Alfresco Dining IdeasThe word Alfresco dining borrows from the Italian language. It means eating in the fresh, cool air. It is always cool to eat together with family or friends in the outdoor dining setup. You can set up a dining arrangement on the terrace; patio or garden or backyard will be an absolutely wonderful idea.

Choose some comfortable furniture, soft area rugs, sweet smell candles, some excellent glassware, some mason jar lighting, some hanging lights, and a small chandelier. You can make the decoration bright and gorgeous or simple yet sober, it is absolute for you but makes it the best.

Best Alfresco Dining Ideas

1. White And Blue Garden Dining

Attach two tables under the arched fencing in the garden. Place two long wooden benches on the sides. Cover the long table with a white table cloth and place some comfortable soft large cushion on the table for sitting. Use blue cushion covers. Place some blue shaded glass lamps and candle stands on the table. Place White and blue shaded ceramic and glassware for eating. To light it up hangs some blue colored lanterns from the fence.

White And Blue Garden Dining

2. Backyard Wooden Dining

If you have someplace in the backyard then set up a seating arrangement for outdoor dining. You can place a long wooden table instead of two small tables and wooden chairs. Place soft colorful cushions on the chairs if needed. You can place flower vases in the middle of the table. Place some large planters to decorate the backyard.

Backyard Wooden Dining

3. Low Height Dining

We all love green, colorful flowers and gardens. Make it your party USP. Place a large soft rug under a tree in the garden. Place a low height table on the rug. Place some bright color large size cushions on the rug for seating.

Now place a flower vase in the middle of the table with some bright colors red, pink yellow, and orange flowers. Design the hand towels with ribbons. The outdoor dining will look casual and comfortable.

Low Height Dining

4. Simple White Dining

You can set up this dining in the backyard or in a small patio. Place two wrought iron tables and eight or nine chairs. Place a white table cloth. Place some pink flowers on the tables. Use only a glassware dinner set with white hand towels. Place four wrought iron tall lamp shades surrounded by the tables.

Simple White Dining

5. Green Shade Dining

Arrange a seating arrangement in between trees and planters. Use a green table cloth with a green flower vase and glasses. Use cushions which are in white and green print. This dining will be perfect for the day party or Sunday family lunch.

Green Shade Dining

6. Dark Wooden Dining

Place a wooden table in between the garden. Fill that place with small size pebbles. Arrange two benches on each side of the table. Now decorate the table with some glass showpieces, like jars, glasses, and vases. Keep melamine tableware with vintage style and in pastel shades.


Dark Wooden Dining

7. Shaded Dining

It is not necessary to arrange the dining table in the open garden. You can set the arrangement under a shade. Decorate the place with wall gardening. For lighting, you can use a wooden chandelier. Place a long table with twelve to fifteen chairs according to the members. Put some vases on the table and use nice and beautiful glassware.

Shaded Dining