Bed In A Bag comforter sets

Why Buy A Bed In A Bag

The bed in a bag is an easy and affordable way to revitalize and decorate your bedroom. While it is possible to decorate item by item, not everyone is built for such a task. It takes a special temperament and skill, costs more, and is a serious time investment.

For most of us, it is a relief to buy one all-inclusive package. With a Bed In A Bag, you are assured that the colors and patterns match precisely. It should be available in all sizes (twin, full, queen, and king). The bed in a bag has been taken even by the hottest designers, and you can buy complete bedding sets with true taste and incredible style.

Bed In A Bag also makes it incredibly simple to periodically redecorate the bedroom. When washing one set of sheets you simply take out another Bed In A Bag and create an entirely new bedroom look!

Why on Clearance

The idea is even more exciting when you see the words “Bed In A Bag On Clearance!” Usually, a linen clearance sale is discouraging. It means sifting through hundreds of items to put together some semblance of a bedroom set. But with clearance bed in a bag sets, you’re guaranteed all-inclusive bedding from your favorite name brands at a knock out price. You will arrive home with every item and one charge. The clearance bed in a bag is a true score.

Keep Sight of Quality

Don’t let that bed in a bag clearance sale distract you from a quality, however. Decorating your bedroom with ease does not mean you forfeit on texture and durability.

High-quality sheets are made from 100% cotton, and cotton of longer “staple” (usually classified as extra long, long, medium, and short). Look for Egyptian and Pima cottons. Poly cottons are less soft and less durable.

Another factor is thread count; single ply thread with count of 200+ will actually increase in softness and luster with the number of washings. The manner in which a factory aligns fibers (carding and combing) and their weavers will affect the “hand,” how those sheets feel to the touch.

The least expensive sets in your bed in a bag clearance sale will obviously be of lower quality. While saving by buying Bed In A Bag and going to the clearance department, be sure to check that cotton and thread count!