An outline of a perfect home is not just about spacious bedrooms, tiled floors, and a sprawling hall. It is also about a bathroom that has all the modern-day amenities and some space for decoration. People have a notion that the bathroom is more like a space meant for use only when required.

This belief is totally nullified by the fact that bathrooms are basically the busiest corner of the house and should be decorated as meticulously as any other room and that it is a wellness oasis for many. So splurge on your bathroom’s decoration as much as you do for your dream.

Here Are The 10 Stunning Bathroom Decorating Ideas

1. Asian Bathroom Décor

This bathroom decoration is most suited for those households which have smaller bathroom space. You can add the finesse of Asian decoration by going for the Balinese influenced bath and floating bamboo ceiling. The most important thing to be ascertained will be the amount of light to be used.

Most Asian décor influenced bathrooms to have soft lighting in use. To add greater Asian detailing, place a few potted plants, bamboo chopsticks. You can also keep a laughing Buddha clay statue or statues of Buddhist deities.

2. Vintage Bathroom Décor

The focus should be on tiles to make a perfect bathroom decoration. The use of porcelain tiles is imperative to get a retro bathroom design. Few inexpensive accessories that can give vintage look to your bathroom are old step ladder that can be put beneath the washbasin, antique drawers that are easily available in the market these days. And do add vintage-inspired door knobs with few mix n matches for mirrors. This type of decoration must match with the overall theme of the house.

3. Modern Bathroom Decoration

This type of decoration and design bleeds uptown elegance. Some decoration elements also have the technology to build up. Sinks made of stainless steel are a must along with bathroom mirrors that should be larger than usual. A lot of funk can also be added by using irregularly shaped cabinets. Lighting can be contrasting as both light and dark light can be in place.


4. Country Bathroom Decoration

This can be a very relaxing bathroom décor and this theme primarily uses wood. As a matter of fact, wood is used even on the floors. However, you should avoid using wood on floors as it cannot withstand water for too many years. Wood can be used in cabinets for storing towels and other clothes. Of late you can get a lot of checkered curtains, towel bars, tissue box covers that inspired by the yesteryears.


5. Gothic Decoration

This is a weird choice but has quite a lot of takers. Obviously the theme of decoration will be centering on dark colors like omnipresent red, purple and inevitable black. Try putting a stone bathtub and set the tone of gloominess with neon lights. Or paint the walls with blood-red colors and top it all with a chandelier that illuminates soft lighting.

6. Tropical Decoration

This decorating idea incorporates a lot of marine creature’s replica as a theme. As far as color tone is concerned, aqua blue is the safest choice. You can also get coconut scented candles, soap cases in the shape of seashells or conch. Mosaic tiles painted in aqua blue color can also be an interesting addition. The best of them all; some tropical plants that will make the tropics come by your bathroom.

7. Jolly Decoration

If you want to please your kids, decorate the bathroom just the way they want to. Start with wall painting which can be done by spraying your kid’s favorite colors or by using bright colors like orange and yellow. A suggestion- girl simply falls for princess, castle, and fairy tale theme.

8. Beach Bathroom Decoration

It’s a theme for those who prefer to stay close to nature. Beach bathroom decorations are easy to manage for those who have beaches near their municipality. If you want to have beach decoration, paint the wall with colors like white, sand brown, light blue or cream. Bathrooms on beach themes give you the liberty to pick out things at random even though they hardly match each other.

9. Batman And Joker Bathroom Decorations

Agreed they are characters just like the others from the comic book and cartoon world. Then again, such is their popularity that they have become cult figures. There are Batman logo rugs; towels and you can also get few accessories of the comic hero. Yes, themes of Joker are not far behind either!

10. 007 Bathroom Decorations

From one iconic character to another; James Bond’s theme of bathroom decoration is not limited to towels and rugs. Bath accessories are also one addition that will set off 007 signature tunes once you enter the loo.