Vintage items enhance a variation in the decoration of the room, dressing table is one of the furniture that is very important for every person of the family which can be placed in the dressing room if you have or the bedroom, the vintage appearance of the dressing table makes your room decoration exceptional and lucrative.

The room looks much more sophisticated with the presence of the vintage items that will remain evergreen and everlasting. The dressing tables are made of hardwood materials of various styles acquired from different ages which are discussed below

Antique Dressing Tables

1. White Wood

A wonderful antique piece of the dressing table made of the white wood, with a big rectangular mirror above the surface of the table, fixed on the wall, the antique piece includes the sleek, curved legs with the drawers and the knobs attached to the drawer, one of the rarely seen dressing tables.

White Wood

2. French Vintage Oakwood

The whole dressing table is one of the beautiful curved and designed, with the mirror attached to the table surface, the mirror is in three-piece with the marble frame and the extraordinary curved drawers with the handles which are also curved. The edges of the sleek legs are minutely designed with antique artistic work.

French Vintage Oakwood

3. Antique French Polished Wood

The polished dark brown color of the dressing table with a beautifully ornamented mirror, curvature ornamented attached to the mirror along with the drawers and slightly curved legs, the oval shape of the mirror, with the frame of same wooden material, the dressing table as an antique piece is as splendid in design.

Antique French Polished Wood

4. 1930 Wood Decor Dressing Table

The diameter of the circular mirror is the main thing that is an attraction of the antique piece, the wood decor is filled with shiny or glossy textures on the surface of the dressing table which is also heavy, the handles are thick and metallic attached on the drawers, it may require a big space in the dressing room.

1930 Wood Decor Dressing Table

5. Mahogany

The dressing table is a vintage piece, with sleek curved legs and vintage knob attached to the drawers, the height of the dressing table is higher than compared to the modern dressing tables. the curves on the top edge of the mirrors divided into three pieces and antique designs below the surface of the dressing table.


6. Retro Upcycled Of Drawers

Though not much big in size the vintage look of the dressing table is actually a retro upcycle of the drawers, the wooden leg stands are small with steel covers so that it does not hamper the wooden stand, the simple big mirror is placed on the top of the surface of the antique piece.

Retro Upcycle Of Drawers

7. Victorian Ornamental Work

The ornamental work on the dressing table is one of the main attractions in the vintage dressing tables. The mirror frame is wooden and the top of the mirror is arch-shaped, solid walnut wood with extreme artistically carved works have the sleek and slim drawers, the leg stands though small is beautifully carved in the walnut wood, victorian dressing table.

Victorian Ornamental Work

8. Victorian Age Oak Wood

One more victorian age dressing table made of oakwood, colored in light brown, the ornamental work is not too much but the little work it has makes it attractive and holding the mirror frame. The drawers are adjusted that are of various sizes, the frame of the mirror is wooden made attached to the dressing table without an ant leg stand.

Victorian Age Oak Wood

9. Retro Wood Dressing Table

The making of the dressing table with the vintage collection of the drawers have a wooden frame made of gumwood, the drawers are of different sizes, polished or varnished wood that has given a shiny appearance, the mirror is rectangular in shape attached to the dressing table, the retro color of the drawers has given a different vintage appearance.

Retro Wood Dressing Table

10. Antique Oak Wood

Extremely attractive antique piece for your dressing room, made of oakwood painted in light chocolate color, the whole dressing table is wonderfully ornamented with the artistic minute designs of the ancient times, the round shape mirror and the surface of the top of the table are circular along with the circular drawers and ornamented leg stands altogether is a splendid antique piece.

Antique Oak Wood

11. French Style Satinwood

The satinwood dressing table which is of the french style, the texture of the wood is one of the important features of the vintage dressing table, that is of the french style, the mirror is ornamented with artistic designs fixed on the wall, the standing wood made is slanted to hold the surface.

French Style Satinwood