Lots of people desire to make their home decor ultra-modern, but if you’re not enough careful, then modern could become cold and uninteresting. The cure for a mod overdose? Need to think something natural. Like organic, real wood a touch of authenticity.

Here Are 9 Ways To Decorate Your House With Raw And Live-edge Wood

1. Wooden Slab In Bedroom

See how the wood is used as a headboard in this bedroom. This natural wooden slab will make feeling unique. This wooden slab made from a very old tree. A slab of the old tree is naturally strong and it can’t be destroyed easily. Maintenance is also very easy as it always in front of you. It could make you feel amazing and will bring you a sweet dream. If you don’t want then you can just easily displace it.


2. Raw Wood Slab In Kitchen

This raw wood slab could be a perfect edition in your kitchen. But not just raw wood like this piece you just need to concentrate on the shapes and walls color as well. Also, make sure that the wooden slab is enough strong to take necessary load. You can fit slab like this in any area in the kitchen, but place it away from fire and water. Because fire could burn it and water will decrease the life of the slab. Don’t try to color it because its natural color could make you jealous of any other color.


3. Raw Wood Shelves In Kitchen

Love these shelves! These raw edge wood pieces were made from a very old piece of wood. That had been situated on Long Island. Japanese-inspired carpenter Mr. Hanafusa, of Miya Shoji. Each wood shelves weighs near 300 pounds and is held together by 200 pieces 8-inch metal pins pushed through the wall. You can see this unique edition. You can place your beautiful kitchen on it. It could become a showcase of your house.

4. A Live-edge Wood Coffee Table

Introduce an organic coffee table in your home. This natural design will impress every. No normal shape no fixed color like any other things which are available in the market. This is not just a coffee table but a premium coffee table. But don’t try to give any regular shape keep as it is available. Bring your guest here and show your elegancy.

5. Drawing Room

Don’t mind about the color, I had been content to let things be and work on other rooms. And a few bigger things needed to happen in here, like the stairwell wall to be replaced and the ceiling patched & painted, so it kept getting bumped down the to-do list. It’s amazing you can see the floor and the table. This table is not colored in its natural color. Now this also becomes a trend to color non-organic things to make it natural feeling, why do so simply bring natural wood and it is nothing like anything.


6. Give Eclectic Style To Your Leaving Room

Like a little of this and a little of that, and I tend to throw them all together and hope it will work. It’s good to have someone with a better style helping you out with things like this. This is so indecisive, so rustic, vintage, industrial, modern, farmhouse. And favorites of those vary from day to day, depending mood. This came after spending a lot of time working on the house over the years.

7. Design Bathroom With A Live-edge Piece Of Wood

In this bathroom, a live-edge piece of wood was installed as a floating bathroom countertop. That makes this bathroom a little different from others, you could use the same style in your bathroom. Use a live-edge piece of wood on basin area or use as cloths keeping shelves.

8. Decor Your Stairs

This idea came I actually came a long time ago, but this does not make it less enthusiastic. A raw bar around the stairs area is using hare. Generally, people use still made bar but this wooden bar makes it different from others. But when you are selecting a bar like this please keep in mind about its performance. This must need to be enough strong to take your weight.

9. Live-Edge Wooden Book Shelves

This bookshelf is really amazing. It’s won’t take too much place to keep it. You can move it anywhere you want. Just take a strong and well-sized piece of lumber and add four caster wheels in it, and you’ll get this piece. Now keep a book on it and move anywhere you want.

The above-mentioned ideas are surely going to enhance the beauty of your house. So, try them on!