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10 Best Buffet Tables (2021 Reviews)


best Buffet Tables, Buffet TablesIf you prefer modern room décor, then now you sure in the process of generating furniture pieces for your new home.

Nevertheless, modern room décor does not really limit you to look for antique furniture pieces like a buffet cabinet.

However, these cabinets are offered with modern and classic style both and you can make your decision on which one to go.

Buffet Tables

Buffet tables are an absolute must for any special event, whether it be an after-party, dinner party, award ceremony, or wedding. The buffet table may also be used in events that are not necessarily celebrations, such as funerals. They are also a popular piece of furniture commonly used in lounges or dining rooms.

So just what are buffet tables, and how does one differentiate a buffet table from just any old regular table? Well, buffet tables and buffet furniture are generally used specifically for the purpose of entertaining guests at various functions;

They are not, for example, used to sit around or to study or socialize around, as a conventional dining table might. They are generally longer and narrower than the typical dining table, and are typically only as thick as two rows of plates, allowing for two types of food to be placed along the length.

Just as conventional dining tables, buffet tables, and buffet furniture are available in a massive variety of different styles, for example, wooden traditional and antique, or contemporary and modern. Depending on the decor of the room, and the sort of function, there will always be an appropriate buffet table to select.

A buffet table might not always be used to entertain – it can also simply be an accent piece that will contribute to the aura and quality of the room, just as any other piece of furniture might. In addition, a buffet table doesn’t have to be used solely to entertain guests or perform special functions; it could be used while dining as a family, to play host to extra food or drink.

In some cases, while not in use for food, buffet tables may be used to house ornaments, flowers, or other pieces commonly put on a mantelpiece. The versatility of the buffet table makes its name often, though not always, somewhat of a misnomer: its use is not simply for a buffet.

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Storage compartments

Buffet tables often have drawers for storage, something which the vast majority of conventional dining tables do not. This storage element applies, particularly to the traditional, antique English variety.

For usual purposes, one or two columns of drawers allow more than sufficient storage, however, if this is not enough one can consider a dedicated buffet storage cabinet. Often, these drawers are not used at all in special functions such as weddings or parties, since a long (usually white) table cloth is draped all over the buffet table.

So just how do you use your table? Well, quite simply, however you want! You could use it for display purposes as a piece of furniture, or if you are truly holding a function and you would like to make use of it in the traditional sense, you should drape a table cloth over it and put plates, napkins, and cutlery on each end of the table, and plates of food in the middle.

The traditional buffet table will be able to house two plates across its width; normally you shouldn’t put more than two on it due to the dangers of customers spilling foods onto the wrong plates and a whole host of other problems such as the food being hard to reach, increased danger of accidents – all of which can lead to a vastly reduced user experience.

On our small site, dedicated to the wonderful invention that is none other than the buffet table, you will find information and articles on some specific types of buffet tables e.g. oak buffet table, etc.,

so that you will be able to more carefully select which one might be best for you. The information on this site is for informational purposes only. Feel free to contact us should you have any problems, and finally, a very warm welcome to you!

Buffet furniture

Buffet furniture is a beautiful addition to any dining room or kitchen. Buffet styles include antique, contemporary, and modern design. However, a buffet does more than enhance the beauty of a room.

It can provide additional storage space. Some styles of buffets are available with the option of adding a hutch on top that will even further increase its storage space. Some of those with a hutch is specifically designed to store and display china. There are also styles of wine buffet furniture available that have a designated space for wine storage.

Buffet furniture is available in many sizes. If space is limited in your dining room, a corner buffet is a good option. Many of the corner styles have a glass front that allows you to display a collection of china or any other collectible you might want to incorporate into your decor.

You can also find corner pieces that have an enclosed storage area. If your house is small, you will no doubt welcome any piece of dining room buffet furniture that provides extra storage space.

Some buffets make an excellent sideboard in a dining room. They make convenient buffet server furniture and are a great addition when you are entertaining and need additional serving space. A sideboard makes a great dessert table. A sideboard usually has two or three drawers that are the perfect place to store placemats, cloth napkins, napkin rings, or silverware.

Buffet furniture isn’t limited to dining room placement. A buffet table can be placed in a foyer or hallway. A style that has two drawers or possibly a small cabinet area and shelf would look good in one of these spaces.

A buffet cabinet is a wonderful piece of furniture to add to a living area. Once again it gives you additional storage space as well as adding beauty to the room. The top of the cabinet provides space for you to place a lamp or various items you wish to display.

Buffet tables are made in various wood tones. Some tables, hutches, or sideboards are made in a French style while others can add a hint of Asian atmosphere to your home. You should not have any problem finding buffet furniture that will fit in the space you have available and will compliment your decor.


Sideboards are innovative in the décor of a dining room. With their stylish simplicity as well as the vibrant look, sideboards generate an aura of elegance in your dining area. Its own classy, but also functional presence still makes it a popular option for individuals who are trying to add some style to their dining room.

Standing a little higher compared to a dining table, sideboards usually own a flat display top surface sustained by a base that is available with many features such as cabinets, shelves, draws, or even wine racks.

Is Sideboard Useful?

Sideboards are among the most useful pieces of furniture you can buy and for good reason! These items are generally long and slim and use minimal space on the floor and that makes them very easy to incorporate anywhere!

The tabletops are perfect for you to place the food before serving, or can even serve as a bar counter or buffet table in case you have social events! Additionally, it can provide a place to display your best photos, or you could place a few ornamental accent pieces and themed knick-knacks.

With all the great storage space underneath, various choices are made available for you to hold your tableware and china in the buffet cabinets; flatware or table linen inside the draws, or even a few recipe books in the shelves. You can even place your wine in the wine racks. The alternatives are endless…

A sideboard is not just functional, but will also add an amazing decorative touch to your dining room.

Sideboard Designs

Sideboards are available in many different designs and styles to suit all kinds of tastes and budgets. For individuals who want a conventional setting, perfectly styled antique and traditional looking sideboards can be an excellent choice.

People who desire a more modern style can choose from a range of sideboards which are combined with various elements like wood, steel, wicker, metal, and also glass. Most of these sideboards can match wonderfully with any type of décor or setting.

Whatever design or style you decide on, sideboards and buffets possess a classic appeal, and can increase the ambiance of any dining room!

What Should You Take into account Before Buying Sideboards?

As buffet furniture is available in many different designs, you should first figure out the purpose of the sideboard and what you intend to use it for. Do you need a place to keep your table linen or flatware? Or perhaps you require a sideboard that has a wine rack?

Your own answer will help you choose the best design and style of stunning buffet furniture that can make a design statement in your own dining room.

Antique Buffet Furniture

Antique buffet furniture comes in many variations and styles. As with anything that the world has to offer, all furniture changes over time. This is no different than if you were dealing with an antique wood desk. Here are some of the styles offered over the past four hundred years.

Gothic (1558-1625) Gothic furniture was first introduced in the mid-1500s. Buffet furniture of this era offered a very simple design. It was also very large and built to last.

Early Colonial (17Th Century) The birth of the early colonial furniture took place sometime in the 17Th century. It is also known as Jacobean furniture. It was the earliest recorded American furniture.

The design was influenced by the Italian Renaissance. Buffet furniture of this time offered turned balusters and rounded bun feet. A widely used feature of the early colonial was that of a shallow carving of the panels.

Getting The Perfect Buffet Table Setting

Buffet Table SettingBuffet tables are always the best way to show to your guests that you are well prepared! Are you planning one of your famous dinner parties?

Are you celebrating a special occasion along with friends and family at your house? In both situations, buffet tables are a must and there is a very simple reason why this is true! They are always the main attraction as food and beverages are probably the second most important thing in any gathering, first being the people involved.

Set your buffet table in such a way that it shows how much you put into it. You can get some amazing buffet table decorating ideas from magazines or even online websites that accompany their content and suggestions with beautiful photographs. It is not as simple as it sounds to get the perfect set up so don’t hesitate to go through many different suggestions before you decide which way to go.

One very important thing you should never forget is the table cloth! The only occasion when you wouldn’t need a table cloth is if you have a beautiful antique buffet table that you don’t want to cover up simply because it looks amazing as it is! Even in this situation, however, you should fashion a long table runner that will go from one end to the other and place it in a way so that it doesn’t cover any part that you don’t want it to cover.

Touching on the matter of table cloths, color is very important in the whole setting. For a black buffet table, I would go for darker colored table clothes like brown or grey. On the other hand, for a white one, any color would do as long as it is not white, and make sure to keep this in mind.

If space matters to you and you don’t think there is enough of it, then a folding buffet table is exactly what you need. For the rest of the time, you may use this one with its leaves down as a wall console table or a TV stand and no one would know!

The buffet table setting is an important part of every event and you need to make sure that everyone takes it seriously. Make every preparation required a few days before the event and plan in advance for anything that may go wrong because as a wise man once said, if it can go wrong then it probably will!

Wine Buffet Furniture

Wine Buffet FurnitureFor the wine lover who needs a storage place in their home for wine, but wants it to be one with some real substance and character, the only real choice is wine buffet furniture.

Like other buffet furniture, the type that is made to store wine comes in all the usual material choices and a wide variety of sizes. The main difference is that instead of having storage for dishes and utensils, the wine buffet stores wine.

Depending on how much wine you need storage for, you might be able to get a buffet that does have some other kinds of storage. For example, if the overall size of the buffet is large enough, you can have storage for several bottles of wine and perhaps still have storage space for dishes or glasses.

These units can get very intricate in their design, and they really become a conversation piece and centerpiece of the dining room. You may very well find yourself enjoying dinner with guests and the conversation turns to your wine buffet because in all likelihood they have not seen one before.

The strongest buffets are those made of oak. Oak is a hardwood and most really old furniture that has survived and still looks and functions like new is made of oak. In addition to that, it was probably made by hand. These antique buffets are sometimes passed down through multiple generations of families.

Other wood types used in the making of wine buffets are pine and teak. A pine wine buffet can be one of the more elaborate and intricate pieces of furniture you ever see, but since pine is a softwood it is more easily damaged over time. However, with proper care even this type of buffet can last for generations.

Another option for a hardwood wine buffet is teak. A teak wine buffet can be very beautiful. While it is not likely to have some of the intricate designs cut into it, teak ages very nicely and will eventually settle into a sort of grayish look that can really show itself off nicely.

If you are considering purchasing a piece of wine buffet furniture, you have to consider what you ultimately want the furniture to do for you. the price range for this furniture is very wide, and where your price falls will depend on the style, size, and whether the unit is hand made or mass-produced.

If you choose the lower-priced mass-produced version, you could end up with a decent buffet that will serve your purposes but will probably not become that family treasure that you pass down through your family. If you want the latter, you should look into a handmade piece of wine buffet furniture. True hand craftsmanship is the only real way to be sure you are getting a piece that can stand the test of time.