Copper SinksCopper is an incredible form of metal. When fresh, it’s a pink or peaches color. As it is exposed to air, however, it slowly tarnishes into ranges of red, orange, and brown.

This tarnishing actually gives copper a beautiful character. While it is possible to polish copper to its original sheen, it will continuously evolve with oxidization.

In a copper sink, this means spontaneity in home design as the metal develops. For some people, that’s risky. For others, it means natural art. Installing copper sinks in your home will be an aesthetic adventure!

Hammered copper sinks are filled even more with personality. The hammering creates subtle “denting” that reflects under light and gives the metal a multifaceted appearance. Almost like a jewel. If you appreciate the dynamic life of copper, then read on.

There are a few styles of a copper kitchen sink. As sinks in the kitchen are built to be large, at least sufficient for dishwashing, and usually (but not always) with right angles, the copper farmhouse sink and under-mount sink the most popular designs. These sinks are deep with square character.

An apron, or farmhouse design, leaves the front side of the sink bare, showing off its beauty with plantation home flair. Undermount designs are more typical. Sizes of copper kitchen sink range from baby, petite, small, medium, large, and way into extra-large. This durable metal will do well in any kitchen.

In a bathroom or on a vanity, the copper vessel sink is a beautiful choice. Vessel sinks always have a pleasurably unique design, far removed from a traditionally mounted sink. The sink bowl lies above, even disconnected from, the countertop. It is, literally, a bowl.

As copper is malleable, copper vessel sinks can be hammered into any shape; diameter and depth are truly up to you. The warm copper color will take your bathroom into a welcoming oasis of self-pampering.

If you’re specifically looking for a copper bar sink to raise the character of your bar counter, your design options are wide open. Farm sinks, vessel sinks, under-mount, and self-rimming sinks are all great choices. Choices that you have to make. The simplest design is self-rimming or under-mount. For something with more pizzazz, go for vessel mount. For an old American character, lean towards that copper apron sink.

When you see the various designs, your home décor ideas will expand greatly. Perhaps you’ll even find a way to bring the copper sink into a few rooms of the house, without feeling repetitive!