California King bedThe first thing that comes to our mind when we think of California King beds is the size and magnificence of the bed.

Beds are available in varied sizes ranging from simple beds to medium-sized beds.

Heavily built and tall people would obviously feel cramped in small beds and they need to sleep on a king-sized bed and enjoy their sleep. California king beds are big and sturdier. These are bigger than the conventional twin-sized beds.

What you wanted to know about California King beds

There are different dimensions of beds. There are mattresses ranging from the standard ones to the king dimension. The dimensions of the California king beds are 76 x 80 inches. It lends comfort and style too. There is no compromise on the comfort when you are sleeping on this king sized bed. It is definitely a choice that many tall people would want to go in for as it has a mattress that is really long and comfy. The only drawback of the California king beds is that it is difficult to manoeuvre as it is really bulky and moving it from one room to another can be quite a Herculean task.

Check out for shops making California king beds

There are not many shops making these beds, hence you really have to visit many shops. Always check the dimensions and size of your bedroom before you place the order. The doors have to be really wide open for the king sized bed to make an entry into the bedroom. Call on the designer or expert as they would be able to provide you more tips. The bed frame is really bulky and huge and it calls for a lot of space. The normal mattresses are light in weight as compared to the California king beds. In addition to the mattress, you would also need to specially invest in headboard, box springs and so on.

Always plan and visualize how the bed would look in the bedroom. You would also want to place other items in the bedroom in addition to the bed so check if there is space available for these as well. The bedroom should be really big with leg space available or else the room would really look cramped. One can easily memorise the measurements of this king sized bed. The frame of this bed is about eight four inches and the width is seventy two inches. It is different in dimensions as compared to other beds and that is what makes it different from the normal bed sizes.

California King beds – Tall people’s resting place

The bed is perfect even for those people who are very tall. However, you could get the measurements double checked before you place your order. The correct measurements need to be taken before you buy any bed. You may want to call on a professional for taking the right measurements so that there is minimal confusion. If the topper is going to be used for the California King beds mattress, then there would obviously be a difference in the measurements.

California king beds for the unique size of beds

California king beds are the largest beds made for any human being. These were introduced in 1960’s in Los Angeles, California. The only drawback is, you can only use a California king beds mattress as only these can fit the dimensions of such a unique bed.

History of California king beds

The history of beds can be traced down to Stone Age. However, when human beings evolved from Stone Age into Celebrities of the twenty first century, a rocky bed was turned into a California king bed. But there is a big difference between a normal bed and a big bed. The first ever big bed was made in 1590 in England. It was designed to accommodate around fifteen people. It was massive measuring ten feet by eleven feet. In fact the bed is monumental and is show cased in a museum in London. It is possible that this bed was taken as a model to bring in the concept of California king beds.


That is the year when it all began. The concept was very clear that big men need big beds. But celebrity mansions need a luxurious big bed. And that is why a furniture company from Los Angeles made a mammoth bed is seventy two by eighty four inches big. It was a unique design as it was specifically designed for people who were tall. They cut short four inches on the sides while adding four inches to the length of this bed. It was the perfect design and that is why they are called California king beds.

Pros and Cons of California king beds

Now we do agree that there many of us who can live the life style of a celebrity today. But it all comes with a price, which goes without saying. This particular bed as discussed before is design for very tall people. So if you fit in that category a bed like this becomes a must. In fact I would say that you should never compromise on sleep. It is a must. And having a nice pleasant peaceful sleep on a nice comfy bed is a necessity in today’s fast life. You know you deserve it. Buying a California king bed is your gift that is your right. This bed is also good if it is to be shared by a couple or even by rivals. This way you can show your love or continue your war conveniently.

The major problem faced here is the big mattress. It may not fir through narrow doorways. Also moving it upstairs is another task. The worst part is it is so huge that it does not fit in smaller bed rooms. So be sure of the measurements of these few things before venturing for a California king bed.

Finally to conclude, these beds are ideally made for luxury. So be wise enough before buying one. But if you are tall and have a problem fitting on your bed, it is your birth right to invest in a California king bed.

Things To Find out Before Buying High-End Furniture

It is safe to say that you are searching for top of the line furniture for your new house? Assuming this is the case, you ought to take as much time as is needed and remember a couple of things.

Obviously, you have a restricted spending plan and different needs with regards to purchasing furniture. Perused on to discover what you have to check when purchasing furniture.

Know your wood sorts

There are three sorts of wood furniture: composite wood, lacquers, and strong wood. More often than not, furniture produced using strong wood costs all the more, yet is more inclined to water rings and scratches.

Finishes is a costly secured by slight layers of value wood. Since the center of this wood sort is less expensive, you don’t need to pay a lot for furniture made of lacquers.

Composite wood is a combo of plastic, gum, and wood sculp. This kind of furniture looks awesome, costs less yet most likely won’t stand the trial of time.

Check drawers and cupboards

While purchasing the furniture, do check the cupboards and drawers, and ensure you can without much of a stretch open and close the locks and drawers. Beside this, the handles and handles ought to work legitimately, which implies they ought to fit firmly.

Stay away from nails and paste

You ought to scan for wood pieces that are joined at their corners and finishes. They shouldn’t be nailed in or stuck. This is called wood joinery in the assembling business. This is imperative to remember.

Way of life

In light of your way of life, you ought to go for the right fabrics and hues. Case in point, in the event that you have some devious children or pets, you ought to incline toward stain-safe fabrics and dim hues, for example, tweed or cloth.

Determination of Colors

What kind of shading do you like? In the event that you resemble me, you may pick an orange easy chair. Wow what transpired: when I purchased the seat, I felt that I would love the orange shading for good, at the same time, following a year, I became ill of the brilliant shading and sold the seat losing a great deal of cash. What I need to say is that you might need to go for nonpartisan hues.

Check the legs

With respect to legs, they ought to be overwhelming and legitimately jointed to the seat or couch outline, and ought not be nailed. Remember that legs made of metal, elastic or plastic don’t look decent and may harm your rug.

Investigate the springs

You ought to go for routine wound springs in the event that you are into firm couches. For a delicate vibe, it is recommended that you get crisscross loops.

Additionally, before you settle on a definite conclusion, you ought to evacuate the pads squeezing the seat of the couch. On the off chance that the loop is fine, it ought to return to the same position immediately.

Check the pads

You might need to consider firm pads that have a spread on both sides. Really, firm pads stand the trial of time.

Secured pads are cheap however last any longer. In a perfect world, you might need to search for removable spreads as they can be effectively washed.