Canopy Bed Curtains, Best Canopy Bed Curtains

Simple, beautiful, easy — curtains for a canopy bed are an incredible way to enhance the entire aura of the bedroom with minimal effort. The different styles of canopy bed curtains will take you from otherworldly gauze to impressive dignity to girlhood frills.

Even a bed in a large room will feel intimate and private with canopy curtains. It’s magical. Both children and adults will enjoy the richness available when looking for a canopy bed curtain.

And everyone will appreciate knowing that even if you don’t own a bed with canopy posts, you can still enjoy the luxury of a canopy bed with curtains. You can install an extension at your headboard that allows hanging curtains from there that fall gracefully over the bed. Another possibility is installing a “single point attachment” in the ceiling with a circular frame attached and have your curtains cascade from above.

A third ceiling option is one that will give your bed canopy curtains in the more traditional four-poster shape. This is a set of four hooks and the gauzy hanging bed curtains that go with it. These simple, do it yourself bed curtains are extremely popular, as you can easily and inexpensively achieve the style you are aiming for, without making any permanent changes. If you should decide that the curtained look just isn’t for you, it’s simply a matter of unscrewing the hooks and patching up four small holes in the ceiling.

Neutral tones and fabrics are the designs most opted for when choosing those delightful canopy bed curtains. They’ll blend easily with almost any color scheme and achieve that romantic elegance and regality you’re looking for. If you plan your bedroom décor properly, however, you can even search among the bright and vivid canopies to create a unique and truly magnificent effect with your canopy.

Take the other bedroom pieces into account. Remember your bedding. Canopy beds with curtains immediately take the centerpiece role in just about any bedroom, so choose tastefully. Aim for a harmonious style.

Curtains hanging from a single point attachment are most often “mosquito net” drapes. From the ceiling or headboard, curtains fall closer to the bed. Sheer curtains retain the feeling of spaciousness while adding intimate luxury. Mosquito net canopy curtains come in all shades, and some with patterns as well.

These sheer curtains work nicely on a poster bed as well. Canopy bed curtains for kids may include floral patterns. In tune with the original Medieval canopy beds, however, a poster bed easily furnishes heavier, richer curtains. Full curtains or drapes that only hang from the posts. Deep golds, opaque blues, burgundies, all shades of champagne… if the rest of your bedroom décor allows, the canopy curtain is where you can invest all the feeling of wealth and luxury. Perhaps consider a combination of sheer and opaque bed canopy curtains, as well.

Any bedroom will turn magical with the grandeur of canopy curtains for beds. Amongst the dreamlike drapery, you’ll find that dreams really do come true.