Modern furniture including beds has gone through a lot of transition but there are still a few shortcomings in regards to their design and build. Space seems to be the never-ending issue for most households. Beds being large and heavy have to be positioned in such a way that you don’t end up with cramped spaces. The biggest challenge however comes for the beds meant for kids’ rooms.

Not only does the bed have to serve the primary purpose, but it also has to look cooler. Relax! You can have it all with IKEA hacks, the one-stop solution to all furniture courtesy clever use of build material, practical design which provides additional space. Chances are that IKEA hacks will make your beds cooler very much in the lines of your ideas.

Here Are 10 Beds Made Much Cooler With IKEA Hacks

1. Kids Clubhouse

Let’s address the little ones first. Kids will simply fall for this idea of the clubhouse- like beds that you might find only in Safari. IKEA hacks call it KURA frames, which are similar to treehouses. Add to that, they are not colored in bland brown but in florescent colors like purple, blue and pink. What you also get is space in the room and underneath the bed.


2. IKEA KURA 7 Bed

The family of not four or five but seven members can sleep comfortably in one of the most well segregated KURA beds of IKEA. If you notice carefully, there is kind of a master bed right at the center for a couple and five separate chambers for each small member. It is also designed in a way that small basic stuff like table clocks, coffee mugs can be kept on the overhead shelf. Some IKEA hack to bind family for at least eight hours of coziness!

3. IKEA MALM Dresser

The look of it makes you wonder if it is a bench with shoe storage cabinet when in reality it is a modified MALM dresser that qualifies as a bed with a comfortable mattress on. Benefit, tons of storage in kids’ room for books and toys. But of course, you have two of them to avoid sibling war!

4. IKEA Kitchen Bed Cabinet

The ingenious way to use kitchen cabinets, IKEA style! Here is how it goes; you have a raised bed and nine kitchen cabinet space to store all your bedroom necessities like pillows and sheets. This is also a quick way to clean the mess up if running against time when a guest is inbound. So far as having space saver furniture is concerned, it is definitely a good bet and way better for adding uniqueness.


5. Kids Bed With Indoor Play Area

Now then; why was it not there in our times? Kudos to developer Eric Strong for combining 3IKEA furniture to build this amazing world for a toddler that has a super comfy bed, secret clubhouse, and hold on a slide!

6. Four Poster Frame Bed

IKEA hacks are not about being just space savers all the time; they too can look classy and chic, just like this four-poster frame bed arrangement. The four beams can further be used to add canopy effect when you drape a white cloth on the top. The price is less than a quarter of the price of 4beam beds.


7. Basket Light

By the virtue of the IKEA basket, you can get the look of a highway motel bedroom in your house. Suspended vertically atop your bed; this hack that can give all the exorbitantly priced chandeliers a run for their money.

8. Gilded Accordion Sconce

Avoid the Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s “five minutes” reply coming from your bookworm spouse with IKEA accordion and a lampshade. The place lights a small place optimally to give creative outlook in the bedroom.

9. Upholstered Bench

An upholstered bench close to the bed is a good idea to store petty things if you do not want to overload bedside the table. You can also add some contrast in color schemes that will give variation in the room. TV stand long in length is the best way to inculcate an upholstered bench without spending anything extra.

10. DIY Painted Pillows

How could pillows be not part of IKEA hacks to adorn beds to make them look cooler? This IKEA is all about getting white pillows and paint them with your colors of choice on a lazy afternoon to give your own personalized touch in the bed.