Amerock Hinges, Best Amerock HingesWhen it comes to hinges, you need to choose a quality product. Sure, you might not notice them once the job is done, but if your kitchen cabinet doors start falling off, you’re going to regret not making a more thought out decision. Amerock hinges are a reliable choice. Amerock has been making hinges and other cabinetry hardware for decades and has earned an excellent reputation.

Amerock makes a wide variety of hinges, from the purely practical to intricate and decorative designs. When making your choices, think about whether you want to be able to see the hinges or not, and if you need any special features.

Amerock Concealed hinges are one of the most popular choices for furniture and kitchen cabinetry. These hinges function so that you don’t see them when the door is closed. When deciding to opt for concealed cabinet hinges, know that there are two options available. European style cup hinges are the classic option and truly concealed, while knife hinges another Amerock concealed hinge will leave a small but visible gap between the door and the cabinet.

One popular feature that is available with most Amerock cabinet hinges, is the self-closing feature. Self-closing means that when the door is a certain distance from the frame, it will close on its own. This is obviously a particularly useful feature for doors in high traffic areas, such as kitchen cabinetry and in living room hutch furniture and the like.

Amerock inset hinges are useful if you want the door of the cabinet to be flush up against the cabinet frame, rather than in front of it. In order to know what size you need, you will need to measure the inside of your cabinet step. If your door will be fully recessed, so that a crack is visible all around the door, then you will need a full inset Amerock hinge.

The variety in Amerock door hinges are close to endless, and unfortunately, most hardware stores do not carry them all. Turning to the internet can be the fastest way to find the right hinges that you are looking for.