It stings a bit when your hobby of gardening has to be laid to rest just because you live in a duplex apartment that has anything but rooms and a balcony at most. It is true that there is hardly any substitute for lawn gardening wherein you can have plenty of space.

That said, some careful planning and ideation can also let you have balcony gardens. As we all know gardens are as much about sitting space as it is about potted plants. Balcony gardens though small come with their share of advantages.

Balcony garden allows you to have quality space for chilling out under the sun although you are not that much exposed to the sun! A range of ideas for balcony gardens have been known only to a few and they seem to have enjoyed and implemented them. It’s now your time to make a balcony garden the venue of romantic evenings.

Here Are 5 Innovative Balcony Garden Ideas

1. Traditional Balcony Garden

This type of balcony garden has minimalist set up and the emphasis is more on having space both for garden beautification and sitting arrangement. In these balcony gardens, a large planter is built behind the sitting space to make a perfect backdrop. Only a couple of large pots for growing seasonal plants are more than enough. Lastly, you get enough space to keep chairs and coffee table.


2. Functional Room Balcony Garden

Long story short, you enjoy gardening while making the balcony your entertaining space. Ideal for relatively large balconies, you get everything covered! There are lawn plants, trees, saplings in the interiors and you can also create space for entertainment with the addition of chairs and hide beds. Ceilings of the balcony may be adorned with hanging pots of saplings and small flower plants provided you feel the look is balanced.


3. Buxus Balls Balcony Garden

This is an all-time favorite in garden decoration informal gardens and they can add a lot of wow factor in your balcony gardens too. However, there are few things to check before you bring them home. Always choose a mature plant to the ones which are still in the growth stage. You also got to check whether the plants are getting proper sunlight or not. Buxus plants prefer full sun so you might as well want to put them in the light-filled area. Lastly, they look good as long as they are trimmed. Do not forget to snip the loose ends every fortnight so they maintain their clean and yet messy appearance.

4. Crate Plants Balcony Gardens

A very easily available and inexpensive balcony garden material, containers, and crate are an easy idea to start with the experiment of having balcony gardens. In this case, bigger boxes are always better as this will facilitate water retention so the roots of plants get stronger. More specifically speaking, it is the wine boxes that are best suited for this kind of balcony garden theme. There are of course some classy options like fiberglass that will look thoroughly elegant.

5. Citrus Fruit Balcony Garden

Imagine how convenient it will be to have a citrus fruit garden which will allow you to pluck a fruit anytime. You can also attach the pots on a wall thereby getting space for other stuff. The citrus smell will keep the atmosphere of the balcony super fresh all day.