black rugsBlack and white rugs are elements of floor decoration that come in different sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs.

They are used as an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting because their color lends them a feeling of style and class that is akin to that of a carpet, although their installation requires none of the complications that are involved in the installation of carpeting.

They are used to cover floor space in order to make walking more comfortable indoors.

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Best Black and White Rugs 2021 reviews

1. Colona Geometric Shag White Area Rug

Colona Geometric Shag White Area Rug

2. Buffalo Plaid Rug – Black and White Check Door Mat

Buffalo Plaid Rug - Black and White Check Door Mat Outdoor - Farmhouse Rugs for Kitchen/Bathroom/Front Porch/Decor - Layered Welcome Doormats - Checkered Flannel Cotton Entry Way Layering Mats 60

3. Ophanie Ultra Soft Fluffy Area Rugs for Living Room, Luxury Shag Rug Faux

Ophanie Ultra Soft Fluffy Area Rugs for Living Room, Luxury Shag Rug Faux Fur Non-Slip Tie-Dyed Floor Carpet for Bedroom, Kids Room, Baby Room, Girls Room, and Nursery, 4x5.3 Feet Black/Grey

4. Garland Rug Quatrefoil Area Rug, 5 by 7-Feet, Black and white Rug

Garland Rug Quatrefoil Area Rug, 5 by 7-Feet, Black/White

5. Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug, 4′ 0 x 6′ 0, Gray

Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug, 4' 0 x 6' 0, Gray

6. nuLOOM Vasiliki Moroccan Tribal Shag Area Rug, 3′ x 5′, Off White

nuLOOM Vasiliki Moroccan Tribal Shag Area Rug, 3' x 5', Off White

7. Ukeler Black and White Polka Dot Rug Children Crawling Mat Non-Slip Thicken Washable Carpet for Nursery Room, 59”x74.8”

Ukeler Black and White Polka Dot Rug Children Crawling Mat Non Slip Thicken Washable Carpet for Nursery Room, 59''x74.8''

8. Safavieh Montauk Collection MTK712D Handmade Flatweave Black and Ivory Cotton Area Rug (2’6″ x 4′)

Safavieh Montauk Collection MTK712D Handmade Flatweave Black and Ivory Cotton Area Rug (2'6

9. nuLOOM Remi Modern Lattice Area Rug, 5′ x 8′, Black and White

nuLOOM Remi Modern Lattice Area Rug, 5' x 8', Black and White

10. Modway Haku Geometric Moroccan Tribal 5×8 Area Rug With Contemporary Design In Black and White

Modway Haku Geometric Moroccan Tribal 5x8 Area Rug With Contemporary Design In Black and White

What are the Special Features of Black Area Rugs?

The color black is not often used in simple interior decorating because dark colors can bring the mood down.

However, in a dark setting, black area rugs add atmosphere and class to the room that one does not usually find with area rugs of a different color like a purple area rug.

Moreover, decorating the floor space with dark colors like black tends to bring out the color in the other elements of your interior decoration – like your walls or your furniture.

What are the Different Kinds of Black Area Rugs Available?

There are many different kinds of black area rugs available in terms of sizes, shapes, patterns, and color combinations. Using an area rug in a room with a simple style in furnishing can help spice up the decoration if you pick your area rug well. Black area rugs come in different sizes to fit the area of floor space you want to cover up.

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The color black also goes well with shag rugs and wool rugs and not just with regular area rugs. Most black shag area rugs are used for floor covering while black wool area rugs are used as wall decoration.

They also come in many interesting shapes other than the standard rectangle of the ordinary area rug. When you buy an area rug it is important to pick one that goes with the rest of the furnishing of the room.

Styling with Black Area Rugs

If you want to make your decoration more interesting with your black area rug, you can go for interesting patterns and designs. Try using a black oval area rug matched up with boxed shaped furniture that can have a powerful impact on guests.

Black area rugs can come in solid coloring or in different patterns that have added color elements. These add an extra element of style to your interior decoration if you match them well with the color scheme of your walls or your furniture.

What to Consider When looking for a Black Rug

Who lives in your house?

If you’ve got more than just a couple of adults under your roof then you might want to think twice about getting a black area rug.

Pets, especially the kind who shed (think of a white Persian cat or a golden retriever) can turn the most beautiful black Oriental rugs into a fur collection. Black shows everything, and light-colored hair, in particular, will stand out from a mile away.

If you have children, you’ll have the same concerns. No, kids don’t shed– at least they don’t shed fur. But they do tend to leave trails of pretzel crumbs, popcorn pieces, and spit-up behind them. All of which will show up on a black rug of course.

Where are you putting it?

The purpose of the room where you’re putting the rug will play a big part in whether or not it will work well. For example, black bath rugs are a great choice, as there is little to be concerned about besides water drops falling on them. And of course, black and white is a classic bathroom color scheme.

Black kitchen rugs on the other hand won’t fare as well. Again, there are plenty of colorful crumbs around that will stand out on that black canvas like a sore thumb. And the fact that it’s a high traffic area won’t help either.

What works?

Black shag rugs are one option that can work very well in most settings. This is because the depth of the fibers will block most dirt from showing, as it will just sink to the bottom and out of view.

If you don’t have kids or pets, black and white rugs are a great choice for the living room floor. A zebra-styled rug will turn an otherwise simple room into a chic and fashionable setting, but make sure to clean it regularly. With careful consideration of placement and style, a black rug can be a spectacular choice.

White rugs

white rugThe attraction of the white rug has increased over the past decade. More and more people are opting for white, despite the fact that white rugs seem to get dirty in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, today’s carpeting is far more durable and stain-resistant than that of the past. And, there’s truly nothing like the expanse of a white rug, which can be appealing for its neutrality.

Cream or white rugs make it easier to choose whatever color furnishings you like as they won’t have to compete with your rug. White rugs also brighten up an otherwise drab room, making it seem airy and inviting. And, the choices are almost endless. Whether you choose a white shag rug, sheepskin rug, flokati rug, or even a white fur rug, your floor is sure to look stunning.

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Keeping a Black and White Rug Clean

Rugs come in a variety of styles and colors but only a white rug will raise an eyebrow and make people wonder, “What are you thinking?” White rugs are certainly not for everyone. People with children or pets may want to consider darker colors, as white seems to attract every bit of dirt in the room.

Alternatively, choose a white washable rug. These are a fantastic purchase if nothing but white will do but you know you will struggle to keep your rug clean. You will find it difficult to buy a washable white wool rug or a classic sheepskin rug but there are some very pretty washable rugs available, in both patterns with a white or cream background and in plain white or cream.

If you are looking for a small rug, perhaps as a fireside, bedside, or nursery rug, you could also consider looking for a large size white bath rug as these are generally washable and easy to keep clean.

Bath rugs, these days don’t have to look like they belong in the bathroom and are not always small and rectangular in shape. This is a great way to find a cheap round white rug, for example.

If your rug is not washable, you need to take some steps to ensure that your white rug stays white. The best approach is to take off your shoes while in the house so you’re not tracking anything from outside onto your rug. Making sure the rug is in a low-traffic area is another good course of action.

If your white rug does get dirty, it can be spot-cleaned with a vinegar-and-water solution or steam cleaned to make sure the entire rug is spotless. Occasionally it may need professional cleaning but if you do what you can to keep it clean yourself, you can reduce this to a minimum.

Styles of Black and White Area Rug

Classic white rugs look good with a traditional interior whereas, modern materials and shapes are good in a contemporary environment.

If you have a traditional look in mind, choose a classic flokati or sheepskin rug or a rug with a small pattern with an off-white background such as a cream Chinese rug or another ethnic type rug.

In general, more subtle off-white shades work best in traditional interiors. Leave funky modern rugs and brilliant white to those with contemporary homes. In a modern setting, you can use the newest of materials such as a cream shag rug created from tiny strips of leather or a brilliant white t-shirt rug.

A black and white rug will also work better in a more modern setting. For example, a black and white zebra rug can look stunning as a centerpiece in a modern room and will be more stunning than a solid white or solid black rug.

If you want to buy a white rug, take a look at the great selection below or check out this page for even more if you don’t see exactly what you need here.