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Things to Consider When Looking at Various Wall Paint Ideas

If you are looking for wall paint ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have some great ideas for you to get starting with painting. First of all, you must consider if you would like a flat, gloss, or semi-gloss.

Flat paint tends to hide more flaws, so if you mess up it’s not noticeable. Semi-gloss retains some of this property but adds a slight sheen. Gloss paint will be very shiny, but may also reveal more imperfections in the wall and the paint job itself. It does, however, catch the light, and combined with a light color can really brighten up a room.

Need more wall paint ideas? No problem. Next, consider color. Darker colors tend to make a room cozier. It can also create an eclectic or artsy look, and can entirely change the mood and feel of a room.

However, darker colors can also make a room seem smaller. If you have a small room, to begin with and are not looking to make it extremely cozy, you will probably want to opt for a brighter color. If you want to play it safe, any room with work with neutral colors such as off-white, beige, or muted pinks and greens.

When considering wall paint ideas, you should also consider the color of your furniture. If you have dark woods and dark furniture, you may want to consider a lighter color for contrast.

If you have light furniture and want to make the room cozier, try some darker hues. You do not, however, want your wall paint to clash with your existing furniture, so make sure before you decide that you try out a few different shades to make sure you get the best fit.

Wall paint ideas also consist of knowing about colors and how they make a room feel. For example, green is considered to have a calming effect, and make people generally feel good. Reds and pinks are passionate, but can also have a negative effect on mood if done incorrectly. Extremely dark colors, especially when in a place with little sunlight, can be depressing to many people.

If this is the case, it helps to paint only one or two walls in a room the dark color. Light, punchy colors, on the other hand (think bright yellows and oranges) make people think of a sunny day. If you are looking for a trendy look, use a warm color and contrast it with a cool color (such as dark brown and sky blue.)

In addition, you can use different painting techniques to create a variety of effects. Wall texturing is fairly common. You can also create a layered effect with two contrasting colors and a sponge. Some people like to adorn walls with borders or use wall decoration stickers after painting for an easy and attractive décor update. Simply put, coming up with new wall paint ideas is much easier than you thin