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When most people picture a corner cabinet they probably think of a tall plain wooden structure. While many cabinets come in this shape there are other styles to choose from.

Corner style cabinets are a versatile style of furniture that comes in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes.

One unique cabinet style is the oriental style enchanted lady’s corner cabinet.

Oriental corner style cabinets have intricate Japanese influenced designs covering the cabinet drawers and shelving. Typically these style cabinets are smaller and squatter than a standard corner style cabinet.

Another unique cabinet style is the Wayborn Suchow Corner Chest. This corner chest is large and dark with a sort-of gothic style. This type of cabinet certainly has a commanding personality and should probably be used in a room with similarly styled furniture.

Best Corner Cabinet Reviews 2021

1. Prepac Elite Corner Storage Cabinet, Tall 2-Door, White

Prepac Elite Corner Storage Cabinet, Tall 2-Door, White

Keep your house neat by adding this luxurious corner cabinet from Prepac manufacturers. Its style and dimensions make it perfect for entryway, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any space requiring additional storage.


Construction materials: The eye-catching corner cabinet is built from solid MDF for its smooth nature that makes the output furniture irresistible. MDF is also moisture proof and insect resistance.

With this, you can use the cabinet for years without showing aging defects, if well maintained. The toughness of the MDF makes the corner storage appropriate for heavy items such as tools.

Storage: The elegant declutter has a fixed mini-cabinet featuring 2 shelves for storage of essential households. Also, it has a larger cabinet with 3 adjustable shelves that maximizes the space. With these, you can adjust the shelves to accommodate everything.

Details and finishing: The cabinet has two doors (one for the fixed shelf and the other one for the adjustable shelves) that protects the privacy of your items. These doors are equipped with adjustable hinges that allows opening from right or left depending on your space.

They are fitted with beautiful knobs that match with the white laminate on the body, making the cabinet stunningly beautiful. The cabinet also features a slim profile that fits it in a tight corner.


The storage cabinet has a strong baseboard that withstands heavy weights.

It bears customizable design that makes the cabinet versatile.


Assembling is required.

2. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet, Espresso

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet, Espresso

Looking for a stylish corner cabinet to elevate your bathroom décor? Check whether this RiverRidge product will thrill you. It is designed with a convergent back that fits it in cut corners.


Construction materials: The classy organizer is made from MDF boards for their strong and resilient properties that assure the cabinet user a prolonged high-quality service.

MDF also has a smooth texture that makes the final product cleanable through wiping. With this, you can repaint the cabinet if you find the espresso tone monotonous.

Storage: Its upper half has three spacious open shelves for the organization of toiletries, towels, creams, and decorates among other bathroom essentials. The lower half has adjustable shelves hiding behind the shutter doors for additional space. These doors give the cabinet a traditional yet classic appeal.

Details and finishing: The irresistible cabinet is finished in powerful espresso tone that adds value to your bathroom décor. A combination of high-quality butt hinges and adorable knobs enhances the cabinet doors to open smoothly. The cabinet top, bottom, edges, and sides are finely crafted, giving the furniture a majestic look.


It has adjustable shelves for additional storage.

The cabinet designed to be anchored on the wall for excellent stability.


Assembling should be done carefully to avoid part damages.

3. Home Decorators Collection Vitric Lighted Curio, 70″ Hx21 Wx16 D, Mahogany

Home Decorators Collection Vitric Lighted Curio, 70

Do you need a classic furniture to add a touch-of-vintage to your home décor? Check out for this classic organizer from Home Decorators Collection. It will display your trophies, accolades, favorite arts, designer flower vases, and other precious decorates with pride.


Construction materials: The corner cabinet is built from mahogany wood, birch veneers, and tempered glass. Besides the wood being strong, its resistant against decay, moisture, temperature, and pests. With this, you will enjoy your cabinet for decades without experiencing signs of tear and wear.

The tough property of mahogany also protects the cabinet from warping or shrinking with time. Also, the wood has beautiful grains complemented by birch veneers that makes the final product elegant. The significant parts of the curio are made with tempered glass for explicit view.

Storage: The cabinet features a stacked-dual architecture whereby its upper part contains two expandable glass shelves that can be moved depending with your item’s height. Also, the organizer has two fixed shelves and another adjustable shelf (at the lower part) for additional space. Each shelf can hold loads of up to 10 pounds.

Details and finishing: Apart from the glass parts that create a beautiful view of the stored items, the cabinet is also fitted with ornamental door handles that gives it a spectacular look. A mixture of arched top and vertical panes gives the corner cabinet a majestic finish. The golden oak furniture is also fitted with a 25-watt light bulb that offers maximum lighting to the interior components.


It comes with a power cord and fitting hardware.

It’s also equipped with anti-toppling hardware for exceptional stability.


The cams may break if over-tightened.

4. Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Corner Floor Cabinet with 1-Shutter Door

Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Corner Floor Cabinet with 1-Shutter Door

With the growing population and deteriorating economy, owning a spacious mansion will cost you a fortune. This has made a lot of people manage space in squeezy apartments. Are you tired of your disorganized bathroom? Fix this Adriana cabinet in one corner and neatly arrange your essentials.


Construction material: The elegant corner storage is made from MDF panels. The wood is preferred for its resilient properties that protect the cabinet from moisture damages and insect invasion.

Its smoothness and consistency make the cabinet easy to clean and stain. With this, you can use the organizer for ages without losing its value or even repaint to refresh its look.

Storage: The classy cabinet has one spacious expandable shelf enough for your toiletries, bath essentials, decorates, and bleaching products among others. With the adjustable mechanism, you can alter the height of the shelf depending on the items stored. Each shelf of the adorable organizer can comfortably hold items of up to 15 pounds.

Details and finishing: The space-saver is fitted with a louvered door that protects your bathroom essentials and replenish the space décor. A combination of door magnets and pre-hung hinges allows the door to open freely during use. The manufacturer designed the cabinet with an arched body and shaker legs that are complemented by chrome oval knobs and the white painting, making the furniture modish.


It is easy to put together.


The cams and screws can break if over-tightened.

5. Coaster Home Furnishings 4-Shelf Corner Curio Cabinet Golden Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings 4-Shelf Corner Curio Cabinet Golden Brown

Looking for a magnificent storage cabinet for your master bedroom? Check out for the new curio cabinet design from Coaster Home Furnishing. Do not worry about your bedroom layout since the cabinet’s size and shape allows it to fit in a corner seamlessly.


Construction material: The cabinet structure is made from oak wood for its attractive grain and stainability that makes the furniture spectacular. Oak wood is also durable, waterproof, and resistant against tear and wear. This means that you can use the organizer for decades without showing aging signs.

Its shelves are built from pre-laminated particle wood for their lightweight that enables the structure to withstand its shelves. Moreover, the parts do not swell when exposed to moisture. On the other hand, the cabinet doors are made from framed tempered glass for its strength and resistance against heat that adds value to the furniture and the space.

Storage: The beautiful storage cabinet has 2 movable shelves spacious for your books, arts, trophies, and bathroom essentials. Its adjustable design enables the user to modify the shelf and organize your items with their heights.

Details and finishing: The clear tempered glass doors provide a suspense view of your prestigious items. Its doors are then fitted with unique brass handles that match with the golden-brown wood finish, giving the cabinet an antique look.


The corner cabinet can be used in the living room or kitchen depending with your needs.


Assembly is required.

6. Homecharm-intl 31.1×15.74×63.78-Inch Corner Cabinet ,White(HC-003A)

Homecharm-intl 31.1x15.74x63.78-Inch Corner Cabinet ,White(HC-003A)

Stylish and high-quality furniture counts a lot when rating homes. Looking for declutter cabinets for your kitchen? This beautiful corner cabinet will become the eye-catcher in your kitchen.


Construction materials: The kitchen organizer structure is built from MDF board. We should observe high hygiene in the kitchen and that’s why MDF cabinets are recommended for smooth and consistency that makes the furniture cleanable and stainable.

The board is also strong and durable, assuring the user long-lasting service. Contrarily, the cabinet top is made of composite wood for its resistance against insects, molding, splintering, and fading. With this, you will not experience scratches made by insects and pets.

Storage: The organizer has two double-door cabinets for storage of your plates, food, and cutlery. Each cabinet features an adjustable shelf that offers flexibility in storage. Between the cabinets are two open shelves for storage of commonly used items such as salt, sugar, and spices. You can also arrange beautiful trays and kitchenware to display the kitchen’s elegance.

Details and finishing: Homecharm designed the cabinet with a flat packed front face, giving it a touch-of-simplicity. Beautiful vertical lines are striped on the cabinet doors to add style to quality. The open shelves are artistically finished, displaying the V-shape view of the furniture. Adorable brass knobs that match with the veneer top are fitted on each cabinet, complementing the detailed design.


The cabinet fits perfectly in any corner.

It comes with assembling instructions.


You should watch the weight of the items stored because the cabinet is only 55.1 pounds.

7. TMS Mission Corner Cabinet


TMS Mission Corner Cabinet

Fix your house corners by adding this classic cabinet from Target Marketing Systems. The oak finished furniture will store your house essentials and add a vintage style to your home décor.


Construction materials: The stylish corner cabinet is built from veneered MDF and solid wood. This wood type is preferred for its strength and compact nature that gives the cabinet prolonged quality.

MDF is also consistently smooth, hence giving the final product an even surface that is easy to wipe and stain. Besides the laminate finish of the wood making the cabinet waterproof, it also gives it an instant appeal that refreshes a modern home.

Storage: TMS designed the classy cabinet with a top cubby that offers spacious storage for your keys, shoes, water bottles, towels, household knick-knacks, or anything that you find essential. A double door cabinet that encloses an adjustable shelf is fixed on the lower side of the cabinet for additional storage.

Details and finishing: The top cubby is fitted with a hinge door that pulls out stylishly when accessing your items. All doors are equipped with ornamental brass handles, complementing the oak finish. The design, art, and tone of the cabinet can refresh any space décor.


The cabinet is sturdy and spacious.


Require assembling.

8. Winsome Wood Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

Winsome Wood Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

Looking for a tall, stylish, and spacious cabinet to declutter your home? Check out whether this alps organizer from Winsome manufactures will inspire you. The space, shape, details, and finishing are on point.


Construction materials: The cabinet’s structure is built from solid wood for its tough properties that make the space-saver waterproof, pest-proof, and weatherproof. With this, the alps cabinet may maintain its quality for ages, if well maintained.

Composite wood is then also on the shelves and top for its sprinter-free, non-fading, and non-scratchy specifications that adds to the cabinet durability. The top cabinet is fitted with a tempered glass door for its resilience and durability.

Storage: The elegant space-saver has two cabinets each enclosing an adjustable shelf, spacious for your household essentials. Also, it has an open shelf space where you can arrange your duvets, towels, or display arts and trophies depending on where you place the cabinet. This is followed by a spacious drawer for additional storage.

Details and finishing: Besides the tempered glass flashing your precious items in style, it also filters UV light that may damage them with time. The decorative storage has doors equipped with shiny knobs that reflects the space décor.

Also, the drawer is fitted with wooden rails for a smooth opening. The edges, artistic details, short tapered legs, and the finishing makes the cabinet elegant for any space.


Small profile with ample storage space.

Easy to clean.


Require assembling.

9. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet, White

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet, White

Refresh your bathroom by adding this declutter cabinet from RiverRidge Home. The classic furniture is spacious for your towels, creams, toiletries, and other bath essentials. Its clean design can liven up the private space and rejuvenate your emotions per visit.


Construction material: The adorable cabinet is built from engineered wood for its resistance against humidity and temperature. With this, no worries about effects of fluctuating weather to your space-saver.

The wood has a high load-carrying potential that allows the cabinet to carry your bathroom essentials without collapsing. Additionally, engineered woods have a smooth and predictable surface that gives the cabinet an elegant finish.

Storage: The two-door cabinet features a fixed shelf spacious to hide your personal items and an adjustable shelf for additional storage. In this, you can alter the shelf’s height and store shampoo bottles, fresheners, bleaching agents, and other long bottles. Moreover, you can place beautiful arts, flower vases, and other decorates to add an instant appeal to your bathroom decor.

Details and finishing: The classy cabinet is equipped with louvred doors that allow your items to breathe in style. Besides the chrome knobs allowing smooth access to your essentials, it also displays a diminished version of your decor. The cabinet is stained in bleach white, conveying cleanliness, royalty, and elegance.


You can hang the cabinet on the wall to decongest the room.


Requires assembling.

10. Elegant Home Fashions Blue Ridge Corner Floor Cabinet in White

Elegant Home Fashions Blue Ridge Corner Floor Cabinet in White

Storage cabinets provide a better way of keeping your house neat and orderly. However, the standing space would be challenging if you live in smaller apartments and that’s why you may need a corner cabinet. Elegant Home fashions designed this cabinet to add a touch-of-style to any home.


Construction materials: The classic cabinet is built from composite wood and tempered glass. Composite has resilient properties that keeps the cabinet free from insect, stains, molds, and unnecessary scratches. With these features, you will use your cabinet for decades without staining, warping, toppling, or wobbling.

Clear tempered glass is also used in the shelves and door for its strength that resists the parts against heat, breakages, and unnecessary damages. Its smooth surface also makes the cabinet easy to clean.

Storage: The stylish storage cabinet has a single door enclosing two adjustable shelves. Its movable mechanism allows the user to modify the shelf height depending on the items stored. Interestingly, you can find additional space on the top, if you have more items. Each glass shelf can comfortably hold items of up to 10 pounds.

Details and finishing: X-frames are fitted on the cabinet door to reinforce the glass in style. Besides the acrylic door pulls and pre-hung hinges enabling the door to open freely, they also add beauty to the cabinet’s quality.

The reflective glass shelves give an explicit view of the shelved items. Also, the tempered glass door flamboyantly displays the cabinet’s shape and the stored items, refreshing the space. The circular crafted legs then support the cabinet steadily and adds an artistic appeal to it.


It comes with a one-year warranty.

The cabinet is sturdy and spacious.

You can maintain it by wiping using a soft towel dipped in warm water.

It’s packaged with the assembling hardware.


It does not comply with the Californian standard of composite products emission.

Corner Cabinet buying Guide

Corner Cabinet

While the number of people inhabiting the earth increases by the day, the space available to house the bursting population does not expand correspondingly. It, therefore, follows that shelter is fast becoming a societal concern.

As a result, dwellings available to the growing population have become smaller in a conscious effort to conserve on space.

This is especially true in big cities and metropolis. Space has turned into an expensive commodity such that living in large apartments and flats in the city entails a considerable amount of money.

Most of us are left to make do with less spacious living areas. A prevalent complaint from those who reside in flats and small houses is the difficulty in keeping and arranging their items.

A storage unit such as a corner cabinet provides a practical and inexpensive answer to space problems.

Corner TV Cabinet

Corner TV cabinets can are placed in the commonly unused corners of the living room. They are usually constructed with compartments where items such as speakers, Blu-Ray player, gaming units, and TiVo can be placed.

The cabinets may or may not have doors, and may also have drawers and smaller cabinets where loose items like DVDs and CDs can be kept.

There are many corner TV cabinets with various combinations of shelves and drawers to choose from.

The corner TV cabinet can conceal appliance wirings that are otherwise exposed when not housed in custom shelves. This gives the room a semblance of order and safety.

The cabinet also keeps the appliances and electronic units from getting dirty easily since they are protected from the rapid build-up of dust particles.

As such, less time and frequency are required to clean the appliances, and maintenance becomes easier.

Corner Curio Cabinet

Corner curio cabinets are superb for showcasing trinkets, antiques, and various articles of value and interest.

These cabinets are made of glass, making them appropriate for display purposes; at the same time, they protect the items from dust and wayward hands.

Bathroom Corner Cabinet

In the past, vanity units were designed without taking space into major consideration. Newer vanity units are constructed to address people’s necessity for space and organization.

Most vanity units in the market are compact, with either shelves or single or multiple drawers.

These compartments can hold a variety of bathroom items like toiletries and cleaning implements, such as solutions and brushes.

Corner Medicine Cabinet

Do you leave your medicines just about anywhere in the house and eventually forget where you left them? Many people are guilty of this, myself included.

A wall-mounted medicine cabinet is essential for keeping and sorting your medicines.

The cabinets can be placed at eye level. By doing this, the medications can be easily accessed by adults. At the same time, this level is safe from children’s reach.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Corner cabinets can provide ample storage and organization to a cluttered kitchen.

These can be used to keep your kitchen utensils and gadgets instead of leaving them on the countertop or setting them aside in an unidentified cupboard.

A corner cabinet can keep items all in one place, thus sparing you the trouble of looking for a missing gadget from one shelf to another.

It is likewise ideal for the storage of utensils with irregular configurations such as mixing bowls, pans, blender containers, and huge trays.

Linen Corner Cabinet

A linen corner cabinet provides a singular area to keep pillows, towels, and toiletries.

This storage unit can be positioned in an unobtrusive corner in the bathroom if maximum space conservation is desired.

It can also serve as an independent unit or can be placed onto the wall, depending on the preferred layout of the bathroom.

Linen cabinets solve the problem of storing your towels and similar items.

White Storage Cabinet

A white bathroom floor cabinet is a truly elegant addition to any bathroom.

This is because the clean, crisp, and sometimes pristine appearance of a white finish has a way of creating an interior theme or atmosphere that’s formal and ‘no-nonsense,’ but at the same time, pleasantly charming.

When compared to bathroom cabinetry made with other finishes and materials such as the traditional oak, mahogany, or cherry wood cabinet units, for example, white is charming and sophisticated.

Because white is the perfect background color for most colors in a contemporary setting, a white bathroom floor cabinet will emphasize all of the other design elements and features in a bathroom’s interior space.

It is much easier for a do-it-yourself interior decoration enthusiast to work with white.

They can much easier add a designer’s professional-looking ‘touch’ to a bathroom finished in white than if it is finished in other colors such as creams, pastels, or brilliant, vibrant hues. This is due to the fact that most colors work well with white.

A white floor cabinet works exceptionally well in a small and tight bathroom and is an excellent color to brighten up small cozy spaces.

This because it is bright and light and makes a tiny bathroom appear larger than it is, giving a visual boost to the room’s configuration and size.

To give bathroom floor cabinets the polished Italian look, add enhancing cabinetry accessories such as gold plated knobs, stainless steel handles, or antique brass pulls.

The top hanging bathroom cabinet (hanging) units can be made and fitted with frosted glazing that has beautiful decorative etchings or sandblasted designs. The countertops will look great finished off with materials such as stone, marble, or granite slabs.

And contrary to popular belief, white is anything but blasé. The timeless, unchanging quality of white has been a favorite for decades and is still very popular today.

It is not uncommon to find trends moving towards the white and gold accented bathroom.

And asides the widespread use of a white bathroom floor cabinet, sanitary wares in white have now become more popular than ever in today’s 20th-century bathroom.

Maximizing Storage By Adding Accessories To A Closet System

A custom-designed closet system can not only make it easier to find items that are stored but can save space by utilizing unused nooks and areas.

But even with a custom closet, you may feel as if you still do not use the space wisely. When you look at your existing shelving and storage compartments they most likely lack the accessories needed to make the most of the space involved. This article will point out some ideas you may want to consider.

It’s More Than A Closet

Even if you don’t have the advantage of having a custom-designed closet system, you probably have horizontal bars installed at various heights to accommodate the different lengths of clothes that you may own. Most people use a few items more frequently than others or even daily. By adding a few small hooks to the closet organizer you have a simple yet convenient way to quickly slip items off and on. If you don’t have additional room to add hooks you may want to consider over the door hooks. Be sure to install a door guard so when fully opened they do not puncture a hole in your wall.

Shelves Are The Key To A Closet Organizer

You may think you have a well-organized closet, but stand back and take a good look. Chances are there are always ways to make improvements. Open space can be put to good use by adding additional shelves or hanging baskets that hang from the top shelf. These baskets can increase available room without adding clutter to the closet area. Suddenly, you have a closet organizer!

Some closets have deep corners, which can be very difficult to reach, let alone utilize. These areas can become productive with spring loaded corner shelves, turntables or baskets that pull out. Smaller items like ties, socks, shoes and underwear can be placed here in a neat and orderly fashion.

What To Do With Those Knick-Knacks

We all have those odd-shaped items such as toys, pillows, hair blowers, old picture frames, etc. A good closet organizer tip is to make use of baskets rather than a shelf. Search for a style like a drawer that pulls out. Sweaters can take up a lot of space.

Put them in a specially designed sweater bag and extract the extra air from the bag. Now they can be placed in a plastic container that will fit under the bed.

When seasons change this allows you quickly exchange your winter sweaters for lighter weight clothes without having to worry about where to store them.

Drawers, Drawers And More Drawers

A good closet system will make use of drawers. Drawers are great for storing smaller items but, like most things, they have a unique set of problems. When you open and close a drawer quickly items often go crashing into each other and they are difficult to keep organized. A divider will correct this problem.

If you have your closet organizer custom-designed for you, you can request these. If you just want to improve your current situation, most home improvement stores sell removable dividers for you to use. A shallow basket is another great, inexpensive way to help organize the items in a drawer.

The size of your closet isn’t as important as how space is used. These additional accessories are inexpensive ways to help you create your own closet system, get organized and stay that way. Once you see how well organized your closet is you may want to expand the concept to the rest of the house creating a less stressful and wasteful living area.

How to Build a Corner Cabinet?

For a more orderly and tidier home, you will want to construct a storage cabinet. Cabinets help make the house neat by providing storage areas for various household articles.

A good number of people would be interested in learning how to construct a corner cabinet.

One need not have extensive knowledge in carpentry to build a sturdy and elegant corner cabinet. All it takes are the appropriate instruments and raw materials, and a capacity to follow the steps in making a cabinet.

Initially, you should decide on the length, width, and height of the cabinet that you want to build.

Measurements of the corner where the cabinet will be positioned should be made. Take note of these measurements as these data will be vital once you procure your raw materials.

You must also take into consideration the amount of wood that you will need to construct your cabinet. A typical corner cabinet can be made using a square slab of wood.

The square is divided into two triangles, which will make up the top and base of the cabinet. Two rectangular slabs of wood will make up the sides, and another square of timber will be needed to make two shelves.

There are many kinds of wood to choose from in a lumber yard. Once you have selected the wood that you desire, do not forget to buy other items like screws, paint, and nails. You can get them at the hardware store.

The wood will have to be appropriately measured before cutting. The measurements are vital so that your cabinet will fit in the pre-assigned corner in your house. See to it that the shelves are of the same dimensions as the top and bottom of the cabinet.

Your cabinet is then constructed by assembling the top, bottom, and sides after having cut the wood. Attach the shelves, and then design the cabinet according to your preference.

You can then proceed to apply paint, stain, or varnish to your newly made storage cabinet.

Measure the Space Available

Before you look for corner cabinets for your home you should measure the space where it will be placed. You’ll need to know the length, height and width that will fit the corner.

Perhaps you want one of the corner cabinets that hang on the wall so that you can put something else on the floor.

In that case it is important to know where the studs in your walls are so that you can hang the corner cabinet securely. If there are no studs at the proper location you will need alternative hardware like anchor screwsto ensure a safe placement.

The right material

Choosing the right materials is important, too. If you want to store books in a corner cabinet you’ll want strong shelves, not ones made of particle board no matter how attractive the finish is.

You might want a cabinet made of wood or a modern chrome and glass arrangement depending on how your home is decorated.

There are corner cabinets with adjustable shelves, which are very handy if you like to change the look every so often.

You’ll want a sturdier cabinet if you have heavy items to display; if you are using the cabinet to display knick knacks you can get away with glass shelves which are very attractive.


Which brings us to the question of cleaning. How often do you feel like dusting and cleaning your corner cabinet? It’s simple enough to keep the outside clean but even if you choose one with doors there will be a goodly amount of dust build-up after a while.

Glass shelves, while attractive, can be frustrating to clean while wooden shelves require furniture polish and occasional treatment to keep the wood from drying out.

Corner cabinets are very versatile, too. As mentioned before, you can get a cabinet that is suspended on the wall and place an attractive chair or chest beneath it.

If you choose this option it is important to know where the studs of the wall are located. For this you should get an electronic stud finder, which sells for less than $10 at most hardware stores.

Merely knocking on the walls will likely lead to mistakes and unwanted holes in the wall when you find you’ve guessed wrong!