and can withstand all adverse conditions with ease. Best of all, it would continue to serve you for years.

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Best Corner shower bench Reviews 2021

1. AquaTeak The Original 15.5″ Kai Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

AquaTeak The Original 15.5

2. Bamboo Corner Shower Bench-Wood Spa Stool Bench with Storage Shelf for Bathroom Organization-Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor

Bamboo Corner Shower Bench-Wood Spa Stool Bench with Storage Shelf for Bathroom Organization-Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor

3. Sorbus Corner Shower Stool Bamboo Bench with Shelf

Sorbus Corner Shower Stool Bamboo Bench with Shelf — Waterproof 2-Tier Wood Storage & Seat for Bathroom, Shower, Spa, Sauna

4. Bamfan Bamboo Corner Shower Bench Waterproof Stool with Space-Efficient Storage Shelf

Bamfan Bamboo Corner Shower Bench Waterproof Stool with Space-Efficient Storage Shelf - Shower Stool Seat for Indoor or Outdoor Use

5. ALATEAK Corner Teak Wood Bath Spa Shower Stool Corner Shelf Storage Fully Assembled

ALATEAK Corner Teak Wood Bath Spa Shower Stool Corner Shelf Storage Fully Assembled

6. Redmon For Kids Corner Shower Bench, Wood Grain Teak


Redmon For Kids Corner Shower Bench, Wood Grain Teak

7. EcoDecors Oasis 2-Tier Teak Corner Shelf, Natural

EcoDecors Oasis 2-Tier Teak Corner Shelf, Natural

8. EcoDecors Oasis Teak Corner Shower Bench with Shelf, Natural

EcoDecors Oasis Teak Corner Shower Bench with Shelf, 16Lx16Wx18.5T, Natural

9. Kai Petite – Teak Corner Shower Storage Stand

Kai Petite - Teak Corner Shower Storage Stand

10. Oasis FULLY ASSEMBLED Teak Corner Shower Bench With Shelf

Oasis FULLY ASSEMBLED Teak Corner Shower Bench With Shelf- Shower Sitting, Storage, Saving Foot Rest


11. Decoteak Oasis Fully Assembled Teak Corner Shower Bench with Shelf- Shower Sitting, Storage, Saving Foot Rest

Decoteak New- Oasis FULLY ASSEMBLED Teak Corner Shower Bench With Shelf- Shower Sitting, Storage, Saving Foot Rest 1 Brown

12. Decoteak Oasis 2-Tier Teak Corner Shower Bench

Decoteak Oasis 2-Tier Teak Corner Shower Bench

13. AquaTeak 12″ Kai OptiAREA Corner Teak Shaving & Washing Foot Rest

AquaTeak 12

14. CoastalVogue Oasis Shower Stool, Driftwood

CoastalVogue Oasis Shower Stool, Driftwood

15. Bare Décor Elana Corner Shower Stool, 24″, Solid Teak Wood

Bare Décor Elana Corner Shower Stool, 24

16. Zhuoyue Corner Shower Bench & Shower Stool with Storage Shelf, Corner Seat for Shower, Use as Small Corner Table

Zhuoyue Corner Shower Bench & Shower Stool with Storage Shelf, Corner Seat for Shower, Use as Small Corner Table

17. HYNAWIN Bamboo Corner Shower Caddy Bathroom Bench Sturdy Waterproof Stool with Shelf

HYNAWIN Bamboo Corner Shower Caddy Bathroom Bench Sturdy Waterproof Stool with Shelf Foot Stool Bathroom Storage Caddy-Indoor Outdoor Storage Bench,Plant Stand

What is a Corner shower bench?

A shower bench is a device used in the shower or bathtub to allow comfort and mobility for people unable to stand for long periods of time in the shower or who are unable to exit the tub from the tub floor.

Shower benches can be either built-in or portable. Shower benches come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors.

Essentially, a shower bench is a level seating area used to allow you to sit in a comfortable position while in the shower. While built-in benches are one option, they only offer a fixed height position which may not accommodate all the members of your family.

Portable shower benches offer the flexibility to accommodate the entire family regardless of the height and the capability to be moved to any bathroom in the house.

These portable shower benches can travel with you and increase the feeling of comfort when staying at a hotel or even at a relative’s house.

Corner shower benches are not only good for those with mobility issues, but they can also be helpful to the lady of the house when she is attempting to shave her legs.

The extra stability allows for fewer slips and falls and fewer nicks and cuts.

When finished with her shower, she can then store the seat in a closet for later use and free up the full shower or bath area for the rest of the family’s use.

Various types of teak shower stools

1. Corner or triangular shower stools. These shower stools are best for smaller bath areas as you can place them in any one corner of your shower area. They save considerable space as you can place them in one corner of your bathroom.

2. Square shower stools. You can place this shower stool against the bathroom wall or corner of the shower. They have a built-in shelf under their seat for keeping soap, shampoo’s, etc

3. Foldable shower stools. They are best for all those who have a small bathroom or want to use Teak Shower Stool only occasionally.

4. Built-in Teak Shower stools. They are best for disabled or elderly family members. Using teak instead of metal or plastic gives a feeling of warmth and looks less clinical and cold.

6. Teak shower stools with adjustable legs. This teak wood bench uses a combination of metal (mostly aluminum or steel) and wood. Their legs are made of metal and are adjustable and help the user in adjusting their height. They are best for the handicapped and elderly.

With so many options available to you in teak shower stools, you can easily find one that matches your budget and lifestyle. You can check various styles and models on online stores as you can get great deals on these bathroom stools on many reputable sites.

A corner shower stool for the elderly

Everybody knows that it is very difficult for the elderly to maintain their balance when bathing. It would be very helpful for them if they have something to sit on to avoid straining their body muscles.

All those who are disabled may be a permanent or temporary disability, it is necessary to have some sort of bathroom aid for keeping them comfortable during bating. They get a secure and durable seat in the form of a teak corner shower bench This will help them in preventing accidental falls and slips when they are in the bathroom.

All those women who shave their legs regularly can sit on corner shower stool and shave their legs and they won’t have to stand on one leg under the shower. If you love shower without dipping yourself in the tub, you can do that while sitting on Teak Shower Stool.

Priceless Teak Benches

The durability of teak benches is a matter beyond contention. Completely natural aesthetic appeal and the hardness of the wood make it the favorite furniture for outdoor purposes.

It does not mean that they will not serve the purpose of indoor furniture. The strength of this wood is unparalleled and it has become the most sought after wood to make furniture of all types.

Because of all these factors, the life span of teak wood cannot be compared with other types of wood and most people find tremendous joy in purchasing benches made of teak for their indoor and outdoor needs.

Aesthetic appeal and durability of teak benches

Benches made of teak will add style and substance to your home. The elegance and the aesthetic appeal of these types of benches make your home gorgeous and attractive. Most people consider it as a perfect fit for outdoor purposes because the weather cannot make any negative impact on teak.

It will remain the same even if the sun beats down heavily for a long time and it can stand the test of time with constant rain as well. Overexposure to snow and hail cannot make a difference to this unique wood. When you purchase a teak bench for yourself you are purchasing it for your future generations as well.

What happens with other types of wood is that they may lose shape during the course of time. Teak benches will not break easily and the insects cannot do much harm as well.

How to maintain a Corner shower bench

The maintenance aspect deserves great appreciation as well. All you have to do is to apply some teak oil once or twice a year to make it last for a long period of time.

Another method of keeping it fresh is to sand the bench once a year and such a process will keep the golden-brown color of the teak more bright and clear.

These benches do not confine themselves to any particular garden, porch, and deck. You can use it anywhere to increase the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a place.

Teak benches for quality living

These types of benches are available in different designs and styles to suit the varying needs of the customers. Some of the highly decorated pieces will give a dignified appearance to the concerned space by adding more style and substance.

Having a teak bench in your garden will give the much-required relaxation for you and your family in a sophisticated manner.

These benches, with their well-crafted armrests and properly designed structure for the effective support of the body, give a totally different dimension to relaxation altogether.

Different varieties of teak benches

Various companies have come up with different types of Teak Benches to offer the customers the much-required variety. Teak benches like pork benches, patio benches, and pool benches can be used for different purposes and prices also vary for different types of benches.

It does not matter whether you want furniture for indoor purposes or outdoor purposes because benches made of teak will go in complete harmony with both purposes in the best possible manner.

folding shower bench

As an excellent alternative to teak shower bench, the folding shower bench allows you to easily have a shower bench in your shower, and then tuck it up and out of the way when not in use. A folding wood shower bench is great for safety, as well as convenience in your shower.

It allows you to save space when the bench is not needed. The folding shower bench is perfect for smaller showers that still need a nice shower bench to work with, and they are cheap and easy to get for almost anyone who wants one in their shower.

Folding Shower Bench Vs. Normal Shower Bench

A conventional shower bench will be permanently set up, and usually will not be moved very often. Because of this way of being built, a conventional shower bench takes up more room than a folding shower bench.

You will need to have a larger shower to accommodate the extra size. With a folding shower bench, however, the shower bench can fold up against the wall, and be placed out of harm’s way when you do not need to use it.

This makes the folding shower bench ideal for placement in smaller, more compact shower areas where people still wanted to add the convenience of a shower bench.

The Folding Shower Bench is Portable

Because of its awesome folding design, the folding shower bench can also be referred to as a portable shower bench. You can take your folding shower bench with you, wherever you want to go.

So, the next time you go camping in your RV, or head to a nice hotel for a while, you can bring your folding shower bench along with you for added convenience in every shower you use. Yet another reason why the folding shower bench is brilliant to have around.

Folding Shower Bench and Safety

One of the most important things about the folding shower bench is the fact that it helps create a safer environment for people while in the shower.

The folding shower bench can be easily tucked up and out of harm’s way so that you will not accidentally trip over it while in the shower and inadvertently injure yourself in the process. This works perfect for elderly people, as they will need a place to sit down while in the shower, but may need extra room at times where they can easily fold up the bench and place it in the corner.

The folding shower bench is an excellent addition to any shower if you want some extra space or just wanted the added convenience of having a shower bench that can easily be folded up and moved out of the way. It is portable, easy to use, and most importantly safe for the elderly. The folding shower bench is the greatest alternative to any other type of shower bench you may add to your shower.

Why A Teak Shower Bench?

With a teak shower seat, you will enjoy a luxurious feel for your bathroom, but that’s not all! Teak is a wood that is incredibly weather-resistant, and can withstand pretty much anything!

Water will not damage your teak shower stool one bit, and will not mold or allow mildew to form. Also, you can even accent the teak shower bench with some custom teak shower trays, wooden bath mats, teak mats, or maybe some other great teak furniture! The teak folding shower bench is affordable and will bring great light to your bathroom.

Benefits of Teak Bathroom Furniture

Teak wood is known worldwide for its superiority in many areas. This is because of how well it stands up to moisture, which is why some manufacturers produce teak bathroom furniture. It is also very tough and durable and can be used in a number of different applications from bath furniture to outdoor furniture as well.

Teak weather better than almost any other type of wood. And because it is so dense, it is also stronger than most woods of the same size.

It has been used for a long time, in fact, in Western India, some teak artifacts more than 2,000 years old have been found to still be in great condition.

Teak wood has high oil content naturally, which helps it stand up to harsh weather conditions. High humidity environments don’t really bother teak all that much. This is why it’s ideal and sought after to manufacture furniture for places that are typical of higher moisture content.


While teak wood is expensive, price doesn’t always indicate quality. Look for good quality construction first, and then look at the type of wood. Some teak trunks sell for as much as $30,000 (US) and the price is going up.

Teak does grow naturally, but because of the large amount of harvesting without re-forestation of teak wood in the rain forests, it is becoming more and more sparse. Many countries that supply teak to the rest of the world have started limiting the amount of wood exported each year.

They pay close attention to the re-forestation aspect to ensure that teak wood will be available for generations to come. Prior to purchasing your teak bathroom furniture, make sure that you know the wood has come from a reliable sustainable producer. Teak is found in Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and India.

technical classification for teak wood

The technical classification for teak wood is Tectona Grandis. There are a number of things that make this wood so good and long-lasting. The sap of the teak tree contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial elements which help it combat disease and decay. It also contains silica and rubber components which also help in repelling rain, snow, and moisture in general.

The teak tree typically grows to about 150 feet in height at which time it is approximately 80 years of age. This mature tree is then harvested for use in manufacturing a great number of things.

The best part of the teak wood tree is used in manufacturing furniture is the heartwood. The heartwood contains the most-dense and straightest fibers of the tree. This makes for better raw materials to fashion high-quality products. All of the attributes of teak wood allow it to last for years.

The wood is very dense yet pliable enough to keep it from breaking under stress. When it does break, it doesn’t splinter as most woods do. This is a reason that it was used to build a number of naval vessels in the 18th century. When teak wood was hit by a cannonball it didn’t cause as many additional wounds from splinters like oak.

How to Clean and Care for wood Furniture

The majority of teak furniture is sold in its natural state and intended for outdoor use. It has the reputation of being easy to care for and lasting a lifetime. With a few simple tips, both of these things can be true.

You can either let the patio furniture weather to a beautiful grey-silver state or you can apply oil to preserve the golden-brown beauty of the new teak. Either way, cleaning and caring for your teak patio furniture is easy.

To Let It Weather:

  1. Dust regularly. Wipe the teak furniture down often, using a soft, clean cloth to remove excess natural oils and dust.
  2. Clean up spills. Wash the furniture when soiled, using a mild detergent, such as dishwashing liquid. Rinse with plain water from a water hose.
  3. Remove stains. Lightly sand away areas that are stained with a fine-grit sandpaper.

To Preserve Its Color:

  1. Prepare the surface. Wipe the furniture with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and debris.
  2. Oil the wood. Dilute tung or teak oil with an equal amount of mineral spirits and wipe down the cleaned furniture, working with the grain of the wood to preserve the finish.
  3. Remove heavy stains. Sand the affected area with fine-grit sandpaper and immediately reapply oil to the area to preserve the wood.

Teak Furniture Care Tips:

  1. Keep outdoor teak furniture covered during the winter months.
  2. Bird droppings can stain teak furniture quickly. Remove any droppings as soon as possible to prevent stains.
  3. Light scratches can be sanded away using 400-grit sandpaper, #00 steel wool, or a copper kitchen scrubby. If the furniture is oiled, apply several coats of tung or teak oil immediately after sanding.
  4. Most teak oil has UV-protecting ingredients in the oil solution. This will help the furniture retain its golden brown color even in full sun.
  5. Never use a pressure washer to clean your teak furniture, as the pressure may mar the wood surface. A garden hose will supply enough pressure to remove any stubborn dirt or grime.