Berber RugsBerber rugs were mentioned in a scientific study on the best space for relaxing. They defined it as a cozy study with a fireplace and some Berber rugs. The scientists determined that 98% of the entire population would consider that a very relaxing environment.

Decorators, on the other hand, prescribe these rugs to create a place of warmth and welcome, just like the scientists ordered. These rugs are synonymous with rugs so you find them besides many fireplaces. A Berber area rug creates an atmosphere and makes a fashion statement. But the effect is approachable rather than snobbish. It spells welcome just like the rugs in Berber tents in the Sahara meant a respite.

How Berber Rugs Began

The Berbers of Morocco first made these rugs. There are two types. The first type is the durable variety we see in offices and public places. It has a distinguished weave of dark earth-toned fibers on a pale background. The second type is the intricately wrought rug tourists take home from North Africa. The first type with its earth tones can add a no-nonsense look to office work areas as well as postmodern living rooms and high-traffic areas. The second is an eye-catching conversation piece. The more ornate Berber area rugs are woven with loops that bind two different colors or fabrics in different layers using a weaving invented by the Berber.

Often made of high-quality sheep’s wool, these rugs are known for their durability. To preserve the natural dyes and fibers of wool Berber rugs and carpets, they are best professionally cleaned. With proper care, a Berber rug lasts for generations.

Updating the Berber Area Rug

Today’s Berber carpet or rug is also made using synthetics such as nylon and olefin. Branded fibers such as Dupont Tactesse, Dupont Stainmaster, Solutia Weardated, Durasoft, and Anso Caress are also used. Traditional weaving meets state-of-the-art fabrics.

Synthetics may be the better alternative to wool because of their ability to resist moisture. These machine-loomed carpets are even more durable for heavy-traffic areas in homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. Easy to wash, they may even be cleaned with bleach. Nonetheless, nothing compares with the elegance of original handmade woolen Berber area rugs. Of course, they cost much more.

Some manufacturers even use computer-generated patterns to improve on the traditional loop weaving method. These manufacturers carry extensive collections of traditional and updated Berber carpets and rugs.

• Shaw Industries
• Mohawk / Karastan Carpet
• Beaulieu of America
• Fabrica,
• Tuftex of California
• Queen Carpet
• Sutton Carpet
• Customweave
• Wundaweave
• Aladdin
• House of Wool
• Deltastart
• Beckler’s

From the Sahara to your living room, Berber area rugs make warmth and welcomes come alive in any living space.