Best 10 Best Canopy Bed Curtains for Kids, 10 Best Canopy Bed Curtains for KidsAre canopy bed curtains for little girls only? Not at all. Canopy bed curtains for kids can be unisex, for the boys or even for older kids. They’re, after all, an expressive medium for home decorators.

Canopy Beds for Kids

Before the curtains, the canopy. If your kid sleeps in a four-poster bed, then it’s canopy-ready. But you can make your own canopy. Get your carpenter to suspend a large wooden frame that’s the same size as the bed from the ceiling. Hang it with hooks. Get curtain rods for all four sides. Tie them on the frame with velvet or silk rope after you place curtains on the rods.

Another canopy assembly uses a hula-hoop suspended from the ceiling with a hook to keep it in place over the bed. Let curtains of sheer soft fabric billow down from the hoop to the bed.

You may also extend the headboard up with two poles. Then construct a cantilevered frame hanging from them reaching across to above the footboard. That, however, requires some intense measuring, a little engineering, and lightwood. You can only hang light fabric from them.

Canopy Curtains for Kids

Use light or heavy drapery or mix up the two. It would depend on the mood you’d like to create. Help your kid find textile prints that appeal to his interests. Find interesting textured fabric. Use artistic wall hangings. Or seashells in a fishnet. Kids canopy bed curtains are all about atmosphere.

For Your Princess

Your little girl probably first saw kids canopy beds in the movies. So, let movies be the inspiration. Take her shopping for curtains or fabric to make curtains from scratch. Take some hints from Disney. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty readily come to mind. Go for something underwater for your little mermaid. Or try some Oriental-inspired motifs. It’s all up to your kid. The whole idea is to create a space that shelters her inner fairy-tale character. Of course, pink and gauzy will make her feel like a princess each time she wakes up.

Kids Bed Canopies for Little Boys

For little boys, a kid’s bed canopy can be hideout or Bat Cave. You can find ready to install kids canopy curtains or sew them from scratch. Get imaginative. Get crafty. Fabric glue some glow in the dark planets and stars on netting for your little astronomer. Throw in some twinkling starlight on the netting. Do a Hogwarts canopy for your little wizard. Make sure you match the beddings and bedroom area rugs for a total effect. Try sporty themes with football goal posts holding up the canopy.

Let your imagination and your kids’ run wild with the endless possibilities that canopy bed curtains for kids’ offer.