Black Bar Stools, best black bar stoolsBlack bar stools are by far the simplest, sleekest, most universally classic bar stool around. Black is always a default color, whether in furniture, clothing, or other home decor accessories.

We all know that black “goes with everything,” that black somehow shows less dirt, that black simply just works.

A black bar table and stools have always been the traditional choice in bars and pubs. Aside from showing less dirt and stains, the dark color is conducive to that dark, intimate, subdued lighting. They’ve made it big in home décor, as well. Whether it’s the kitchen, the home game room, or dining room sit-ins, black blends well and looks good.

Black leather bar stools are classic. A black leather seat with chrome or stainless steel framing takes you straight to that 24-hour diner: fun, practical, comfortable. At your kitchen counter, your rec room, at the casual dinette table…black leather and black vinyl bar stools make it. You can’t go wrong here.

There are dozens of other black options, though. Even the seemingly straightforward term “black wood bar stools” can imply a variety of styles. Is the wood black, or near black? Or perhaps it’s the seat that is black, and the frame is wood. In that case, is the seat black leather, or a different textile altogether? Any and all are possibilities.

Wooden black bar stools are another style of class, with an entirely different design than chrome. Wood is homier, intrinsically calls for more detail, more warmth. Consider the scrollwork and etching made possible with wood. Antique black bar stools of oak frames feel almost like they’ve sat in a cowboy saloon. Black and cherry bar stools are incredibly rich; the deep red accented by a black seat suits even the dining room.

A third, very different category is the black wrought iron bar stool. Iron is inherently stoic. Whether the design is traditional or contemporary, black wrought iron calls for sophistication.

Since black is such a common choice, you can probably find great deals for cheap black bar stools. Whether they’ve been overstocked, or you buy them secondhand, black bar stools are definitely around to be had. You’ll find them at bar or counter height, anywhere from $40 to $200…though you shouldn’t need to spend more than $100 or so, even for excellent quality. Any furniture supplier should have a great variety to choose from, on hand.

Barstools: Not Just At The Bar


Barstools are primarily used as space-saving seating in the kitchen and den area, or perhaps a basement sports bar. They are generally lightweight, made from wood, aluminum, or chrome.

They are also less expensive than solid dining chairs and have a sleek, neat look. In those tight kitchen spaces, they’re an obvious fit. Barstools tuck under counters easily. They line up against the wall snugly. They’re comfortable and fun. So why haven’t they been introduced to other rooms of the house?

They have. In small houses and apartments that simply don’t have space for full dining sets without banging ankles, modern barstools have become a popular choice. They function as dining chairs, living room seating, extra chairs for the bedroom as well.

With a counter height table, wood barstools are a beautiful way to keep a classy dining look while saving money, and space. Wood barstools come in all finishes, stylish frames, and can even be upholstered for optimal comfort. Tempo barstools are the other option. Fully upholstered, from any textile, with frames that include high, comfortable backs and even armrests! The only giveaway that it’s a barstool is height.

A bachelor’s pad may even appreciate the cowboy rustic of saddle seat bar stools for a dining set. In fact, any backless barstools can be used as an artistic choice as living or dining room furniture. Another great style is the rattan barstool. With a low back and wide, padded seat, the rattan is comfortable and has a decidedly unique touch.

Even without a tall table, you can usually find all of the above among adjustable barstools; adjust the seat height for what you need when you need it! And don’t forget the added feature only found in barstools: they swivel! Kids love this. Adults do too, whether they admit it or not.

Black barstools are the classic color to choose from. Not only do they save space, but they also look like they take no space. Black is slimming, and not just when you’re wearing it. It opens up your living area, and always looks put together. Even when upholstery or backs are of a contrasting color, a black frame is a sleek look. Wood is perfect for a homey look. Silver and other colors are more sterile and contemporary looking.

So here’s the decision. Cheap barstools that save space and look great, or pricey wooden dining chairs that are clunky, difficult to move, and even more difficult to maintain? Barstools are the answer.